ICL's owns this ship


Yer real bastard Cap’n an’ th’ lass’ husband Keeper Sylvester is aft sailed’ ashore shortly today. Me sailed thar t’ seek up a doctor fer his wounds he got in th’ sea battle wi’ th’ bloody shipmates. He be taken care o’ now.

T’ scurvy wench o’ fortune IPCL went out to pillage some other ships n’ get some gold ‘n came back with t’ poor souls left overs.

As yer best Cap’n I be sorry that ye be havin’ t’ put up wi’ this work like dogs t’ dig down bountiful booty in an desert isle, arrr!!!

Ya swabbie who ortin’ t’ be keel hauled!

What be havin’ all o’ ye been up t’ me dear shipmates?

No keel haul o’ th’ plank yet? Nay ounishes at all? No blowin’ in t’ hornpipe yet Flora the Tarred? Ye must ben too good!

Ya lily livered lanlubber!

I be off crushin’ seventeen men`s skulls between me thighs!

Cap’n Jacquotte The Horny

TIP: From now on there can be more than one post a day on this blog, so keep an eye on the posts below the fist one too!

UPDATE: That t’ pirates should ben defeated must ben in yer dreams Gattina since th’ buccanneers still be holdin’ us in the’r grip!

Keep diggin’ deeper! We will get use o’ that hole later on fer other things!

Ya horn swogglin’ bilge rats!


Lifecruiser taking back the ship

Battle report

In an attempt t’ win aft this ship, I an’ me jacks be attackin’ t’ pirates on th’ ship starboard now an’ a terrible swashbuckle bursts ou’.

After th’ fights an’ th’ battle o’ th’ ship thar be festivities all night long an’ th’ cap’n be totally loaded t’ th’ gunwhales an’ gone until mornin’. That be fer true.

Ya scurvy dogs!

Lifecruiser skull

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Next port: Berlin, Germany

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5 Comments on “Dig down bountiful booty”

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    This is going worse and worse – or should i say better and better! Look what happened last Saturday: Lifecruisers emptied the shops in Oslo!

    Cap’n Jacquotte The Horny: I needed that to cover up me scars….


    Aye Cap’n. The Pirates have gone an’ we should be entering Berlin Port on schedule! Ahoy Scalliwags!

    It’s bin a dream cruise aboard the partay boat! Yer crew is avast wit’ da grand idears.

    An’ ye me dear, are de gangbustierest Cap’n we ever did see! Ahoy!!

    Flora the Tarred GERMANY said:

    I confess I be guilty, too. I´m still dreamin’ o’ Captain Jack Sparrow AND I shopped till I dropped…

    I´ll hide my hat till next week. This WW: Currywurst =)

    Lifecruiser: Excellent, i’m looking forward to it!!!!!

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    Revise your Engish, that’s all I can say (deep sigh)

    Lifecruiser: Yes….

    TorAa NORWAY said:

    Headache. Not caused by what you think.
    Work and cruise at the same time.
    I’m a man, can only do one thing at a time. Not like women: Several things at the same time.

    Since it’s allmost Friday here:
    You heard aboute the bride that knitted on the wedding night. She got at stick as well.

    PS. You deserve a premium diploma Nobel price for Best Blog Design and peacemaking blog;)

    Lifecruiser: Headache? you too? Me head isn’t even here, it’s gone. Weck. Kaputt.

    Oh, yes, Friday it is soon…. ha ha, I bet she knitted him in with her with the yarn!

    Oh, don’t make me blush here, I’m not good at receiving compliments, even though I should have gotten used to it since Mr L is practically drowning me in them ;-)

    It’s just all my fabulous cruisers that amuses me so much!!! (In a good way I mean, lol)

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