When we went with the local bus from the airport in Bratislava, it was very difficult to see from the bus what the different bus stops were called, so we didn’t really know where to get off the bus.

This led us to go one bus stop too far, which meant that we had to walk back a bit, but we didn’t mind since the weather was wonderful and we were exploring a new city!

The temperature difference between Sweden and Slovakia – we went from 14 degrees (Celsius) to around 30 degrees – made us very sweaty and longing for a beer. Or two. *giggles*

I really admired our character to resist the urge to stop somewhere on the way to take a beer. Or two. Nope, we decided to go to the Hostel as fastest possible. We should have started a running competition – I just wonder what the prizes would have been…?

Luckily for our old bodies we had trolleys and not bags to carry. I also needed to change from sneakers to open summer sandals before I were going to float away. Black jeans is not the most ultimate choice in that heat. Uhum.

We had no problems to find the Hostel we were going to stay at, on the contrary, I think that just the fact that we went one bus stop too far, may have helped us to find the Hostel since we came from the right direction. Lucky coincidence!

Downtown Backpacker Hostel Sign

It’s nearby the Presidential Palace yes, but maybe not so easy to find since it’s a small street with the street sign a bit in, so you don’t see it from the bigger street you comes from.

The building where the Hostel is situated and the entrance to the Hostel did indeed look quite charming to us, since we love old buildings with all it’s atmosphere of the history.

Downtown Backpacker Hostel Entrance

We were greeted welcome by a young girl in the reception who were very helpful and explained it all to us. Since we had booked a room with ensuite, an own bathroom, our room were in another building across the street and round the corner from the main building.

That was also the reason why we never used their bar even though it looked quite inviting.

Downtown Backpacker Hostel Bar

Our building were more modern and looked like it was undergoing some sort of renovation of the inside, so it was not quite so charming to stay there as in the main building (probably why I didn’t take any photo), but at least we had our own shower.

…and a lock at our door. (Still thinking of the horror movie Hostel!) *giggles*

There were a city tax of about 50 SKK (16.50 SEK/ $2.40 / 1.70 EURO) to add to the initial price if I remember right. Then we did get 10% discount on the room rate, since we’re members of the Swedish Tourist Organisation which is in cooperation with the Hostelling International.

As a total we paid less than 600 SEK ($87 / 62 EURO) for both of us in this double room ensuite. The photo only shows one of the beds, since that were all we used…. *giggles*

Downtown Backpacker Hostel  Downtown Backpacker Hostel Bathroom

As you can see, the standard is very basic, so if you look for some romantic place to stay – or for other reasons have high expectations, this is not the place for you. But if you just want a simple place to sleep, it’s acceptable and clean, no visible dirt.

The best thing (except from the cheap room rate) with Downtown Backpacker Hostel is that it’s situated just right at the old town part, which we’re excellent for us since that were the part of Bratislava we wanted to see during our 24 hours stay there.

…and yes, we survived our night in Bratislava without not even the slightest unpleasant incidence. No aftermath either.

I’m saying this because you never know, when you’re staying in Hostel or cheaper Hotels, there is other people that can have been there before you and planted some… ehrm… *cough*… unpleasant bugs.

It’s actually a Hostel’s biggest horror, because it’s so tough for them to deal with -and how do you see on a guest that they have bugs? Not an easy task.

Anyhow, we just left our luggage at the hostel room – and changed to shorts of course – and went out to explore Bratislava Old Town center….

Lifecruiser Bratislava

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    Getting Hit on said:

    I’m deathly afraid of hostels. I’m afraid they might have bedbugs. However, I think I’m going to London soon and I don’t think I can avoid that.

    SwordMama said:

    This brought back a memory of when I was with an ex-boyfriend in a hostel in Dublin. We stayed in other hostels too, but the one in Dublin looked kinda similar to this one. I think it had a locked door too. The Avalon hostel I believe it was called. It does look very clean and a great price! :-)

    SwordMamas last blog post..Dream pillows – wordless wednesday

    RennyBA said:

    After reading this, I just know I have to go to Bratislava – so special and so divine – despite the hotel specialities.

    Btw: Regarding the temperate difference: I went to Milan this week (a business trip) and wish I could change to at least short :lol:

    RennyBAs last blog post..IFIP World Computer Congress 2008 in Milan

    Ling said:

    That bed looks kinda small. You must have had to snuggle in close to Mr. Lifecruiser, huh? :)

    Gattina said:

    That would be nice for me too. I don’t need a room in Victorian style, a bed a toilet and shower that’s enough. Clean of course. And concerning bugs in 5* hotels you also can find clients who are owners of these charming beasts !

    Gattinas last blog post..

    claudie said:

    I recognize your little bed, you know! *giggles*
    It remembers me an hostel in Paris ! It took a time to find the bug on me! it was an intelligent bug!

    claudies last blog post..Montesquieu… always right!


    “I’m deathly afraid of hostels. I’m afraid they might have bedbugs.”

    That is a bad stereotype, really! Yes, some hostels have a bedbug problem, but so do many hotels, too. If you´re unlucky, your poshest 5-star-hotel can have bugs. Unfortunately, the bugs are back everywhere in Europe now. They were all but extinct 15 years ago. Just read some online reviews before you book any type of accomodation: if a place has a consistent bedbug problem, it will be revealed in the reviews.

    Think of it that way: bedbugs are just mosquitoes without wings. They are actually better than mossies, because they only bite ONCE in their life, so they can´t even transmit deseases.

    Even though we regularly spray our beds, we have a case of bugs once in a while – like EVERY hotel. Yes, it´s the most embarrassing thing and the horror situation of every reception staffer, but there is only one way to run a 100%-bug-free ho(s)tel – that´s one without guests.

    There´s nothing to fear than fear itself. It shouldn´t keep you from travelling.

    Lifecruiser said:

    Thanks for clearing that out. I totally agree with you there Klaus. Why would it stop us? Do we stop going out because we’re in the risk of being hit and run over by a car?

    We have to dare to live our lives as we want to :-)

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