Mr Lifecruiser is a gourmet, and I have to confess that I am a gourmet and a totally food monster. No one would be safe left alone with me on a deserted island…. Quite often I just MUST have a sandwich in the middle of the night or my stomach will not leave me alone, it roarrrrr with an extremely loud voice that just can not be ignored.

And do not even try to make me do something when I am in the hungry stage (every 3-4 hour), the petrol is just totally run down and the engine is running only on the reserve tank.

Our strong interest of food is one of the reasons why we decided, on a early stage in our travelling, that we should take photos of the food we were served on our trips. Nicely put on the plates and everything.

It is always interesting to see what people eat in other countries, right?

The only problems is that we seems to be so very hungry when we get the food, so we often forgets to take the photos….!!!

It has gone so far now, that we even puts the camera on the table, without the camera case and is sitting staring at the camera – trying hard not to forget about it – and then when the dinner is served, we completely forget to take a photo of it anyway. Totally hopeless, severe cases of Altzheimers obviously.

So what have we done? The one thing to do in hopeless cases: adapt to the situation and do the most of it instead.

So here are our unsuccessful food photos:

Eaten food in Crete
This is one of our eaten dinners at our honeymoon at Almyrida Beach, Crete, a very small village. We found Crete just breathtaking, although we got quite covered in sweat very often . That was not because the food was too spicy, or the hot weather – it was beacuse of small roads and the hights in the mountains!

This was some awesome Tapas in Crete
This was some awesome Tapas in Fuerteventura. We really loved the Papas Arrugadas (canarian salted potatoes) with Mojo Picón (red pepper sauce), *drooling all over the pics now* the Gambas al Ajillo (garlic fryed shrimps), local goat cheese and tomato salad. Give me a towel some one!

Eaten food in GB
One of our favourite lunches in Scotland, Soup of the day, which could be almost anything.

Eaten food in GB
Another soup of the day, both this soup photos were eaten at a Community Center near Great Britains most westerly point, Ardnamurchan. The best thing with that was that afterwards, we asked the ladies there if we could take a photo of the soups directly in the pot since we missed. And that was the beginning of a very nice talk where we got to know a lot of things about Scottish things that we did not know before.

Eaten food in Scotland
We must confess (sorry you GB citizens, do not hit us) that we are not too fond of all the chips that comes with dinner in GB.

Eaten food in Scotland
Oooops, all we did manage to get on picture this time was half a bread with garlic, boy, we must have been extra hungry that day in Scotland!

Eaten food in Scotland
My eaten baked potatoes vanished in to my big monster stomach.

Eaten food in Scotland
Mr Lifecruiser still had his half left at this moment. He was a little bit worried about that, would I dare to take his?

Eaten food in Scotland
Among other things, this is our absolutely favourites of the scottish breakfast: the grapefruit segments! We bought some ones with us home too. Note that this was the second bowl I ate this morning. Of course.

Eaten food in Scotland
What can we say? We just love the real scottish breakfasts with bacon, eggs, tomatoes, cerials, and the tea is so very tasty preferebly with scones or toasts. Yummy!

Eaten food on Gotland
Medevial food on Gotlands Medevial week, where the mugs where paid entrance to the feast the last evening. We admit that the lamb we got there was not quite so good as it can be if it is properly done – and of course with a good lamb…

Now you see that it is a hard work to photograph our dinners before we shovel it in to our big mouths!

8 Comments on “Dinner left overs”

    Miss Ass. Lifecruiser said:

    Standing at the library… HUNGRY!!! I would not mind some leftovers…. can you please mail me some… NOW!!!!

    Lifecruiser said:

    *Heavy sigh*

    Oh, dear, oh dear, my friend, there is not even some left overs left…. *almost ashamed*

    Strange thing though, you can not get food, you can not get laid, and you can not….?

    Girl, you really need our help, luckily you we are coming over soon!

    Miss Ass. Lifecruiser said:

    hmpf… just a good friend!!! Glad I do no how to cook by my self…….. *wondering what they are going to help me with* *worried*

    Mandy said:

    Ohh that garlic bread looks so yummy. I’m not a huge fan of the british chips either, they’re fatty and greasy. Hey I’m British and I don’t like them..

    it’s only cause I’ve tasted the dutch ‘frietjes met’ hehe :)

    Lifecruiser said:

    Dear Miss Ass.
    You do not have to worry at all, we got it all covered… We have a lot of ideas how to help you out with several things…. But of course we will not tell you about that now. *awefully teasers as we are*

    Now you got us really curious, what in earth is frietjes met???? (My stomach is really wondering ;-)

    We ate some chips with different sauces on the top of it, when we were in Haarlem, that was pretty good just as a appetite teaser, but still greasy….

    Oh my, so hungry I got now… Heading for the fridge… Again…

    Miss Ass. Lifecruiser said:

    My oh my… All covered…help out with SEVERAL things!! And then you tell me NOT to worry!!! Is that suppose to be a joke or????? The countdown has started!! 11th here…and 12th there,,,,, hmm… not many days left… not worried…not at all… biting my nails…

    Lifecruiser said:

    As long as it is your nails you are biting, that is fine dear. *lol*

    We have heard rumours that you have been tough to the guys over there in other ways… The poor ones, the do not know how to handle some one like you!

    Miss Ass. Lifecruiser said:

    Don’t know what you are talking about ??? One guy said.. give me five… I heard wrong.. noisy at the bar loud music..and select hearing.. I looked at him and said..WHAT?? Are you going to give me a F*CK?? Don’t think so baby!! hmmmm…

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