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Have I died and gone to heaven? *pinches me in the arm* Ouch! Wow. I’m really here, in this island of my dreams. Of course I’ll bring my Dom with me and I’ll drink it too, even if I have to pour it in a can to camouflage it, so I can drink it in public!

Dominican Republic is the origins of merengue – do I need to say more? I’m gonna dance merengue all night and lay in that gorgeous water all day….

There are no sharks around huh? I’m afraid they will like me too well after this winter, since I’ve finally gained some wieght after my under-weight problems earlier. So I wanna keep my flesh for myself ;-)

That is when I’m not shopping amber and larimar jewellery, wood sculptures or haitian simplistic paintings. Did you know that the origin of amber goes back 48 million years? *whistles*

I’m planning to try how they make me a kaipirina to compare to the ones we got in Brazil and I must at least try their national dish, Le sancocho, which is a meat and vegetable stew.

¡Danza, baño y risa, que es una orden de tu capitán!

Capitán Merengue Lifecruiser

UPDATE: Don’t miss the excellent deal to get something tailored from R’acquels Boutique in return for the fabrics doubled up. She needs fabric from around the world!

Lifecruiser lifering

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17 Comments on “Dom in can public”

    RennyBA said:

    I’ve been there and Sanni is giving the most wonderful guided tour. A sensational trip and a thrill of an experience!
    See you at the evening events – or before that on the beach – it’s me under the parasol with a cigar:-)

    Lifecruiser: I was a bit late today after all these night partying ;-)

    Gattina said:

    Sanni did a real great job, now I want to stay there ! I swam with this nice turtle which looks exactly like me and we are swimming so well together !

    Lifecruiser: You are soo sweat together, really matching ;-)

    Irish Church Lady said:

    I’m heading over. NOW!

    Lifecruiser: I’m glad – I’m still relaxing in the water…. ahhh…..

    Melli said:

    Ohhhhhhh Darlin’! You are looking sweeeeeeet in that dress! I seem to be stuck on a life raft out in the ocean — I can’t seem to make land in the Dominican Rep! (sanni’s page will NOT load for me today… ugh! will try again later!) Sounds like you are all having too much fun without me though!!!! Gattina is swimming wity turtles!? I hope they are not snapping turtles! LOL! And dancing merengue – another one I MUST learn – While I’m here… IF I ever GET here!!!

    Lifecruiser: See you there! Merengue is one of the easiest dance to learn the basic steps of, then all the other comes in and we’ll stumble…. *LMAO*

    Maribeth said:

    What a great tour Sanni gave! I am feeling tan and wonderfully full from the warm weather and good foods!

    Lifecruiser: Pffftt! I know, this cruise is just FAB!!!! So much fun people and intersting destinations! Wpw!

    Sanni said:

    :mrgreen: *hicc* The turtle bit my toe… or was it you, Gattina? *LOL* Cuba Libre anyone?

    Lifecruiser: *giggles* Crawling in the sand like a turtle….

    Cuba Libre this way!!!!!!!!!

    0cean Lady said:

    What a beautiful dress you are wearing! I love all of the aqua colors. :mrgreen:

    Lifecruiser: Thank you Ocean lady, me too!!! I couldn’t resist it!

    Claudie said:

    Just a paradise! I don’t smoke but tonight I want to smoke a cigar and learn to dance merengue!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, we certainly have to do that! *dancing around*

    Sanni the boozehound said:

    Well, I´ve had a look at my first Jeep Safari video and I realized there are so many close-ups showing :shock: my lovely TITs… :shock: half of the Blogosphere has seen them. :oops: But what about all the others who have missed them so far? :roll: I decided to show my TITs on Tuesday´s on a regular base to the public.

    Oh Captain, my Captain, I know you´ve lots of first-hand showing yours… so could you please instruct me a bit? :mrgreen: *bwahahaaaa*

    Lifecruiser: So, we’re talking topless now are we? Ripping yours off and runs away with it! *bwahahaaaa*

    Tricia said:

    Oh I love Dominican Republic! I was lucky enough to live here on the island for four months when I was a teenager.

