This post will be about Copyscape, which I’m sure, a lot of you already know about. But I think this is such a great tool, that I want to spread it as much as I can.

I think that all bloggers are like me, we don’t like the idea of some one actually stealing our blog content, which we have been struggling so hard with – in sweat, blood and tears to create. Right?

Copyscape is so simple to use, you just enter your URL and it will search for copies of your content. It’s a free service so why not use it? They also have a paid option if you want a more automatic scan frequently, but the free service probably is enough for the average blogger.

Why use this service and not Google? Well, in Google you have to enter proper search frases and stuff to actually look for your content. With Copyscape you just put in the URL and it will do a search on a lot of your stuff at one and the same time.

Go there and do a check up of your own blog!

Let Copyscape scan for copies of your blog

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3 Comments on “Copyscape your blog”

    chris said:

    :smile: Hello! Here from Michelle’s. Thanks for the info on Copyscape. I’m glad I know about it now though I don’t think anyone is going to copy anything of mine. lol

    eV said:

    Thanks for the copyscape link. Although I must admit that I was disapointed when I saw no one had stole my stuff! lol!

    Lifecruiser said:

    Well Chris, you’ll never know when the copycats strikes….

    eV: Yes I see what u mean… but just wait and then go back there to check from time to time, just to be sure. Everyone should be protecting their content in all ways they can, to force copycats to actually write their own stuff and not cheat with others!

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