The night between Wednesday and Thursday, May 25th, at 01.10 we heard like a big explosion, like some one was blowing something up with dynamite. No, it wasn’t us trying to force ourselves into the bank vault…. *lol*

We didnt get worried because it wasn’t that close. Normally we don’t have noticeable earthquakes in Stockholm, so we didn’t even think of that cause, but yeah, they say that we had an earthquake here!!!!

The epi center of it was only about 2 miles from here (3-4 km), so it was close enough to give us a little feeling of the shivering. *lol*

This was only a little baby earthquake at 2.0 at the Richter scale, but it was very scary for the people living close to the center of it of course, which houses were shaking so they had to run out on the streets to be safe.

The whole Sweden only have about 10 per year and they’re small ones. In Stockholm we have only had about 3-4 of them during several hundred of years, so this is a really unique happening.

I’ve never experienced any earthquake before anywhere.

The forces behind the earthquake is the movement of the plates and the landmasses that raises after the ice age.

Shake it baby, shake it ;-)

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6 Comments on “Earthquake in Stockholm”


    Are you sure that explosion wasn’t you and Mr. Lifecruiser doing something sneaky..

    I’ve added you to my blog list and to my RSS reader list. So glad you left me a comment. I’ve been having a tough time finding all my old links..

    Lifecruiser: So have I as you may have noticed already. You’re always welcome to PARTYYYYY, hey, we’ll open up a Dom Perignon to celebrate your new home, cheers again :-)

    Napfisk BELGIUM said:

    I’m sure it must have been strange for those who were near to it and awake, but not dangerous at all. We don’t have much tremors either. Every few years there is a little bit of rumbling near the German border but these are deep level pressure quakes, not a lot of tectonic shifting. I’ve never felt one, although I apparently could have four times already.

    I don’t think ice ages (or glacial periods) have a lot to do with it. Earthquakes are geological phenomena, ice ages meteorological. Moving glaciers can cause superficial tremors (just like any collapse or explosion) but these are felt very locally only and are not linked to shifts in the earth’s crust.

    He-he, professor Napfisk is signing off now. I’m happy you’re ok, that’s what counts, and grateful for the exciting story. Cheers!

    Lifecruiser: Well, I think you have to take up that discussion about the ice ages influence with Swedens best expert in the field, because it’s his statement *lol* I just say like Manuel in John Cleese’s Faulty Towers: “I know nothing” (but I’m not from Barcelona *lol*)

    Kasia POLAND said:

    Earthquake? Wow! It must have been something like from a movie scene. So good nothing bad happened.

    Lifecruiser: Yes Kasia, we’re lucky that we don’t have bigger ones, some countrys have and it must be really tough to live with.

    Dave UNITED STATES said:

    I too, immediatly suspected the Lifecruisers had something to do with the earth moving. But alas, it was just those pesky plates on the move again. I should have known you were Faulty Towers fans. That’s my favorite show of all time.

    Lifecruiser: Well Dave, normally we do have outbursts like earthquakes, but from totally different reasons ;-) Faulty Towers is magnificent crazy - just like we are!

    Kelly UNITED STATES said:

    I’m with everyone else, I thought right off the bat that you two were up to something! lol What else should I be thinking? lol I’m thinking you two could probably make the earth move with all that love going on! :wink:

    I can’t believe you experienced an earthquake! I’m so glad nothing bad happened. I have never experienced an earthquake we have hurricanes here. My younger brother lived in California and has experienced major earthquakes.

    Have a great weekend!

    Lifecruiser: Hehe….yes, I do believe that you should think that way - you never know what to expect from us ;-) I hope the earthquake isn’t changing that fact that we never use to have any, so it begin to be a habit!

    Lola SWEDEN said:

    Earthquakes are nothing to be happy about guyz. They are really SCARRY. They get to the most primitive fear you can ever reach. In other countries what you just felt is quite nor´mal. And 5-6-7 degrees are more common ones…

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