    You must go to the markets in Santo Domingo, the Capital, while in port! Oh and try to tamarind balls, and the chocolate ice cream. The ice cream both chocolate and vanilla have spices in them, perhaps a touch of nutmeg and believe it or not it add so much to the flavor. I still remember the taste of DR ice cream. It’s my favorite!

    The people are soooo very nice too.

    If we have time while we are in Santo Domingo can we go to the “La Cava” restaurant? Great food and you eat in an underground cave. It’s beautiful.

    Oh yes … while I lived in the DR I did learn how to merengue there too. Taught to me by the Dominicans. lovely dance and lovely music. :)

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I’m totally thinking of staying there one day extra, to get to see ALL of it ;-)

    Sanni the Topless said:

    :shock: :shock::shock::shock::shock:
    The last time this happened to me is about… 20 years ago… in a public swimming pool, when I was 13-something *LOL*

    So, do I need to bribe you with another Cuba Libre to tell me how to participate in Tackle It Tuesday or is my top enough?*ROFL* Well, here´s a large CL anyway!

    Lifecruiser: *giggles*


    Tackle it tuesday blogroll code. (not obligatory)

    Tell me if you’ve put up the blogroll code.

    Write a TIT’s post

    Go to 5 minutes for mom

    Fill in your link under this Tuesdays post in the Mr Linky-box.

    Visit the other people in that also have filled in their links there and maybe some more from the blogroll.

    Done :-)

    aka R'acquel said:

    Who would’ve ever thought of Dom in a Can?! *lol* The swimming waterholes in between the rocks were amazing. Thanks to Sanni for the great tour – very relaxing to allow the mind to drift off elsewhere as a means to momentarily forget about the stress of present life atm.

    Lifecruiser: Me? *LMAO*

    Sanni the Headless said:

    Aye, Captain! The blogroll is up, right plank *erm* sidebar, directly under my A-Team cruiser blogroll =)

    Now I have to find something to tackle… like cleaning up the beach after our beach-party… I can see countless of empty Cuba Libre glasses!!! *giggle*

    Lifecruiser: good thinking, we do have to have a clean beach to continue to party on ;-)

    Sanni said:

    Being sleepless in the DOMinican Republic I´ve prepared a Merengue lesson for the Cyber Cruisers… :cool:

    Are you ready for DOMinican Republic Part 2?

    Lifecruiser: Yes, you just read my mind there – I wanted to stay another day!!!!

    Gattina said:

    I am still member of TIT but gaved up writing all this household stuff got on my nerves ! If you are participating, what are your writing about ?? Household ? I saw once you listed all your deseases or something. Please give me an idea, for once I don’t have any !
    BTW Melli wears THE HAT today, absolutely terrific ! She should go shopping with it, after the cruise ! I still swim with my little turtle, lol !

    Lifecruiser: Hm… Surely you must have SOMETHING to tackle? Cats? Husband? (lol) Cooking? Neighbours? Shopping? Changing bloglayout? Whatever? *

    I sooo agree with that mentioning of Mellis hat – we’ll have problem to beat her hats, aren’t we?

    Moyrah said:

    Viva la Salsa!!!!
    Bailemos con ardor hasta el amanecer!!
    Claudie – ou est tu???
    Je vous cherche!!!!!
    Dansant ma chére!!!
    Och en stor kram till dig Mrs. Lifecruiser… fÃ¥r mig ett gott skratt varje gÃ¥ng jag kollar in!
    And to everyone else: Party on!!!
    The sun is shining, the rum is still running and why sleep when you can dance?!?!?!?

    Lifecruiser: That sounds like the good spirit we have her at the cruise – warmth welcome Moyrah!!! And a sentence in Swedish too, my, my, how impressing ;-)

    Let’s dance some more Merengue!!!

    And don’t miss the hat parade tomorrow, wednesday!

    Artie said:

    Love that dress! Turtles are drifting in the warm currents, & I’m resting in a palm tree hammock!
    Regards, Art.

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