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As you regular readers already know, I’m weird. I think this bulb is in it’s own way as beautiful as the real Tulip are when it blooms. I love everything (almost) in the nature. At least I can be fascinated over it and admire it.

It’s not really season for gardening right now in Sweden, even though the spring is on it’s way early this year obviously – the snow has begin to melt and Thursday morning I heard a wood pidgeon – it has come back from the winter vacation in the south! Hurrray!

Not only that…. They had morning sex this morning outside our kitchen window! What a live show…. *whistles*

This spring feelings make me long for an own garden again…. Of course it’s only a dream, my back won’t hear about it and what about our travelling? No garden.

Butt if I had a house with garden again, I would:

- Get my own soil for my garden by produce it from my kitchen left overs and paper: a small (smart) compost machine that works indoors

- Spare my back when working in my garden by getting a light foldable wheel barrow

- Make sure that I’d hauls Gear Around the Yard!

- Set up a handsfree mosquito screen for the altan door

- Let it be light by Solar Powered Spotlights, Solar Walkway Lamp and of course, a nice peaceful Solar Lily Floating Fountain to enjoy.

- Listen to the nice birdsongs by getting the Songbird caller

- And how could I ever resist the Dog Pumpkin Animal Kit? A must have for every proud garden!!!

I haven’t even mention all the bulbs, seeds and plants I would buy… phew!

…and probably a lot of other cool things from Smart Stuffs garden pages!!!

You could almost believe that I’ve got paid to advertise, but I’m not, I just liked the products and felt like doing some garden fantasy-shopping :-)

6 Comments on “Cool tools not for fools”

    Melli said:

    Oh my! Your garden has already cost $800! Well… $1000 if you allow for the “lot of other cool things” — and that is supposing that the POND already exists to put the fountain in!!! And… not one flower is bought yet! Nor fertilizer… nor mulch…. I am SO glad to know that I have such a WEALTHY friend! LOL!

    These are all neato gadgets though! I actually bookmarked the page for the spotlights! IN CASE I should ever have a garden that is anything greater than DEAD! … you just would not believe how fast i can kill a plant….

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I am, in my dreams… But in real life I’m very rich on Looooove…. *s*

    Well, I’m sure that the plant stores really LOVE you Melli ;-)

    claudie said:

    A garden, yes but a small! It’s really a big work! I actually I have a big garden but it’s too big that’s why I want to sell my house and by another one with a small one! When I come back from my job, I don’t want to go in the garden, I’ve so many Things to do and Pierre my husband don’t like that! He prefers going on his computer or cooking!
    But if you have a small one with all things you say I’m total ok! With a little imagination and work you can create a little paradise!
    Hope you will visite me on my space!

    Lifecruiser: Of course I will visit!!!!! Yes, ideal is a smaller garden or otherwise hiring a gardener… *s* Ah, so your Pierre also like cooking, very good choice says this food monster ;-)

    deb said:

    Hey I like that wheelbarrow! I need one of those :grin:
    Sex outside your window? Aren’t you lucky?!?

    Lifecruiser: Yes, isn’t it fabulous? *s*

    Debbie said:

    Lots of thoughts in this post! I just want to get lots of plants that bloom year after year and all I have to do is prune them up a bit. It would be nice if they attracted butterfly’s and hummingbirds!

    Hubby and I haven’t started a new compost yet but have plans for one! We are still figuring out the suns path in the yard. We have lots of trees to contend with ours and the neighbors!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, that would be absolutely fantastic Debbie. No harder work han that and yet with a stunning garden :-) Oh, in my dreams….. *sigh*

    Thomas said:

    A house I rented for a few years had a flower garden left over from the previous tenant. I wanted to keep it up but I was working two jobs whilst going to school and it fell by the wayside. In fact, yard work of all sorts fell by the wayside and my yard got badly overgrown. Ultimately I ended up mowing over the old garden just as if it was another piece of lawn.

    I drove past the old house last summer to find that the garden had gone wild and that the whole back third of the lawn had sprouted up with flowers. The new tenants seem to be mowing around that bit and just letting the flowers grow wild.

    Lifecruiser: Actually a bewilded garden can be one of the most lovely things there is. Some people are doing that with purpose over here – leaving a spot in the garden with high grass and seeds with summer flowers. Very lovely sight.

    Beverly said:

    Let’s trade:grin:I will share my garden with you and you will share you travels with me. Pretty soon the Daffodils and Tulips will be blooming. Tell me some of your favorite flowers and I will try to plant some for you.

    Lifecruiser: Sounds like a fair trade… Now, what to choose….? there are so many! I want them all…. *s* Irises and Dahlia’s is gorgeous flowers. And Canna’s. Oh, I really can’t shoose :-) You surprise me!

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