Welcome to the 4th international cocktail party meme: Drinks ‘Round the World, hosted by Lifecruiser Travel Blog & Travel Experta the 1st every month.

When Claudie and Pierre asked me what I wanted to drink of all the choices on the table when we had arrived there, my answer were instantly and obvious: Pastis!!!!

What could be more suitable than to have my first sip ever of Pastis in Provence, France? I wanted to taste a true French drink. Pastis was sold the first time in 1932, so it’s really a traditional drink of France and especially the Southern France.

Pastis Drink at Claudie and Pierres home, Provence, France, Photo Copyright Lifecruiser.com

Pastis is normally filled up with about 5 volumes of water to 1 volume Pastis, which is creating the special milky look.

So how does it taste? Very refreshing when it’s hot weather. Anise of course, since it’s an anise flavored spirit with an additional flavor of licorice root, bottled with some sugar in it.

For me as a licorice lover, it’s a great drink, but I have to tell you that it’s a bit strong too, don’t drink too many glasses… *giggles*

Pastis is a very popular drink during summertime. In France they’re said to consume about 130 million liters each year, which is more than 2 liters per inhabitant!

There is other anise tasting drinks in other countries, like the Raki and Ouzu from Greece, that I have tasted before, but this tasted a bit different, so it’s definitely worth testing it.

Do you have any drinks from somewhere in the world to share with us? Read How to participate in Drinks ‘Round the World Meme.

This is all about having fun together, so you can just show us a photo or write something – it’s up to you. If you’re making your drink while writing, drinking while commenting: even better….

Leave a link to your drink post in the comments, so we all can come over and have a sip!

Be sure to mingle – and please be aware of the fact that we have different time zones, so be sure to check back later too. That’s also the reason for me posting this while it’s still day and not in the evening – some of you have evening already.

I’ll be back, to check up your drinks later!

Let’s have FUN again! Chin Chin!

Lifecruiser Pastis Drinks

10 Comments on “DRTW #4: First taste of Pastis in Provence, Southern France”

    LindaN said:

    Arggh! It’s in the middele of the day and i already want a drink! *lol*


    Wow, that sounds like a fantastic drink. Since it’s always hot here, I think it will fit perfectly into my daily regime:)


    [...] It is the first of the month and this tradition is catching on. Started by TheTravelExperta and LifeCruiser Drinks Round the World is a fantastic way for Travel Bloggers to unite and share a cocktail [...]


    I’ve never tried pastis despite going to France several times, though I’m not a huge fan of anise drinks (such as ouzo and others). A bit of a headache starter for me!! I’ve bought along Singapore’s famous Sling despite its sickly sweet taste at http://www.travel-wonders.com/2009/08/drinks-around-world-singapore-sling.html

    Maribeth said:

    Someday I want to go to Paris and do a museum tour. Then I will sip Pastis while sitting on the banks of the Seine!

    Mar said:

    When in France it is Pastis for Mr Mar, and a Kir for me :)
    Love that shot with Claudie in the background, well done, Captain!

    Puss in Boots said:

    I don’t like the taste of aniseed so Pastis is not one of my favourite drinks. Have you ever read the book Hotel Pastis by Peter Mayall? It’s set in Provence and is a delightful book. He is also the author of the trilogy “A Year in Provence”, a really good read.

    Gattina said:

    I don’t like Pastis AT ALL, the taste of Anis is disgusting to me, lol ! I tried it once and never again !

    Charles Ravndal said:

    Hmmm sounds like a nice drink and now I am quite intrigued about it. I hope they sell something like that here in the local vinmonopolet so at least I can taste it without travelling all the way to France.

    claudie said:

    Ho! I’m so sad to miss that post but I began school and have so much to do! Even today I staid three hours at desk for my class tomorrow. I think I will drink some pastis for my next vacation to forget all that work! :razz:

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