Yesterday we did come to an end of our planned to be 7500 km long Europe road trip by our own car, which turned out to be 8850 km with the detours. We arrived at home after being away for about a month, almost every day on the roads!

Home sweet home, but oh my how strange it feels to speak your own mother language and have all your own things, your own bed… The sad thing is that we did not want to go home, because now the fall has started over here…. *sigh*

We had actually plans to extend this road trip a bit more, but within Sweden though the weather reports were not promising at all: rain, rain and rain, plus that hubby didn’t feel well so we decided to return home instead.

Before this long road trip we also were away another month at our summer island, which means around 2 months away from home. The downfall of all this is: all the laundry is waiting for you and that is what we’re occupied with at the moment.

We will write a lot about this long Europe trip, the good, the bad and the ugly – and everything in between plus showing you all the photos, not only the ones from my iPhone, so stay tuned for all the travel reports coming up!

Continue to keep an eye on Lifecruiser Europe roadtrip 2012 Flickr Photos too, there will be new photos uploaded there soon now.

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2 Comments on “Ending a long Europe road trip”

    Mar said:

    Lucky you!! what a great summer you’ve had, memories should keep you warm until next Spring 8)

    Gattina said:

    Wow that’s almost as many km as what we had made in the States during 2 years ! About 4000 each year. Can imagine that it is hard to come home and put out autumn and winter clothes. But you had your share of sunshine ! the tank is full !

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