Hot car because of whiskey steam

I don’t know if I can recall this memory in any good way, because it’s so…. strange… but I’ll give it a try!

We were visiting some people we know in a forreign country. There was a lot of unusual strange weird things going on around that family and our visit there, but I’m not going to tell you all about that now, simply because it was too strange to even write down!!! I know I’m making you curious here, but I’m sorry… The full story would take about ages to write and you would still not understand a thing – we still don’t understand ourselves.

There were no seightseeing to talk about there, we still don’t count our visit there as we actually have visit that country. Anyway, one evening they were taken us out for a ride in their car and we were grateful to come out and at least see SOMETHING. Even though we at that time were a little bit frustrated of the situation, to put it mildly. We had travelled so far away to get there and for what…?

To begin with, they handled over a whiskey bottle to us in the back seat. (The same bottle Balvenie he got from us as a gift when we arrived, we know that’s his favourite brand). To drink in the car. They wouldn’t have any themselves, it was for us. OK, I can give them a little bit credit to say that it may had something to do with the fact that I had a tooth ache at the time, but that was not the whole reason. No, I’m sure that, at least one of them wanted something to accuse us of. And that was: us having drinking habits…

I really had a bad tooth ache, but we both also were stunned over the situation and quite frustrated, dejected over the whole stay there. So, I guess we both simultaneously just had enough, we started to drink whiskey in the car. I don’t even like that whiskey! It always the first time for everything. I’ve never been drinking in a car before, except from maybe some beer in my youth.

The main reason for driving around was that they should look at some house prospects. They wanted a new house. That was OK for us, if it had been one of the reasons for taking us out, but that was about the only thing we did. Driving around in the darkness looking at small streets and houses that we hardly could see anything of…

And drinking a lot of whiskey…

What could we do? We were tired of not doing anything, not having a nice time, so we got a little drunk. We decided to have fun anyway and we did. It’s a matter of attitude, ha? The only thing is: I don’t think that they understood that we had fun at them, how they could do this to us! Sometimes I couldn’t look at Mr Lifecruiser, because I may have reveiled the whole truth of why we were laughing so much under that actually so boring trip. We were even singing, despite none of us have any good voices, that was fun.

It truly was a hot car – because of the whiskey steams from the back seat ;-)

And yes, we were actually accused of being alcoholics later and for drinking beers and having fun in the evenings!!!

That was the first time in our lifes that we actually have been ACCUSED of having fun….

Whispering a secret: Actually we did have one habit that alcoholics have: we did hide a bottle of alcohol… It was that old bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne that we attended to give them as a gratitude for our stay there. We decided to keep it for ourselves, they wasn’t worthy of it, so the bottle flew back home with us again!

10 Comments on “Drinking whiskey in the car”

    Miss Ass.Lifecruiser said:

    Tooth ache or not…I would never drink whisky..well..that was before I went to visit you and your *friends* in the forreign country…that I were visiting as well!! Even I would have been tasting that whisky “over there”…..

    Mrs Lifecruiser said:

    Yes, I could write about that too, when we were meeting you over there, but I’ll save that one for later….

    The others just have to wait for that fun? strange? crazy? nightmare? story!!!!

    Miss Ass.Lifecruiser said:

    Nightmare!! Think it Was quit fun.. *lol*.. but..then..on the call me batwomen for a reason I’ll guess…=))

    Well, thank GOD for good music and a good drink when things going nuts!

    Walker said:

    Scotch for me in any back seat and call me what you wish. As long as I am not driving abd the driver is stone cold sober we can Hic on down any winding road.
    I just know you couldn’t feel that tooth ack after :lol:

    Mrs Lifecruiser said:

    I hope you have an excellent voice Walker, so we can have some choral singing together ;-)

    (The tooth ache didn’t go away, but at least it was more fun having it then….)

    TN Chick said:

    So whiskey helps a tooth ache?

    Mrs Lifecruiser said:

    Yes TN C, whiskey can actually help, even the dentists say this, but you have to have it right to the aching tooth. And of course it only helps for a short while so you have to keep the whiskey coming…

    (I had to visit the dentist to have some antibiotics for it later).

    mrhaney said:

    i would have got drunk too. i don’t go many places though and when i do if it turns out bad i try to leave as soon as i can.

    Lifecruiser said:

    Wow, we could have a whole choir there, drinking and singing and having fun ;-)

    We thought of leaving, but we couldn’t change the date for the tickets and at some point we decided that what the heck, no problem for us, we have each other, thats enough.


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