There is a few times in my life that involves haircuts, that I remember. This is of me when I’m around 3 years old and have had a haircut.

My sisters weren’t happy that my mother cut my hair, because before that it was more thick and I had long curls. My mother just saw the practical side of it, since she washed my hair. I still have a piece of that hair curls somewhere.

Next time she did a major haircut on me was when I was around six and that wasn’t popular either, because that was even shorter…

I had long hair all the time until I was graduating when suddenly one of my sisters suggested that it would be time to cut it shorter again, so I agreed just to get a change. She did cut it above my shoulders and everyone thought it was very neat – except me!

I regretted that haircut so much and I never got back the same quality of my hair that we cut away. Somehow, the one that grow out were different. I don’t know why. Maybe it has something to do with hormones too – it was that age.

The first time in my life I was going to a real hairdresser, I was really nervous about it even though I was grown up. I went there and tried to explain to the hairdresser what I wanted, a not too short hair style and permanent curls. Not just straight cut off. And what do I get? Straight cut off! The one and only hairstyle that I don’t look good in!

It was permanent curls though, but I hated it so much that I didn’t want to show myself to people, I wanted to hide under a cap. I even called my working fellows and warned them that next day when I came to work, they had to promise to not laugh at me – or I wouldn’t come to work….!!!

The following day I went in there terrible ashamed, almost hiding myself and nobody laughed, but I could tell that they agreed with me, but were nice enough to say that it wasn’t that bad. Except for one collegue. She hadn’t heard the warning and she began late too.

She entered the room, started talking immediately with us and then she spotted me – and started to laugh outloud! Oh, horrible, horrible feeling, both for her and me. She was terrible ashamed over her reaction and tried to explain that the difference and shock were too big…

I didn’t get used to it, I was forced to have it while the hair growed a bit and then I went to another hairdresser that was more talented to see what’s really fitting that customer. It’s not just cutting techniques, you must have an eye for the hairtype and personal appearence too.

This photo is from our trip to Brazil last December, when I started to lose my hair. When we came home, I was almost going bald, because by then it came off real fast and scary. That was when I took up the nickname Baldie Hawn ;-)

The tissue in my nose? Oh, just a bad nosefall cold as usual nowadays when I have my bad travel curse… It’s either some sickness or bad weather… *lol*

So, what’s all this leading to? Well, I’ve had a huge problem with haircuts before in my life, but how on earth am I going to be able to go to the hairdresser to get a haircut now when I hardly got any hair left? If she cut my hair, there will defenitely not be any left!

I’m still losing hair because ot the lack of iron. I know that some people look good in short hair, but I’m one of those that actually hate short hair style. Call me oldfashioned or boring, but I just love long hair.

I have to find a new hairdresser that is used to help customers with more significant hair problems. And have some kind of consultation first, to hear what they can do or not do or if they have other suggestions. Then I must go home and think about it before I make any move.

My hair is very important to me, has been my pride all my earlier life, but not any more. *sobbing*

It was over 1,5 years ago since I went to the hairdresser…!!!

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12 Comments on “Cut Memories”

    Maribeth said:

    I can feel your pain. After years, yes years of bad hairdressers, I finally have one who is doing my hair to make me look better. She wants it long, so although she colors it, she doesn’t want to cut it. Bless her heart.

    Lifecruiser: That sounds like heaven to me :-)

    R'acquel said:

    Oh, I can relate :cry: – deeply emotional at my end.[hugz] I’ve had my fair share of bad hairdressers too and haven’t visited one in well over 10years :wink: .

    You might be able to find a great hairdresser by keeping an eye our for people who’s hair looks great to you, ask them who they use. My sister in law has curlz and travels for 3hrs just to get her hair done by a particular hairdresser that she’s had for yonks. Her hair has always looked great both short & long – it’s worth the very long travel for her coz the guy is so good & intimate with her curlz.

    > Call me oldfashioned or boring, but I just love long hair.

    Why cut it if you really love long hair? I don’t think it’s old fashioned of boring at all – long hair is powerful & sexy.

