Welcome to the 2d international cocktail party meme: Drinks ‘Round the World, hosted by Lifecruiser Travel Blog & Travel Experta the 1st every month.

Drink at Lauters, Färö Island, Gotland, Sweden, Photo Copyright

How suitable this drink are, right now. You see, this is a drink I had at the bar at Lauters at our summer paradise island Fårö last year. I will not tell you what it is in it, simply because I don’t remember! *giggles*

I do remember though that tomorrow, Thursday 2 July, we’re going to Fårö for 4 weeks!!!! I’m in the middle of the packing. The summer don’t really start until we’re going there.

Yes, we will have internet connection there, but if it’s hot weather, we’ll mostly be at Sweden’s best beaches playing with our toes in the warm sand…. or the Baltic Sea…. ah….

Do you have any drinks from somewhere in the world to share with us? Read How to participate in Drinks ‘Round the World Meme.

This is all about having fun together, so you can just show us a photo or write something – it’s up to you. If you’re making your drink while writing, drinking while commenting: even better….

Leave a link to your drink post in the comments, so we all can come over and have a sip!

Be sure to mingle – and please be aware of the fact that we have different time zones, so be sure to check back later too.

Let’s have FUN this summer! Cheers my dears…

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11 Comments on “DRTW: A last drink before summer paradise”

    Jenny said:

    Interesting Meme. I don’t drink though so I can’t really play along :mad:

    claudie said:

    Happy summer my Captain! I’m still busy tonight and can’t post the meme but be sure I ‘ll be ready next month just before you arrive in france to drink the pastis!!! Now I have still a lost administrativ papers for school to write and I wait Kalle dinner who is preparing at kitchen the finnish dinner with salmon and white sauce! Can’t wait! :wink:


    Happy packing. I just moved from Costa Rica to Guatemala and I’m head deep into the unpacking dilemma, so you can image the amount of drinks I can use:)

    Your drink is delicious! Enjoy it while dipping your toes into the sand:)


    Yours looks a bit sweet for me. I’m bringing a wonderful creamy Belgian trappist beer brewed in a monastery and shipped around the world. It is called Chimay and is a truly refreshing drink. Sante.

    Ling said:

    I don’t know what’s in that drink, but it sure looks like something just right for hot weather. The watermelon’s a cool touch too. :mrgreen:

    DianeCA said:

    My post is up, this time I managed to hop on board even if I am a day late!!! Have a good vacation!


    Oh no, I missed it, I thought it was the first Monday of every month. I had a great drink too. I am going to have to save it for next month. my bad. Have fun in Faro, sounds beautiful.

    Mar said:

    I will have to add this to my blogging calendar so as not to forget!!
    Cheers, Captain, enjoy fab weeks in Fårö :cool:

    RennyBA said:

    What a wonderful and cheerful contribution! Sorry I could not make it this time! Glad Diane did though :-)

    So when I write this, you are finaly at Fårö in your summer Paradise and I wish you a relaxing and recreational stay! We are soon going to ours of course and then….. well, lets enjoy July first! :-)

    claudie said:

    I need to drink something, tempreature of the air about 33, 35!!! I prepare some fresh drunks for august!

    Charles Ravndal said:

    It is indeed surprisingly warm lately and I am not really liking it since I just spent summer in the tropics. It is like re-living a warm temperature again. LOL.

    Anyway, I wanted to concoct a drink but certainly not alcoholic since I am staying away from those coz my stomach usually acts up lately when I take a drink or two.

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