What a travel photo destination treat a Cuba Holiday is! I found some very cool Cuba photos that I simply must share. They are very hard to resist.

I had difficulties to choose which photos to put up here, because I found so many interesting ones – and especially colorful ones.

Cuba-colorful-wall-manPhoto by Ilker

Not only are the surrounding colorful – I am not talking about skin color here – but the characters, the personal side of the human beings.

cuba-colorful-ladyPhoto by Mark

Don’t you just love how different we humans are? So many different appearance and behavior, so interesting to meet other people and explore their view of things.

At first I did not even see the biker in this photo below, I just saw the character of the building and the graffiti on it.

cuba-graffitiPhoto by Markus

Oh, I just fell in love with this car in the photo below. Not only because of the color. It got personality. Yes, even a car can have personality!

cuba-red-classic-carPhoto by Mat

Cuba seem to be filled with old classic cars – I have seen so many different car photos by now. If you are interested in classic cars, Cuba is the destination for you too.

After seeing those four photos only, I am totally convinced that Cuba would be an ideal photo destination holiday for us photo freaks.

Just imagine the photos you could get over there, soulful portraits, ancient buildings and stunning nature and wildlife if you are keen on that kind of photos.

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