    I think the hair-fashion trends have kind of made women’s hairstyles register “long” as being just below the shoulders. I think anything longer than that registers as “too long” for many, so that’s why they consider having things short for a while – when really, it’s quite another ball game when your hair becomes so long that it reaches your bum cleavage.

    I’m bound to loose my hair like my mother as i get older. Enjoying things very long while it lasts over here, it’s been empowering ;)

    I hope you find peace with your hair &/or a really good sympathetic hairdresser that CARES.

    Lifecruiser: Thanks for your very kind concern R’acquel :-) I do hope to find a good hairdresser, but since everything seems to go against me nowadays when it comes to finding a good doctor it kinda infected me with bad thoughts about hairdressers too. Maybe totally wrong, we’ll see. (better to think positive hah? *lol*

    I’ve always, as a grown up, thought that I should continue to have as long hair as I could for as long as possible, the time will come when it’s time to cut it shorter. I hope that time hasn’t come yet!

    Janene said:

    I hate perms ~ I had one when I was about 13. Begged and begged my mom for it and absolutly hated it. Plus, my hair never did go back to normal after getting it.

    I’ve been dying my hair for years…I almost wish I never would have started.

    The things we do to look beautiful ~ and oh how we fail at times! :) Great memories, though!

    Lifecruiser: Well, it’s many girls that have hated their curlz wether it were real or perms. Nowadays the perms are much better than before, but it still demands that the hairdresser KNOWS your hairtyp and is doing the right thing with it. I’ve never been dying my hair though. I tried once to make some lighter locks in it, but my hair didn’t like it all, it went dry as a dessert of it so i never did it again.

    mar said:

    Your first pic looks like out of an Astrid Lindgren’s book, how sweet.
    You can certainly find the right hair dresser for you, it takes some (re)search, though… Good luck!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Mar. I sure can need that luck :-)

    Chi said:

    A few months ago, I got my hair cut pretty short after letting it grow longish…the hot summer & long hair for me does not work well. Fortunately, I found a good hairdresser & I hope that you will too. *s*

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Chi, I do hope so too! My hair is such a sad sight at the moment.

    Debbie said:

    Oh I feel for you! Hugs!

    I wish I could give you come of mine! I have always had a thick head of hair! My mother said it was to make up for the fact that I was bald until 3! She said she use to rub in lotion and massage my head all the time!

    I have always worn short hair! Kept it close to 1 inch for the past 20 years. Last year I started to grow it out and it has now gotten to shoulder length. I am getting use to it, hubby really likes it so I guess it will stay for a while.

    A good beautician will be able to really help you decide what you need to do for your hair. She will be able to help you add nourishment to the hair from inside and outside!

    There are websites that you can upload a picture to and see what you would look like with different length hair! Never know, you might like it!

    Happy Monday! My MM is up!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Debbie, you’re such a sweetie :-) I’ve always had thick hair too, that’s why I have such a hard time to adjust know I guess.

    And the fact that I’m going on two birthday party’s this week may have something to do with my anxiety over it. I can’t do anything about it – there is no hairstyle right now… *sigh*

    Well, it’s too late now to hurry to one before that, but at least I have to do something before christmas and New Years Eve. I’ve found one I want to consult, we’ll see what’s coming out of it!

    Lazy Daisy said:

    Virtual Hugs coming your way….Hair cuts can be traumatic especially since you are having problems with keeping your hair. You may want to consult with the Cancer Society as they may have specialist that they recommend for their patients who are going through chemo and losing their hair. I think you are wise to consult with a stylist first and maybe see some pictures of some of their work.

    Lifecruiser: Thanks for your concern and tip’s Lazy Daisy. I’ll go with the stylist first and then maybe consulting others if that doesn’t work out.

    Ma said:

    I used to have long hair too. Down to my knees till my Aunt cut it off. Then I grew it back to my knees again. then in my adult life, I cut it short and like it that way.

    Lifecruiser: I’m glad you have your hair the way you want it. It’s very important that we ourselves is satiesfied with our hairstyle, that gives us even more selfconfidence.

