The Englishman Jason Lewis traveled over 45,000 miles across five continents, two oceans and one sea during 13 years, only by human power. What an adventure and life experience.

Now that’s a man I really would like to meet and listen to about his experiences!

This around the world tour started out the 12th of July in 1994 at the Meridian Line at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich and it was also there it ended the 6th of October in 2007.

Just think about the fact to be out for 13 years and add to that the fact that it was only by human power.

He traveled 74,842 km (46,505 miles) by a unique pedal powered boat, kayaks, swimming, rowing, bicycles, in-line skates and walking.

Totally incredible and impressive, wouldn’t you say?

Just to mention a few things that happened:

  • Run down by a drunk driver in America and broke both legs
  • Saved from hitting the Barrier Reef by a local boat
  • Attacked by a crocodile in Australia which bit off a piece of his paddle
  • Detained as a suspected spy after entering Egyptian territory without permission
  • Swept overboard when his boat capsized in the Atlantic

I could sit and listen to this man adventures for weeks, without ever getting tired, for sure!

I mean, I’ve dreamed about doing an around the world trip for several years, but never alone and by human power only. That surely is a totally different experience than the more comfortable way I had in mind…

It’s not only the absolutely fantastic achievement that make me wanna lift forward this around the world tour, but the fact that this trip was done to help raise funds for humanitarian causes and also to draw attention to environmental causes, which I think is just pure outstanding.

The Goals and Objectives for the trip:

To circle the world by means of human power alone
To use the adventure as a classroom learning tool
To encourage world citizenship between cultures
To promote environmental responsibility
To live fully and enjoy the experience

Think about it: if every human being had tried with all our human power to do what we can to help these causes – how would our world have looked today then?

Something to think about huh?

I really recommend you to read more about this incredible man’s effort at BBC News or at the dedicated Expedition 360 website.

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9 Comments on “Circumnavigating the globe by human power”

    Skittles said:

    It’s no wonder that you would like to meet this fascinating man and listen to stories about his travels!

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    How impressive Captain. His goals and objectives are awesome as well. What a great role model. Have a great day. :)

    And Miles To Go.... said:

    what an impressive post–well done!!

    And Miles To Go….’s last blog post..Heads Or Tails (#17)–Who Would You Like To Meet And Why?

    TorAa said:

    He did something for the book of history. He have done an effort that has never been done before. Even though I must say, the people tha settled the Pascific without any idea of what the went to, and the Vikings that happened to land in North America – Can we compare? By the way, the Vikings stranded on “Greenland”. It was Forests there about 1000 years ago. At that time, there were NO cars. So how could that happen? Only 9000 years after the last Ice Age…
    Dear Captain, I’m starting to be sceptical. When UN’s Climate Panel tells us what will happen the next 100 years;: Why do we not have computer models that can predict our weather more accurate for more than 2-4 days?
    I have an hypothesis: People need food. That’s means more agriculture. More agriculture means less vegetation to consume CO2 (Rainforest into agriculture and cow-land)- More animals means more Metan. Which negative impact is CO2 x 21.
    Besides, the Rivers are more polluted than ever + all the mud that comes in during the rain season. No Forest to keep the soil where it belongs – ends in the Great Rivers, and Parana delta is growing 46,5 meters yearly. In the delta’s full scale. We are talking about a scale and mass of mud than could fill lake Väners in less than 30 years. But – can we tax peoples food? I mean hunger for Meat? Or, is it better to learn to eat otherwise?

    I continue to aske my self these critical questions. ’cause I’ve allways meant to start with the most critical first. And that is: Clean Water.

    we all have read about planets with Metan Atmosphere. Nothing Lives there. And planets without Water. Nothing lives there.
    With CO2? Lot’s of plants, even large animals.

    jaja – what an outbreak. I think I’m overworked and – well my daugter will be here for only a couple of days before her new assignment in Hong Kong.

    Have a great rest of the week

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    claudie said:

    Yes, it must be really a beautiful experience! How I admire people who have such experiences. what a courage and drink of discovering ! I’d like to do something later. Before I must use my body to sport. I have a friend, teacher like me who make a traking each year in Himalaya. She even found a sherpa boyfriend!

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    Debbie said:

    I do admire those that are that ambitious and fearless. I am sure I would not be as capable nor would I have been so at a young age! He is to be cheered. I remember his time here when he got hurt. There was a lot written then. :razz:

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    Kango said:

    :mrgreen: Run down by a drunk driver in America? Only Americans would think of breaking the legs of a guy who’s saving energy by not using carbon fuels.

    Kuanyin said:

    What an utterly amazing adventure! How courageous a soul! Mahalo for sharing about this super-man!

    I’ve giving you a Mentor Award on Blog-Blond…just thought I’d inform you as you may not get to this blog very much. :smile:

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    SwordMama said:

    That is really impressive! Especially the part about crossing the ocean in such small vehicles. I’d be so scared of the ocean’s power, because I’m not a very good swimmer. That’d be terrifying to capsize in the Atlantic. I hope he was okay after he was hit by a car. OMG ~ both legs broken. Hopefully he got some good physical therapy. That would be great if more people would strive towards the same goals to better the planet.

    SwordMama’s last blog post..J has finally cleared…

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