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Cat has had this fabulous idea to Click & Comment on Mondays. I say it’s a bloody brilliant idea to lighten up the boring mondays!

One of the main important things with blogging, is just to comment on each other blogs, not just write on your own blog. After all, a conversation is in dual ways.

If you only write on your own blog, you’re actually saying that “I don’t give a damn about what you have to say!” That is a very selfish blogger wouldn’t you say?

So start to bloghop around and above all: let’s have some click & comment madness! Click away in other blogs blogroll list, get to know new blogs, expand your friendships sphere.

Write comments lika a mad wo-man! Real comments, not just empty words. I realize that I can’t always have something to say about everything, but at least I try to feel something for the words I write.

Some of you may already do this - kudos to all of you - but there is a lot of bloggers just lurking around or keeping to themselves instead of socializing.

I’ve just made mondays to my bonus socializing day :-)

The blogosphere is a fantastic meeting place, let’s take advantage of it and have som fun!

So, let’s get started! Comment here and you’ll get linked in the end of this post. Or why not read the post below too? *shocked of the crazy idea*

I’m off having fun, click & comment madness ;-)

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9 Comments on “Click & Comment Madness”

    mar SPAIN said:

    I like this concept of click and comment. I already clicked…and here is my comment :) Only it’s late, I had yoga today, coffee with the girls, knee therapy downtown Barcelona and then my French class…good night!

    Lifecruiser: Tahnks for the cklickin’ comment :-) Oh, it sounded like you’ve had a full day for certain! Sweet dreams…

    Hillary CANADA said:

    I clicked over from Happy and Blue (thanks for your comment on my blog the otehr day, by the way!) and now I’m commenting!

    It’s a great idea to “click and comment!” I’ve found lots of neat blogs that way. Like yours! :) Hope you are having a great Monday! :-}

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Hillary :-) Yes, there are so many wonderful bloggers like you out here!!!!


    It’s a good idea. I don’t get it but if you say it’s good I’ll try to do it, ha,ha..

    Lifecruiser: So, you’re trying all I say…? I’ll have to make a list. It will be long. I’ll be back year 2011…..

    Norma UNITED STATES said:

    I’m in NaBloPoMo and I think I commented at about 20 blogs today. You’re right, commenting is important, and I always appreciate yours.

    I know you’re not doing MM anymore, but mine is up.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, like I appreciate yours Norma :-) And I will on this MM post too!


    hi, i love this idea. do i go on the blogs part of this network, or in general?
    however, mondays for me aren’t all that boring. i seem to be busy all the time!

    Lifecruiser: Why not do both? *lol* The more the merrier :-)

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    Nice post, nice pictures !

    Lifecruiser: Nice comment :-)

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    Now, after my official comment I can make my comment ! But first I have to complain, you were late !! Usually I switch off my computer at 6.30 p.m. I don’t know what happens with this C&C, last week it was very nice, this week there were no posts at all, or these renting things, “click on my renter”, what I don’t understand, although I red the whole stuff in Blogannounce or whatever it was. So I decided to put the C&C label on my monday’s posts and do my usual clicks and comments. Anyway I like to walk around Blogville and discover new streets.

    Lifecruiser: *blushing* do I get panished for being late? *lol*
    You know, I’ve noticed a stagnation with both posts and comments, activities, lately. Maybe people is preparing for Christmas?
    The renter is something they use in Blogexplosion, they get certain credits to display a renter blog on their own blog. The credits is then used to display their own blog in the Blogexplosion network surfing. They get seen more by other bloggers.
    I plan to do like you: write ordinarie post but with C&C info.


    Oh yeah, I have met many nice people through blogging and commenting! :-)

    Lifecruiser: Great. Nice to meet you too :-) Welcome back!

    Chi UNITED STATES said:

    I really like the idea of C & C but, as you know, I am more a lurker than blogger. :oops: It is easier for me to comment on other blogs than it is to find something interesting to post on my blog…and I apologize.

    Lifecruiser: No need of an apologize Chi. You’re such a lovely blogger, just a bit shy :-)

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