The weather conditions has improved very much, it´s warmer now, even though there is some clouds too, as you can see in the sidebar weater reports here.

One day when we went up town in Sanlucar de Barrameda we ended up in the middle of some kind of religious parade. Sorry the photo isn´t better than this, but it was too crowded.

For our American readers it´s better to tell you that this isn´t any Ku Klux Klan dresses… I guess it´s some fore going the Easter?

I´ll not put so many photos here until I come home again, because this is only the ones I take with my cell phone and I tend to forget to take photos for some reason….

We´ve been taking it a bit easy this week. We went shopping big for groceries one day too – the hungry Captain must have some food besides eating out, yes? *giggles*

One day we took an excursion down the coast line too a small town called Chipiona, and they have a real nice beach walk down there with a lighthouse at the beach. The Atlantic Sea offered us some fresher air than it is up here in Sanlucar, because here we have the river air instead.

I would certainly recommend Chipiona as a town to stay in a vacation, just because of the long, nice beach and nice atmosphere.

We had a nice mixed meal there – onions soup for me And Miss. Ass Lifecruiser, a very fresh side salad, marinated tomates with garlic, some octopus rings and Gambas al Ajillo – and something to drink of course…

We also saw the town Rota, but we liked Chipiona more, Rota felt too big and tourist like for us. We like to blend among the local Spanish people more. It feels more genuin.

It´s very much like that were we stay, nearby Bajo de Guia. Even though this is Casa´s down the beach, in the town, there is a lot of country style.

Such as all the roosters that crows, not only in the mornings but all day! It´s our nearest neighbors!!!

Yesterday evening it started to show up lots and lots of horses and donkey´s in the town. We saw no posters what´s it´s all about, so Miss Ass. Lifecruiser asked one of the participants. We got to know that it was something happening today at ten o´clock.

Naturally we were all prepared this morning and went down to the beach – spotting hundreds and hundreds of equipage of Caballos (riders) and horse- or donkey-drawn carriages!!!

They were all heading for the ferry over the Guadalquivir river to the national park of Doñana which starts on the other side.

I´ve never seen so many horses together in my whole life, there must be thousands of them going over and I tell you: even though I love horses, I wouldn´t have wanted to go over WITH them on the small ferry, jam-packed with them! Phew!

We were looking for two hours, ferry after ferry going over the river and still there were more coming down the street, it didn´t seem to end.

No marketing of this event called Romeria San José, so we´ve asked at the tourist office and it´s some kind of annual event where they gather from all the province of Cadiz and crossing the river to the national park and going to a small church in El Rocio – in some kind of pilgrimage?

So what we saw was just equipage from the Cadiz area – this is the small one, the big one to El Rocio, when they arrive from all Spain, is the 7th – 14th of May.

I wonder how long the procession will be then??? It will take them days to just cross the river with the ferries!!!

We had already planned for a trip to Al Rocio, because we met the first Swedish guy here another day who told us that we simply must go there.

That was when we were to the Sanlucar golf course where Mr L used some golf clubs at the driving range. Funny one, because it were very steap down hills. Mr L was in heaven, holding golf clubs for the first time in almost two years now! (He managed gooood!)

So, no Cadiz trip as we said last time, but a trip to El Rocio tomorrow. We hope to catch some of the Caballos over there too.

This time I´ll remember to take some photos with my cell phone to show you too!

Oh, and guess how many litres of Sangria that has gone down our throats so far….? *giggles*

We have tried the local produced Manzanilla sherry, but since we´re not any Sherry lovers, we prefer the Sangria anyway. Shame on us ;-)

Captain ♥Spain Lifecruiser

11 Comments on “Enjoying sun and parades”

    Gattina said:

    I was convinced that you landed up with a Spanish Klu Klux Klan, lol ! It’s terrible what kind of religious costumes and customs they have !! And so many ! The pope is a poor orphan in his Italian residence against the Spanishs ! I see you enjoy your holidays now that’s wonderful !

    TorAa said:

    First of all,
    we are so happy you are well and on travel again – in a part of Spain we do not know (closest is Tavira in Portugal).

    We will not comment Sangria – it’s still not the temprature for such a liquide here.

    The food – keep on – it’s so good and healthy. ( We had something as simple as aspargus with butter sauce and catfish this Friday)

    Anna y Tor

    TorAa’s last blog post..I Spy

    Mar said:

    Oh, Easter in Southern Spain is very special, to say the least!! while you seek sunshine and beaches I am off to the mountains looking for ski slopes :cool: That’s a real proof of the world’s contradictions, lol.
    Manzanilla can give you the worst of headaches, stick to your sangría, salud!!

    Mar’s last blog post..skiing is a dance, and the mountain always leads

    RennyBA said:

    Religious or not; it sounds like a fun adventure!

    So glad you finally got the right and warmer weather – I know you love that more than the cold Scandinavian climate at this time of the year.

    Golfing in Spain sounds wonderful (do you still practise some indoor too :lol: ?)

    We are going to Mariestad for Easter and hope to be able to open the golf season.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend and still a great stay!

    RennyBA’s last blog post..From Russia with Love

    DianeCA said:

    This sounds so exciting. I have never been to Spain. One of the disadvantages of being an American living in Norway is that you get to use all your vacation money traveling home to visit your family. It sounds so wonderful. I could really go for some warm weather and exotic sights about now!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!!

    DianeCA’s last blog post..Stupidity Rules

    cooper said:

    It sounds so delightful to me. So much school and not enough vacation for me.
    You enjoy it to the max, get everything out of it you can.

    God I love Sangria.

    cooper’s last blog post..Tid Bits

    Kango said:

    Nice hats – All long and pointy. Hope yer not to drunk. But then, some of teh ebst pics you take are when you’re too drunk to know what you’re doing…

    Kango’s last blog post..La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club, San Diego, CA


    Chipiona sounds like a wonderful place. The lighthouse (despite 344 steps to the top) being 3rd tallest in the world must be amazing, the castle, beaches… it sounds like Scotland, only with added sunshine :wink:

    Sanni said:

    A liter a day keeps the doctor away… or was this an apple instead of Sangria??? Hmmm… :mrgreen:

    Since I´m not allowed to have any sangria I´ll go for your food – and the procession.

    Happy weekend, Captain!

    Sanni’s last blog post..SPSH: I spy

    Tony said:

    The religious procession with their pointy hats and their paintings of the Saints look charming.
    I am adding Chipiona to my to do list for when I go to Spain, because I love lighthouses and I love the beach.

    Tonys last blog post..Gifts for Hikers

    Lifecruiser said:

    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog post in March when we were in Spain. Excuse me for answering so late, but we were away for such a long time and it’s have been busy life since then :-)

    Yes, Chipiona was a pleasant experience. I didn’t know that it was the third tallest, thanks for telling me.

    I was surprised when you commented, because at first I thought it was another B&B in Fort William where we stayed once when we were in Scotland.

    We absolutely adore Scotland, it’s one of our favorite travel destinations! We’ve been in Scotland twice. Driving around, the first time the east coast and highlands, second time the west coast & Skye. Lots of lovely memories!

    I’d gladly go there again, if it weren’t so many other places to explore in the world and I’m so curious…

    If we do, I’ll try to remember where your B&B is and come and visit you :-)

    Yours sincerely,

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