Barbecutie (Rare Treat), 1964.
Oil on canvas. Gil Elvgren.

The weather report looks better for the weekend (we’ve rain and cold now), so we’re hoping for an excellent weather on Sunday for the first BBQ party for the season, this time at Mr Lifecruisers nephew’s house.

Talk about eating… I was tagged again. This time by the shoe-maniac Sanni with The Eating Out Meme. This meme is a useful one, butt it’s still a nightmare for this hungry monster!

How the heck would I choose 5 restaurants???? Stockholm has about 1600-2500 restaurants to choose between, most of them very good!

Did you know that Sweden publishes more cookbooks per capita than any other country in the world? (average: 1/day). We have taken up cooking from all over the world, wanting as much variation as possible.

It’s been a hell, I tell you….

I’ve not choosen the most famous and obvious restaurants, because that ones you can find any way. As you’re going to notice, these ones are not serving traditional Swedish cousine. When we go out for dinner, we like to try something else than the food we make at home.

(Click at the names to see some pics of them)

1. Tzatziki – Fyris torg 4, Uppsala:
A wonderful quaint Greek restaurant in a old house by the Fyrisån, the creek that flow through the small town. It’s situated in the Gillbergska gårdens basement. The stoneware in the building is constructed during a longer period, probably already in the 16th century and went on to the 19th century. We tested it last Saturday with Miss Ass. Lifecruiser and it was delicious. Actually it was her x-man that was the chief and he is Greek, so how could it not be? *s* He is also very hard with the staff, so they work very fast, which is needed because this is a very popular restaurant!

2. Elias Taverna, Södermannagatan 8, Stockholm:
This is our favorite. It’s a cozy, romantic little restaurant on a street away from the main street. The interior is practically breathing Greece and the menu is filled with Greek specialities. It’s a heavenly place for me, the hungry monster, since the portions is big, delicious and really genuine. The Baklava and the Galaktobouvekon is home made, so we get more than filled before rollling away from there ;-)

3. Dollys Saloon, Götgatan 85A, Stockholm:
Great American Steakhouse dishes in a very Saloon-like interior. You can see a bit of the interior here, since we weren’t allowed to take photos inside. In here you can have a real cowboy or timberman dinner ;-) They have big delicious portions too and once again: the relaxed atmosphere that we like so much!

4. Andalucia, Döbelnsgatan 79 / Surbrunnsgatan 37, Stockholm:
Once again we choose the small, cozy restaurant even when we wants to go out for some Tapas or Paella. Looks very modest from the outside, but is true geniune on the inside – and that’s also what my inside tell me ;-) You can see panorama pictures of Andalucia here. As a true “Stockholmare” I love to get away from the crowds in the center of the city.

5. Sjätte Tunnan, Stora Nygatan 43, Stockholm:
A Medevial alehouse, the name means “Sixth barrel” and is situated in deep arches below the Old Town. The staff is medevial dressed and we like to be so too when we go there! In there we can take a break from the modern times stress with troubadours, jesters, beer and a special mead brewed from honey or maybe wine from Rhen. The food is eaten with spoon, knife and your fingers, because the fork was not yet invented! If you’re ordering a Grand Plate, you’ll all be eating from the same plate. The dishes is salmon, wild boar ham, grilled chicken or thick ribs for example. It suppose to be good enough for Kings ;-)

Captain Monster Lifecruiser

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    aka Ra'quel said:

    I am mother with child and can not possibly do a restaurant tour right now! *lol*

    But of – those days, before-child – with my husband, dining out sometimes 5/7 days a week in our former suburb in Newtown to “debrief” after work – a very different story altogether, where i used to write so many detailed and very long reviews on the places we went to. A good excuse to revisit my very naughty archives. Will see what i can do to conjure up some funny blasts from the past when i can ;) Funny reading guaranteed of course. I don’t think I’ve changed that much after 10 years.

    My fingers crossed for you with getting tangible results with the medical journey. Bah! (to the morons we’ve put up with)

    Sanni said:

    Mmmmmh… I´d die for Greek food right now – after eating – makes sense :)

    Thanks for playing – and my best wishes for the blood test.

    claudie said:

    Thanks to tag me! Since this morning I’m thinking to the restaurants I know! I don’t often go to restaurant because Pierre adores cooking! So we have often friends at home but sometimes we go to have a relax time together! Tonight I’ll write about our favourite. I was in a medieval restaurant like Stätte Tunnan in München! Beautiful memory …!!

    TorAa said:

    I’m not that LESS, you know. And you were right: Rosa helped me of course to get the modem down from the ceiling. She plugged in in and out 4 times, and here I am. Hurra.

    I do agree, it is not easy to recommend restaurants in Stockholm. You have all kinds for all seasons. Like in Oslo. when you are 1,2 millions living in STO, we are only 550 thousends here in Oslo – with over 1000 restaurants and cafes and bars….

    It means it is really difficult to choose and give advices. That’s why I presented by season.

    The 5 you here have presented all looks like great places. (I knew STC best from 1975-85 when I frequently “was over” – Then I loved to end the evenining at Stampen in Gamla Stadn – does it still exist?).

    May you and Mr L have a lifetime of a weekend;D

    PS. May I do a cybercruise story from Hurum Peninsula – the one West of Drøbak?)

    The Artist said:

    I have a friend who married a Swedish man. Left the country (Malaysia) to be with him. After living there for a few years and starting a family, she couldn’t stand it anymore and came back :-)

    Lifecruiser said:

    Most important first: Excellent, go ahead with your CC post, just tell me what date it will be up :-)

    Ah, Stampen is still going strong, but I have no idea how it is there nowadays…

    Fashing is still there too, very popular, but it’s a jazz club now.

    Have a non-climby weekend… *giggles*

    Lifecruiser said:

    Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that, The Artist.

    Must have been tough for your friend! From Malaysia to this cold country can’t have been easy. Quite different in a lot of other things too, so I can relate to her.

    We were plannning to visit Malaysia’s west coast in Feb 2005 for two weeks, right after the Tsunami, but it got cancelled because we both had the bad luck (?) to get Pneumonia just before the trip.

    After that we we’re supposed to go to the Philippines for 1,5 month. Just for the nice and sunny weather and because we have friends that go there every winter.

    It does look gorgous – especially when sitting here in the winter darkness… *giggles*

    The Artist said:

    I guess the grass always seems to look greener over at the other side.

    Maryam in Marrakesh said:

    Who would have thought Sweden would have so many cook books!!! I have several Swedish friends here in Marrakesh!

    Debbie said:

    Claudia has picked me to do this meme. I will try to do it tonight or in the morning. My places don’t sound half as exotic as yours! I would love to visit and try out all the good food!


    I am quite surprised you never opted for native Swedish. Its not all reindeer meat though I do seem to remember some delicious meatballs served with lingonberry jam and some pretty exotic bread. I think the best meal I had in Stockholm was actually French though it was some years ago and the name of the restaurant escapes me. P.S I love your Barbecutie poster.

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