Cover Up
Cover Up 1955. Oil on canvas. Gil Elvgren.

“A couple were out in the car late one evening when the girl suddenly got very horny. She begin to fumble after the guys dick and starts to give him a blowjob. It’s getting harder and harder for the guy to keep the car on the road and eventually it’s a fact – the car goes down in the ditch and the car rolls around.

The girls is OK, but the guy is stucked in the car. The poor girl panicked, didn’t find her clothes and only got hold of one of his shoes. With the shoe as a shield for her pussy she is running towards a field where she saw a farmer that was working.

She is saying between the heavy breathing that her boyfriend is stucked and wonders if the farmer can help them.

The farmer looks at the shoe and says:

- I don’t know. If he is stucked that far in I’m not sure if I can pull him out….”

We’re going for a car ride today…. Though I’m not really sure what I’m trying to cover up here ;-)


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    TorAa said:

    I love “Farmer”-stories. This one is superb. Wish you and Mr. L a safe car trip. Remember it’s still cold around, and probably no farmers to help you. Maybe you should wait til you find an adequeate parking lot. LoL.

    Mine is up – during Friday afternoon (I hope):)

    Lifecruiser: *giggles*

    Maribeth said:


    Lifecruiser: Me to :-) ))))

    claudie said:

    Ah!Ah this story makes me think to “le coup de la panne”. When a man drives a beautiful woman and hopes to kiss her and perhaps more… Suddenly an engine-trouble! Perhaps swedish men as french use this old technic to chase after girls?!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, that one is an old classic that seem to be adopted all over the world, ha ha…

    RennyBA said:

    I just have to show this to my wife as we are going by car to my home town this weekend. As I have a standard, it’s always good to practice with the right shift LoL

    Lifecruisewr: Good thinking Renny, have fun :-)

    mar said:

    Was she blonde? (lol)
    Happy friday :)

    Lifecruiser: He he… probably…. Happy Friday you too :-)

    marina kuperman said:

    where did you find that joke????????
    beware of what can happen on long car rides:twisted:
    have a good weekend.
    it looks like my house situation will be cleared out within the next couple of months and then i can come up with some funny jokes myself

    Lifecruiser: I had it since earlier, but in Swedish, so I had to translate it :-) Well, I do hope that things clear up for you since it sounds so difficult with your new home in disorder like that! I’m looking forward to reading some jokes there later then…

    TorAa said:

    he-he, Claudie should know it’s the Bernadotte’s that rules Sweden.LOL:

    btw. At last I got it up (Friday Fun…)

    And tomorrow I expect a real Salty one:))

    Lifecruiser: I have a strong suspicion that she already is aware of that since earlier… *s* Oh, how nice (at least for your wife ;-) that you’ve got IT up!!!! *LMAO*

    Tomorrow? I always have a salty one, but I’m just not sure about put it out on display ;-)

    claudie said:

    I’m curious: who is this Bernadotte?

    Lifecruiser: There is a connection between Sweden and Napoleon in that Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte from France, brother-in-law with Napoleons brother, reigned as King Karl Johan XIV of Sweden 1818. The House of Bernadotte is the current Royal House of the Kingdom of Sweden.

    claudie said:

    L’amour de mon peuple est ma récompense. Love of my people is my reward
    said Bernadotte. He seems to be a very nice human person.
    Thanks for all these interesting informations.

    Lifecruiser: He seemed to have been yes. Maybe our Royal court has inherited that from him :-)

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