I don’t drink water. Some persons have been trying to force me to accept their claim that we should drink a lot of water per day to be healthy.

I just can’t do it, so I’m thinking: my body usually is very good at telling me when something is wrong and it has been telling me that I don’t want to drink all that water. I’ve learned to listen to my body. Even in this matter.

And then 2003 I stumbled on an article in the newspaper with statements from both an associate professor and a professor in Sweden. (Cut translation below)

Life threatening to drink too much water

We constantly get to hear that we shall drink a lot of water, but for some persons this request kan be life threatening. Especially pregnant women that is due to give birth risk both their own and the baby’s life by following these requests.

– That it should be healthy to drink a lot of water is totally nonsense from the beginning to the end, said the associate professor. She also want to get an end of the unnecessary drinking of water in Sweden.

The problems is that the balance of salt in the body end up wrong when you pee too much. The human body can’t dump too much water. The water stays and find it’s way out in the cells.

If you have been water poisoned, there is risk for brain damages and what you can die of is if the water goes into the cells in the brain, which swollens up and the blood supply get cut off.

You shouldn’t tell pregnants, persons with heart conditions or kidney damages that they shall drink more water, she says. You shouldn’t request people to drink more.

– You shall not think so much about how much you drink. You should let it run by itself.

When it’s hot outside you shall drink with causion, so that you don’t drink too much at the same time.

Yes, me too have tried to get used to drink a lot of water, but the only thing happened was that I got nauseous of it. It made my stomach wishy-washy. I’ve been drinking too much water once and I got sick and throwed up.

Our bodys are so cleverly constructed that they know by themselves when it’s time to drink and that’s when we gets thirsty. Some of us seems to need more water than others, but all we have to do is listen to our bodys.

So, I’ll keep my old own drinking style: when I feel thirsty and what ever I feel like drinking at that time. And believe me - it’s never water!

And I am still alive, aren’t I…?

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    Chana CANADA said:

    i certainly will testify that you are alive. you left a wonderful message in my post about attitude. how nice of you and i know that ghosts aren’t nice so you must be alive! ;p

    i think we all should do what is right for our bodies and minds. i also think that things might differ from one body to the next. it is understandable, we may all have the same organs but not two people are exactly alike.

    for me water is a treat and not a must. i drink it all day but it’s only because i honest to God love the taste of it..silly i know but true. i didn’t like it always, certainly not in my teens but after my kids were born i became a water lover..yeap,i admit it, i’m a H2O lover! ;p…

    sometimes i feel like i will float away and if you saw me, you might agree and of course there is the every other minute trip to the bathroom. not a store or a mall goes by or exist that i don’t know what their washrooms look like. i think somebody should hire me as a secret health inspector for the public bathrooms in the world..i have my opinions i assure you..

    sweet dreams. thank you for the nice visit.

    Lifecruiser: Glad you confirmed that I’m alive, so I know ;-) He…he… Good thing we aren’t all H2o lovers, just think about all that lines to the bathrooms everywhere! Pheeew!

    Chi UNITED STATES said:

    That is very informative…I certainly didn’t know that some people shouldn’t drink water. I do drink water but much less than I drink coffee & tea but my body always lets me know when water is what it needs. *s*

    Lifecruiser: Yes, we all have different needs and our bodys will tell what :-)

    Gina SWEDEN said:

    I am forgoing my drink of water right now to check in on you, LOL! I have worked all day, been probed in the sjukhuset and am having a nice cold can of water (mixed with hops, barley and other wonderful natural grains! ) ! My body told me it needed it!:roll:

    Lifecruiser: Yes, isn’t the body a wonderful creation? It knows exactly what it want. You’ve obviously been running around a bit, because you need to drink :-)

    Froggie CANADA said:

    I’ve never really liked the taste of plain water… bottled water I don’t mind though.

    I’ve been told quite often that I don’t drink enough water and that coffee and tea don’t count. It has to be plain water. Bah. I don’t buy that. I’m with you… I’ll drink water when I feel like it and my body seems to be to tell me when I need more. :)

    Love the article you found. Might just have to grab it and share it with a few people I know. :razz:

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I guess it’s like everything else: don’t over do things :-)

    sisiggy UNITED STATES said:

    I’ve heard a lot lately that drinking all that water isn’t necessary. But if it got people out of drinking tons and tons of soda, that is a good thing.

    I actually prefer to drink water over most stuff (now that I can make my own ice and all), but I don’t make a point of it. I sort of go with the flow…

    Get it? “Go with the flow?” BWAHAHAHAHA!

    Lifecruiser: Sounds more like you’re floating around to me! MUUUUHAAAHAA!

    Kasia POLAND said:

    This is so weird - I’ve read a very very similar article in one of the Polish magazibes recently. I like water but the idea of drinking 2 litres drives me crazy. How can one drink 2 litres of anything?:)))
    Thanks for this post. !!!!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, that was weird. I haven’t thought of this for a long while and suddenly it popped up :-)


    My 2 cents is that if I did not drink water I would probably die since I don’t drink anything else, other than my morning coffee and an occasional glass of wine!

    But like everything just because “they” say we should does not mean we should. You are right that we should listen to our bodies and be sure we do what it needs! I drink about 4 to 6 bottles of water daily and that is what my body wants. It will slow a bit with winter coming in but not too much.

    Great read. I hope you are having a good day, mine is dark and rainy! But I like rainy days!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, there we have the main thing: listen to your body and not everyone else. It will tell you what your needs are. We’re all different with different needs. It’s that simple :-)

    zingtrial UNITED KINGDOM said:

    Hi thanks for all that info..now I’ll listen to my body.
    Wish you well

    Lifecruiser: Glad you find it useful - and welcome back :-)

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