    Sandy said:

    You are losing your hair then? Right? Are you wearing a wig? I mean is your hair lose that bad? You say it is from a lack of iron. Can you begin taking iron to help out that problem. I see a lot of women here in the USA with very fine hair. So fine that you can see their scalp. I feel so sorry for them. I would just hate to lose my hair. I am like you that is one of my best traits I think. My hair has been short since the 70′s when the blow dry style came out . I had little ones then and it made it so easy for me to take care of. I have never been one to fuss with my hair although I like for it to look good!! I love long hair though but I think it looks good on everyone else BUT ME!! I love your pictures how pretty!! I hope you find someone to help you. Sandy

    Lifecruiser: Big wads of hair came lose all the time, especially when I washed my hair. Imagine the feeling when you’re holding your whole hand FULL of hair suddenly. Big lumps, not separate hairs. Thankfully it isn’t that much hair any longer that comes lose, but then, I don’t have that much left either….

    Until now I’ve been swinging my magic stick every time when I wash and dry my hair, to make it look if not good at least OK, but now even that is getting really difficult.

    The only thing the doc could find were a lack of iron, so I do hope that it isn’t anything else! I’ve been eating iron pills, but my stomach doesn’t like them very much, I’ve tried 3-4 different ones. And the doc won’t take new tests (probably to save money :-( so I don’t even know if i have it any more or not, but judging of my hair and that I’m so tired, I probably have.

    I even take another health care pill that is supposed to help out with hair problem. I haven’t noticed any diff. yet – just that my nails started to grow much better! And I’m getting extremely hungry – if that’s even possible for this hungry monster ;-)

    I don’t think I could were a wig, even though I’ve been discussing it if it goes any further. It’s itchy. I have one when we’re wearing our 18th century clothes and it’s itchy…. My skin don’t like that it can’t “breathe” normal. And hair extensions – they have to have some healthy hair to put it on, so they don’t recommend that.

    So I need to find both a new doctor and a new hairdresser!

    Wystful1 said:

    Well, I didn’t realize that a low level of iron in the blood actually accelerates hair loss!! That is something I’ve learned today. I too love long hair. I just got mine cut (I used to be able to nearly sit on my hair) last year, and miss it still so much. I love to braid –the french braid.

    Happy Monday.
    Hope you can drop by tomorrow. Ol’ Wystfully Wytch is gonna have a photo bash for Halloween!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it sure can. Bad hair loss too. So i do hope that this is it and ot something else too! I love french braid too. It’s so beautiful.

    I most certainly will drop by tomorrow, it was already planned since I knew that I just HAD to check your site out on Halloween! *lol*

    Happy and Blue 2 said:

    :sad: Hope you find a good hairdresser and that the doctors can find a better treatment for you.
    I’d still like you if you were bald if that helps..

    Lifecruiser: Thanks. It helps….but not enough :-)

    Cheryl said:

    I’ve also a ‘love-hate’ relationship with my hair. When I was in high school, everybody had their hair parted in the middle and straight down. The guys had extremely long hair and many times, it looked better than mine! Somewhere in my 20′s I took the plunge and got a short, permed style because I thought that looked more professional and I was officially working. The past few years, I’ve looked around and decided I wanted to become a little old lady with flowing white hair so I’ve been growing it. Then recently I found a place on the net called “Locks of Love” that needs long human hair to make wigs for people who lose their hair from chemotherapy. That tugged at my heart. I figure I might ‘love and hate’ my hair, but at least I can grow it! So I found a salon locally that is familiar with this program and I’m getting up the nerve to get 15″ chopped off and donated! I’m age 52 and really still don’t know anything about fashion, make-up or hair!!!!!!

    Lifecruiser: Wow! That really is a wonderful thing of you to do! I’m not sure I would have been able to do that if I were having the hair to do it. So, you’re all natural then, how fantastic! I wish it were more that was. I myself isn’t hat much for fashion, make-up (hardly ever) or hair either. I like it natural styled. Or maybe I’m just not used to it – or lazy ;-)

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