Destination Gotland has two different ferries, one bigger called SF 1500 and a smaller one SF 700 which is supposed to be the fast one, but nowadays there is not much difference in time between them. This one is the SF 1500.

gotland-ferry-seaside, Visby harbor, Sweden

The Gotland ferry takes around 3 hours between Nynäshamn (about 60 kilometers from Stockholm) and Visby at Sweden’s east coast.

We had booked ferry tickets to go home by the 9th of August, but as usual we had big difficulties to leave our summer paradise island…

We were in very nostalgic mode when I suddenly did burst out: let’s change the tickets, let’s stay longer! We will take the consequences later!

We started to look at when there were tickets available and if they did get any cheaper if we stayed longer – it was, so we will stay until August 30. Lovely.

Lifecruiser ♥ Gotland

4 Comments on “Destination Gotland Ferry”

    TorAa said:

    Lucky you that can stay at wonderful Fårö Island 3 weeks longer than first planned.

    We booked our Tickets for Anna’s Autumn Vacation. Guess where to?

    claudie said:

    Lucky you are to stay longer in Fâro! I enjoy now to leave Ollioules in a few days! Guess where to ?


    Yes, we’re very lucky to be able to stay longer – we will take the consequences later (=bad economy) and just enjoy for now. Oh, yes, you’re going to visit our dear Gattina! Oh, how envious we are, we want to go too. You will have to give her a hug from us…


    I’m a frequent traveler but not an explorer like you.I’m amazed that you are going to rural areas and witness how the people live and the things that they do. you inspire me to get out of the comfort zone and look for a better horizon.

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