One of the first evenings at our summer island Fårö we walked down to the sea where the farmer use to have his boat. This evening with a magical pink sunset.

Fårö Djaupnar Sunset

There is surely no more romantic than sunsets at sea, but with this special building in the scenery too?

Djaupnar Sunset, Fårö, Gotland, Sweden

Quite fantastic motif in my mind! *giggles*

There is more photos in our Fårö Summer 2010 folder, which we’ll fill up as time passes by.

LifecruiserFårö Sunsets

2 Comments on “Djaupnar Sunset, Gotland”

    claudie said:

    Magical sunset with delicate pink colour! :grin: This isle is fantastic!

    TorAa said:

    We have memories from this very special place, you remember who offered a taste …..

    It’s unique…

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