Our second day of our Europe road trip didn’t start well. Mornings are never our thing, but now we had to catch a ferry to Puttgarden, Germany at 9.15, way too early for us. We don’t function well, any of us, in the mornings, so naturally something went wrong of course…

Breakfast were excellent at our B&B, we even managed to make picnic sandwiches and off we went, in time and everything, arrived to the ferry lines. And… I had of course forgotten the whole folder with all our hotel vouchers AND the ferry tickets… Nowadays you can’t trust my brain at all!!!!

So we had to return to the B&B and get our papers and then go back to the ferry to catch the next one, luckily you can miss one ferry and your tickets are still valid… phew. And luckily our B&B were close enough to make it! Lesson learnt: always triple check that you got everything with you!!!!

This day was just a transport distance, so no real sightseeing, just driving through Germany, no particular photo opportunities either. The real holiday starts after this…

Our Hotel for the night, De Oude Smidse, was in the countryside, very quiet and exactly what we needed for this night, to just relax, have a very bice, local dinner, take a walk in the countryside and go to bed.

When you read this it’s Saturday and we’ve been driving from Westernieland to Wijk aan Zee to meet Ginnie and Astrid!!!

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    Ginnie said:

    WE MET YOU! :) It was a GREAT time for both of us and we know we will meet you again one day. THANK YOU for taking time to spend with us. We loved every minute.

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