A third of the world market passengers are traveling each year by air within the European Union and it makes a huge impact at the air traffic of course. In December 2011 the EU Commission initiated a package of different measures to help against the air capacity shortcoming and to try to increase the quality.

70% of all delays to flights are already caused by problems on the ground not in the air. On present trends, nineteen of European airports will be unable to accommodate any more flights by 2030. Source: EU Commission

The legislative proposals are to be approved by the EU Parliament and then become Community law. Hopefully this won’t take too long. We all know how it is when so many people are involved in a discussion…

…and when it comes to the airports I really think there is a lot to be improved – not only when it comes to the traffic, or what do you say…? Any suggestions?

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3 Comments on “EU Airports facing capacity crunch”


    This problem should be solved as early as possible neither huge market will drowned very quickly.

    TorAa said:

    have experience all the delays and trouble.
    Why don’t we promote and use Scandinavian Airports for Intercontinantal Flights more often? We all know the problems in London, Paris, Frankfurt and even Amsterdam.

    btw.Looking forward to Mariestad;-)


    Yes, why don’t we Tor? Well, now they have to do something – or a lot to be exact, this can’t go on.

    btw. Looking forward to Mariestad too, will be great to meet you’ll again, it has been to long!

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