At our Gotland summer island, you can find all sorts of cool things. This time it is a cool surfer only beach sign – ooops, we are not surfers…. He he he…

Sweden, Gotland: Surfer only beach sign

We still have had internet connection problems – and no wonder, we did fill up the wrong mobile internet card!!! Oh, my our small pea-brains… Ha ha….

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3 Comments on “Cool Surfer Only Beach Sign”


    That IS a cool sign, even for non surfers. I would love one myself, maybe this way I get the impulse to start learning how to surf :)


    Vagabonde said:

    I looked at your Gotland island photo – it looks cool there. I really wish I were there with you all. Here in Atlanta tomorrow it will be 106 degree F in the shade (or 41 C) can you believe it! I don’t even feel like walking or moving at all when it gets this hot.

    Surminga said:

    Yea, cool sign, nice up above the back door out to the beach

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