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Some days ago Lifecruiser changed to a cheaper green webhost. Webhost = rented webspace, even called web hotel, on a webserver for our self-hosted WordPress blog.

The easiest way to change webhost

We did it the easiest way there is: our new webhost have a fabulous offer to help you transfer your blog to them without charging you extra for this great service!

They did the complete free blog transfer for us including the transfer of the domain name since we wanted that too. All we had to do was to fill in the two DNS addresses they gave us plus our blog and contact details.

Can it be any easier…? Or faster?

We laid the order in the evening and in the next mid day, they had completed the blog transfer!

After changing webhost

Within the hours when the changing of the Domain Name Servers around in the internet were to take place, we had about 4 comments on our old webhost, which we did enter in ourselves afterward at our new webhost.

We haven’t encountered any problems so far, but IF you should stumble upon something strange or not working, please do tell us - in case we don’t now.

We did have some email conversation back- and forward since we had some moments of confusion, but their support were awesome to deal with every time. Very serviceminded.

Choosing a cheaper green webhost with more diskspace

An important fact is that this will be green webhosting. We’ll also save money since HostGator is cheaper than our old webhost, plus we got more diskspace & bandwidth traffic for the money too, so why not?

If we had wanted to have only 1 blog or website, the price right now starts at $4.95/month (Hatchling), but we did choose to go with their Baby plan which will allow us to have unlimited blogs or websites starting at $7.95/month.

We’re thinking of having a separate photoblog.

Whois Privacy Protection

We also requested to continue to have whois privacy protection (cost $10/year as usual) which means that people can’t do a whois lookup and see our name, address or phone number.

We don’t have anything to hide, but for several reasons a bit privacy still can be a good thing.

Awardwinning serviceminded webhost

HostGator has such a good reputation, that’s why we did choose them, they’ve got many awards for their great service. We like them so much that we even decided to become affiliates.

We would not recommend them if we didn’t think they’re really excellent - and believe me: we’ve really done some heavy research before signing up.

So are you interested of changing webhosts or just curious? Click on the image below!

Green webhost with easy free blog transfer

You’ll get a 20 percentage off if you sign up now, I can’t say how it is later, but you might get lucky then too.

…or why not bookmark this page to come back later?

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Comments on Easy change of web host - free transfer help

  • 1
    astrid GERMANY said:

    Congrats on that :). You are the third person I know who is happy with Host Gator. I think I will transfer mine soon. Thank you for sharing!

  • 2
    bubbleboo UNITED KINGDOM said:

    I went with HostGator too - I was a complete newbie at all this, and they could not have been more accomodating or helpful. The fact that they’re ‘Green’ makes them even better. Truly a good experience thus far! :grin:

  • 3
    TorAa NORWAY said:

    I need your help to do a simple change like this.

    Here the 3 kittens are absolutly all over, 24/7.

    Everything is in a mess. You want believe what thse small creatures can do. They at least, keep me awake, when I really need to sleep.

    byw. They will be in another place whe you arrive in August.

  • 4

    Good choice, well done and congrats with a smooth migration - I’m tempted to do the same.

  • 5

    The Oslo Blog Gathering badge looks so nice at you’re sidebar - thanks for you’re support!

    Looking forward to meet up with you and other dear blog friends from all over the world!

  • 6

    I use hostgator. They are good but if you ever get a large traffic spike and are on a shared server, they shut your site down quickly.

  • 7

    Mmm. I’ve heard that about a lot of webhosts, I guess they have to protect their other customers on that shared server. Well, its not that common to get that kind of traffic spike luckily! I’ve never had one so far and none of my friends either… and hopefully they’ll opening it up again by your request IF it should happen. But it’s great to be aware of the fact that it can happen to anyone at any time!

  • 8
    Vagabonde UNITED STATES said:

    I do not know much about webhosts – I use Google which is free and I have had no problems so far. I did not realize that there were many others.

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