Pheeeeeew. Not awake since we came from U.S. We have heard of the Jetlag feeling, but this is something more… We slept for about 22 hours the first night (?) @ home!!!! Then we could not sleep the second night at all, me with a terrible toothache.

Running around visiting our absolute favourite persons, the dentists and doctors. OK, I can understand that you do not believe us. Yes, we lied there, they are not our favourites.

We even have been able to stumble to the vaccination center to take the shots needed before next trip, more sleepy than awake, so we can only hope that we said the right things and got the right shots….

We are mentally very ill at the moment. (Do not say that we always are, this is much more serious than usual - promise - it is possible even though it sounds unbelievable!)

Tonight we have a birthday party to attend (Mrs Lifecruisers nephew), I hope they will get some sense out of us and not just see us like wandering zooombies.

If we are not back again, you will know for sure that we have been hospitalized in some mental hospital ;-)

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    Mandy NETHERLANDS said:

    Ooh toothache is NEVER pleasant. I think we should all have all of our teeth out and wear falsies for ever. It would be sooo much easier, cheaper and uhmmm.. nvm :)

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