There are many different kind of cruises to dream about. What are your dream? I’ve had a dream of a Caribbean cruise one day, ever since a couple I know won a fantastic Caribbean cruise. Instead I have to be realistic and make the cruises I can do in the reality…

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Enchantment of the Seas, ArubaPhoto by Jacrews7 of RCCL’s Enchantment of the Seas, Aruba

Not all can afford a dream cruise like in the Caribbean or don’t want to save up for such a cruise. Instead we go on shorter, less luxurious cruises, but still well worth the money and giving wonderful experiences. (Yes, even our earlier Helsinki cruise!)

Now we have booked a special deal Baltic cruise Stockholm – St Petersburg, when you read this we’re boarding the cruise ship and will be away for 4 days, but I’ve scheduled posts every day to auto-post on this blog.

If we get the chance, I might post something on Twitter or Facebook, otherwise you’ll get reports when we’re back again.

Oh, and keep your fingers crossed for a calm sea please… If anything should toss, I hope that it will be because of all the Champagne I’ve had and not the waves!

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    Ginnie said:

    I know you’ll love this cruise…even if for just 4 days. This was part of a bigger cruise we were on a few years back. I’d love to see St. Petersburg again!

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