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Anyone noticed that I was gone? The most horrible happened: No internet connection between 12:00 last night and until this evening!!!!

As tackle #1 we ordered IP telephony from our ISP. Little did we know that they decided to send out a new modem for it and make the change at the same time – without telling us about it! That was a real tackle to get through to the support so they could tell us… Phew!

Tackle #2 is to visit my Mom and deal with everything around her illness and hospital visits.They’ll send her back to the elderly home any day now, because she is better, but very very weak, so we don’t want her back there yet.

They have mistreated her and are not capable of nursing her in the right way, so we have to find another solution soon or she will end up in hospital again!

Next comes a 4 weeks long tackle that have a potential to make me very very boring by Christmas time….

As an example I’ll describe my day 2 at the shitty place. (See earlier psot to read more about the shitty place)

Short version: I need to go up 3 hours before, walk and take a busride which almost crashed with a car, laying on the floor struggling – and have done absolutely nothing…

My day started with me feeling nauseous, because I had to go up too early when I have had a bad night because of the back. I had to go up 2 hours before I should be at the shitty place, to actually end up being there around 10:45 instead of 10:00, which means that I probably need to get up 3 hours before I should be there!!!

This is because it takes extra time for me to do anything and especially in the mornings to get my back, joints and muscles to soften up and actually move when I want them to without killing me. I also need extra time to get down my breakfast because of my sensitive stomach. (After all the painkillers I’ve been eating before).

I have to go by feet first and then take the bus to get there, because I’m simulating how it would be if it was a real work place I was on the way to. The walk and the busride were not what my back wanted at all, so I was devestated when I arrived there and had to lay down on the floor in one room to at least try to do my MacKenzie exercises.

They usually helps a lot, not always and not this time. I couldn’t really do them because my wrist were hurting. I have a problem with it since earlier and I had forgot my wrist support at home. I did my best, but still feeling a bit nauseous, not succeeding and I finally struggled up from the floor just before 12:00.

I told the woman in the reception that I didn’t know what to do, maybe my nauseous would go over if I ate my sandwiches I’d bring with me and I could do something after that? But she was suppose to have lunch 12:15, so she decided to show me some of the work instructions there.

They were written and not complicated, but I couldn’t concentrate because of the pain. She noticed that. I couldn’t stand still while she explained all that either. So she thought I should just go home.

So, in my day I was supposed to do something there, I was there maybe 1,5 hour, doing nothing!

I called Mr L to come to get me since I couldn’t take the bus. Besides that I thought it was more safe since the bus almost crashed with a car on the way there and had to make a very abrupt stop.

This is not a good feeling at all. What a waste of feelings, health , time and money for both parts. This is our tax money they’re throwing away here, I don’t like that.

I was thinking of taking a beach matress (!) with me because I have to have something to do my back exercises on…

Can you imagine peoples eyes on me when I’m going by bus with a beach mattress this time a year???!!!! *ROFLMAO*

Oh, and sunglasses, I must have sunglasses on me too…

So this is going to be an not exciting adventure of mine.

Will I get there still alive tomorrow?

Please re-check here tomorrow to find out…

As a matter of fact, this post is a tackle in itself, it took me several hours to write. Honestly.

See the latest post and Tackle It Tuesday participants over at 5 minutes for mom.

6 Comments on “Day 2 at the shitty place”

    happy and blue 2 said:

    That is so crazy. You should phone in sick for the rest of the week. Just like people do for a real job, ha,ha..
    Glad your Mom is getting better..

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I know. But I’m just so damn STUBBORN. I want them to see my reality that they don’t seem to have any clue about. I’ll practically drag myself there tomorrow, we’ll see if I get there or get stuck halfways with crooked back….

    Jenn said:

    OH WOW – what a day – glad you at least made it though – good luck in making it though tomorrow – achs and pains are the worlds worst!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Jenn. We’ll see how it goes.

    Irish Church Lady said:

    Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day.

    What from a medical perspective have they done for your back? Have they considered surgery? Seems to me that if it’s as bad as you describe they have got the cart before the horse here. Fix the ailment and then the rest will take care of itself.

    Lifecruiser: Thanks ICL. Done? Nothing, besides giving me painkillers. Yes, a surgeon specialist have checked it earlier and the only thing they could possible match with is fusions of the disks, several, but he didn’t give it a good prognosis so I said no and he did understand me. There is too big risk that I should get worse instead of better after the surgery. It’s a very sensitive place to go in and mess around with – you can end up paralyzed. I’ve heard of too many failed surgerys to be willing to go through with that. Maybe if it gets worse and I just lay screaming, then I have nothing to lose….

    Debbie said:

    It seems to me that while they try to decide if you are sick they are going to kill you!
    Yes please take the beach mattress and have Mr. L take a picture for us! LOL

    Hope day 2 is better. {{{{{Hugs}}}}} to you my friend!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks for the warming hugs :-) You’ve got a point there Debbie! Of course, I’ haven’t thought about that! THAT’S what they trying to do – because then the don’t have to pay me any more… LOL

    Day 2, no day 3. But I don’t think it will be tomorrow. I’ll write a report later about today.

    Norma said:

    I noticed this article on geriatric guidelines. http://www.todayshospitalist.com/html/articles/2006junefeature2.htm
    #6 confirms your instance on adequate fluids for your Mom.

    Lifecruiser: Interesting article, thanks for the link Norma. My mom need them to get both fluid and food into her by handfeeding and that seems to be the problem. Not all of the staff have the patience, understanding or empathy sadly enough.

    Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said:

    oh girl!!! I am soooooo sorry to hear all this! How terrible!!!! I hope to hear that is gets better SOON!!!!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Janice, I hope so too….

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