This is day 7 and the last one of our Kauai Escape posts – a series of posts that span over a week exploring this wonderful island.

Kauai Island, Donkey Beach, Hawaii

Day 7 – A beach all to yourselves

On the east side of the island, just 11 miles up the road north of the Airport, there is the secluded Donkey Beach that we’ll have all to ourselves.

It is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the sun, water, and beauty without the crowds. In the middle of the beach we’ll find a tree that beckons us to cool off in its shadow.

We’ll also find a cove right by the beach that regularly has fantastic snorkeling.

Smile for the camera and get a bronzed tan before we hop on the plane for the somber ride home to the every day life of ours… *sigh*

If you have the opportunity to go there, please do – and report back to us with lots and lots of photos!

LifecruiserDonkey Beach

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5 Comments on “Donkey Beach – Day 7”

    TorAa said:

    We will follow the footprints in the Sand.

    PS. Have you seen Ingelin as young with her friends all dressed in Norwegian National Costumes?


    Thank you, thank you, thank you – for these wonderful posts from Hawaii! I lived on Oahu back in the early ’90′s and miss the islands SO much. These posts have really taken me back and reminded me just how much I need to revisit. My husband has never been to Hawaii and I can’t wait to show him around. Each island is so different and so special. This has been like a mini-vacation!


    claudie said:

    :razz: I”m reedy. I will go there! Sure! But in a first time, see us soon in Oslo! If all our plans are good, it will be the start of a new way of life!!!! I cross my fingers!!! :wink:

    DianeCA said:

    Sounds like a delightful place to visit. I just love to have the beach all to myself. I often go out either really early or late in order to enjoy a little solitude on a public beach. I would sure enjoy laying in the sun on a private one about now!!!

    Mar said:

    Wonderful serie, LC, love the picture as I love having the beach to myself :cool: That’s why I enjoy the beach off season…

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