Dog watch turtle

Mrs Lifecruisers dog Billy Boy watching the stone that moved

My former dog Billy Boy once met the moving stone. It was the most exciting experience for him. He had never seen such a strange thing.

Could you imagine? A stone that moved around! He didn’t recognize the smell of it either. He was very puzzled about it. His forehead was full of wrinkles over this mystery. He was trying to figure out what it was and how to get to know it, because every time he was coming close to the stone - the head disappeared in to the stone! How could this be? As soon as he backed off, the head was there again! Was there some kind of magic involved?

Sure, it was fun to see the head go in and out all the time, but after a while he thought that he should wait out the stone. So he laid down just in front of the stone and were watching it eagerly, waiting for the head to come out again so he could investigate it further. But the stone just took a very fast peek to get the direction and moved. He followed and once again laid down right in front of the hole where the head came out every time.

They kept doing that for the whole evening…!!!!

He was totally exhausted from all the watching and mystery solving when we went home at last and very disappointed. He never got the chance to tell the stone what a nice guy he was - and how fun they could have had playing together.

That was the kind of dog he was, he never hurted other animals.

Except from insects, he snapped them immediately…

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Comments on Dog watch turtle

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    Miss Ass.Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    This for some strange reason reminded me of my son when he was a small boy!! About 3 years old… He stared at me and pointed down.. He’s eyes were big and scared… Look mum… look… I said what? It just stands up..and I can’t make it go down..*lol*… I dont mean that he’s a turtle or dog.. Well.. hell no what I mean!! :)

  • 2
    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Maybe he had the same wrinkles…? ;-)

  • 3
    skye UNITED STATES said:

    That was a cute story. Your descriptions are always so good that you leave us feeling as if we were there with you :-)

    There aren’t too many turtles left in our area, but the occassional frog can still be seen. My old dog found them as interesting as yours did the turtle, especially when they would hop up. She was more scared than anything…lol

  • 4
    mrhaney UNITED STATES said:

    i love dogs. i love to watch them especially when they get puzzled like that and are not sure what they are looking at. they look at you as if they were saying, help me out here will ya.

  • 5
    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Skye: ah, frogs are cool animals too. We saw some interesting ones in Paraguay - and heard them in the nigths. There were real concerts with different very odd frogs sounds, you hardly could beleive it was frogs. One sounded like a machinegun and another like a formel 1 race car!!!! Unbeleivable!!!

    MrHaney: Yes, you wonder what they are thinking. Their face expressions is very funny sometimes. And they’re so human sometimes too.

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    sisiggy UNITED STATES said:

    Every time you post about Billy I get a little teary-eyed. That whole dog thing, ya know…

    Our first Aussie Dundee used to play in a farm pond across from us and bring home some hapless snapping turtle. All the dog would form a circle around it and bark . I don’t know how intelligent turtles are, but after awhile I guess it realized they were more afraid of it than it was of them. It would lumber away, across the dirt road and back to the pond. Dundee would let it go but would look so sad, like he’d hoped the turtle would choose to stay.

  • 7
    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    I know Sisiggy…. *sob*

    They just are so….so…. so human!

  • 8

    Ha! I can just imagine this happening! Thanks for the laugh.

    Hope your mom is doing better today.

  • 9
    sharlet SINGAPORE said:

    Cute!! :)

  • 10
    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Yes, she is Dirty Butter, a little better thank you.

  • 11
    Dot UNITED STATES said:

    Your dog watching the turtle reminded me of my dog watching the possom in our driveway. She kept walking back and forth and sometimes giving it a warning bark. But that smart possom just curled up and didn`t move a speck- acting like it was dead. This went on for over a half hour. My daughter finally heard me yelling at Sassy ( my dog) and came over to see what was wrong. She also thought the possom was dead. So did a neighbor who came over tosee what we had. I told them both to stay back as he was definitely alive. With the daughters help we finally managed to drag Sassy up the porch steps and into the house. Daughter had even tossed snowballs at it to get it to move and it still played dead. Dogs sure do get curious of anything they never saw before.

  • 12
    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Nice story Dot :-)

    Yes, dogs are really curious and so funny to watch. You’ll never know what they are up to.

  • 13

    awww its babysitting…

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