Di sma undar jårdi

Did you understand what the title said? No? Maybe it is because it was a dialect of swedish, called Gotländska that is spoken on this island, Gotland. It is even hard to understand for people living in rest of Sweden. It is interesting with dialects, how they can be so different from each other.

Di sma under jårdi means: the small people under the surface and is a very popular and excellent coverband from Gotland. They play mostly rock and blues music. Unfortunatly we did not found any website of theirs to link to.

The rain is still coming down, so we are chasing the sun all over the island now, so if you are on Gotland and see a car in very high speed that has the text on the backwindow - thats us trying to find the sun.

But do not tell the police, we can not afford any high speed fines…

Comments on Di sma undar jårdi

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    J SWEDEN said:

    The sun is here right now. We will be looking out for you. :wink:

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    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Thanx for that. Sorry for the long time before the reply, but as we said: we were busy chasing the sun! And we can stop now, because it has finally decided to shine on us too again.

    But of course, we are at home again now, mayby thats why….?

    Somehow the weather seems to be bad or at least not as good as it use to be, wherever we go. I do not know what we have done to deserve that….

    *thinking hard and not coming up with something*

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