Lifecruisers contribution to Dona Nobis Pacem Blog Blast For Peace 6 June 2007
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It’s the 6th of June, the day when a lot of bloggers get united in the Blog Blast for Peace!

Today is also Swedens National Day and what is better to talk about than Peace then, since Swedes are a very peace loving people!

We’ve tried to stay out from war. We don’t believe in war. No one should.

Peace is built of love. With help from compassion, caring, generosity, understanding and other positive qualities.

We’ve created this monster called war and we can destroy it. Together we can do it. We’ve all of us a responsibility to end this madness of wars going on.

Why waste so much time on such awful thing? To spread so much negativity and suffering when we can do the opposite?

Who choose to go the negative way and destroy the humanity?

Not me – and not you – I hope.

It does take two sides to start – and continue – a war.

No one will give us Peace – we have to act for Peace.

Make Love – Not War!!!

So let’s rock this planet ;-)

Captain Love Peace Lifecruiser

PS. Read our old post about Swedens National Day here, while we’re making love….eh…celebrating… *giggles*

…or go and see other Peace Globe participants!

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33 Comments on “Dona Nobis Pacem”

    TorAa said:

    Congrats with Svenska flaggans dag. I hope you Swedes will develop your National day to be something like ours – with all childrens parades.

    Sitting here on the platform this sunny morning and feel PEACE and blog for peace – it’s great

    RennyBA said:

    Happy Svenska Flaggans Dag – like Tor says: look to Norway in how to celebrate but of course making love is a good start:-)

    I do agree with all you said about peace. I’ll like to add my saying or motto: Make blogs not wars! I feel that blogging is a great way to read and learn and understand each other and brake cultural, religious and other barriers. The whole Lifecruisers Cyber Cruise is an excellent example!


    Thanks Tor :-) Yes, me too, we have a lot to learn about how to celebrate it from you Norwegians :-) Butt we sure are going to try today – going in to the city to see what they have to offer. We also have The Restaurants Days festivals last day today, so we’re counting on eating out and seeing some music performance too!


    Thanks Renny :-) Yes, blogging certainly is an excellent way of reaching out and making peace through the world!!!

    Annelisa said:

    Too right, no-one should believe in war… unfortunately, there’s always those who will. I guess it just needs for those who don’t to out-number and out-rank those who do!

    Great post, Lifecruiser!

    mousey said:

    may peace be with you today and always

    Gattina said:

    Peace and love from Turkey have to type on a turkısh englısh keyboard all ınstructıons are ın turkısh can only guess poor me !

    mjd said:

    You have a good pooint. “No one will give us Peace – we have to act for Peace.” Yes, make love, not war.

    mar said:

    Haz el amor y no la guerra! sounds excellent to me *wink*
    Happy Svenska day, enjoy it and celebrate the day accordingly. I am sure you have great ideas how to :)

    Toni K said:

    Happy WW! Mine is up at Being An Air Force Wife

    claudie said:

    Hope you had a marvelous Swedens National day!
    I’m total ok with you and Renny: the lifecruiser tour is a good thing to know better our world and different culturs. We love our world and not the war! I wish to go all around the world on the famous boat, always discovering new countries.

    And Miles To Go.... said:

    peace to you!! Mine’s flying too! Wonderful job you did.

    queenie said:

    Love your post, love the planet, love just about everything. Queenie

    Sword Girl said:

    Hey Mrs. Lifecruiser! We’re back up; sitting in the attic right now. lol

    Live long and prosper peacefully!

    Happy Swedish National Day!

    I’ll be moving very slowly getting to visit Renny’s festival ~ hopefully tonight. :-D

    Cheysuli said:

    I love it. I’m quite enjoying the things people write as far as peace. Excellent post.

    RennyBA said:

    Thanks for including me in todays tips as it was actually written in the cyber cruise spirit (if I’ll say so myself:-)

    Dayngr said:

    Thanks to the Peace Globes I’m finding many wonderful new blogs! Glad to have found yours.

    ruth said:

    Peace to you too & Happy Swedish National Day

    Kellyology said:

    Peace to you my friend! And have a great holiday.

    Bond said:

    Grant Us Peace – “All You Need Is Love”
    Sitting On The COUCH For Peace

    Sanni said:

    Excellent, Captain Lovecruiser! ;)
    “Make LOVE not war” is one of my fave mottos, you know, that´s why I´m always so SO busy *LOL*

    Rock on,

    Sanni, Frank and Luis,
    Jersey, the furry diva and
    The Pimping Team

    are wishing LOVE & PEACE to you and yours ♥
    and a Happy Swedish National Day, of course.

    Bud Weiser said:

    May the warmth and spirit of this Peace Globe Day bring us all peace. You’re globe is beautiful.

    From WTIT: the most peaceful Tape Radio Station ever…

    Angel Mama ( Pearls of Wisdom) said:

    Great post and globe. Mine is up as well. Peace to you and yours.

    Angel ( Angel Mama )

    Evil Blogger Twin said:

    Happy Svenska Flaggans Dag to the 3D-Lifecruiser Team –

    Making love is a great idea =D

    pax vobiscum

    Travis said:

    I’m cruising by from Mimi’s. Happy Peace Globe Day.

    Peace to you!


    Love this post on this lovely blog of yours.
    Peace to you and yours on this BlogBlast fo peace! Thanks for hailing from your part of the globe.

    Ladyseashells said:

    Good post about PEACE and LOVE to ALL. Yah stop the war, create Peace. Happy Swedish National Day. And thanks for cruising to my garden blog.

    Callie Ann said:

    Totally perfect. I love what you wrote. Perfect. Sorry I am late. Had many health issues yesterday.

    Kasia said:

    People take peace for granted and this is actually something we must constatntly care for. Always. And we should never give up.

    that frolicsome kid said:

    War is the creation of man. No one can stop it but man himself. So why not cease them and get on with peace? Humans are funny… They always like to trouble trouble!

    Exactly, mrs lifecruiser! We should concentrate our efforts and time in promoting peace instead of doing the opposite and causing friction between humans. It is so much easier and life is so much fun if we do the former.

    Great peace post! And I love your cute peace globe, hahaha! Happy Dona Nobis Pacem Day (and Happy Swedish National Day)!

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