We spotted a rug here in Sweden that we almost did buy. The most perfect carpet choice for us travel freaks, filled with lots of hot trip destinations to dream about when stuck at home.


As a traveler I just love the idea of taking a walk at New York, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris, Milan, Copenhagen, Sydney, Madrid, London, Lisboa, Helsinki, Stockholm, Berlin and Rome – all at the same time!

We have been to half of those destinations mentioned above and loved them all in different ways and we are looking forward to experience the rest of them….

Which destinations of those printed on this carpet have you been to, loved/disliked in any way or are among your dream destinations?


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    Love the idea of this carpet too! Just like you I’ve been to half of the city mentioned… Next ones on my list are Madrid, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and New York!
    I love Berlin (biased because I live there).


    Of those you mentioned Astrid, we’ve Madrid & New York left to experience – and Berlin. We might come back to you that day to get some tips of what to see in Berlin. Be sure to let us know the day you’re going to plan a Stockholm trip and we’ll get some tips for you too – plus meet up for a coffee or beer or something if you are up to it :-)


    Most definitely! I’d love to give you some tips :) . Let me know when you’re coming here. I’d love to meet you too! Surely you can’t miss German beer ;) (or of course something else of your preference :D ).


    We will do that for sure :-P

    DianeCA said:

    That rug would be perfect for you. Ah at least you have captured it for always in a photo….and totally free!!!

    Linda T said:

    Only been to Berlin and Stockholm. Returning to Berlin at least once a year! Going to London later this year. Would love to have that rug!

    Ashton Hovell said:

    What a perfect guide to the places one should definitely visit! I have been to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Madrid and Rome. I would love a shirt version of the same design. I will definitely target the other countries on the carpet.


    I found a similar rug at the market. It’s really really nice.

    Bob said:

    I’ve been to three of the cities on the rug, and am hoping to visit Berlin in the near future. I’d love to have a rug like that, even though I’m nowhere near “completing” that list. Maybe it will be inspiration to travel even more?!

    Kate said:

    What an inspiring rug! I must say I’m nowhere near completing that list but I’m going to put it on my fridge I think and start dreaming, I’d say Paris is my next destination – would have to be my dream destination I think, I’d love to take my husband there as an anniversary for our next major wedding anniversary. They don’t call it the city of love for nothing I suppose!


    Perfect rug for travelers! I don’t travel that much but I think I have to start traveling. I need a break! Been working my ass off for 15 years and I should be able to experience the wonders of the world! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Jarrod said:

    Awwwww I love the concept. I can get myself a rug like this and have it serve as my destination checklist. Talk about motivation. :) Or perhaps I can have myself made a custom rug with all the places that I’ve been to so far. Yay! Thanks for sharing :)

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