Colored xmas picture from Ostereich
(Colored xmas photo from Ostereich used in Sweden)

I’ve bee busy today wrapping xmas gifts. Didn’t you know that it’s xmas eve this evening? *lol*

It’s xmas Da Capo, the second xmas over here. We’re going to visit Mr L’s niece and her girlfriend this evening to exchange xmas gifts.

Once again this home turns over to Santa’s workshop… (…and we’re eating rice pudding as a real Santa!)

This is NOT my opinions, but I must admit that it’s kind of witty, so I share it with you anyway :-)

A xmas tree is better than a man because:

- A xmas tree always stand.
- Even small branches gives satiesfaction.
- A xmas tree always look good even when the lights is on.
- A xmas tree is always pleased with it’s size.
- A xmas tree has cute balls.
- A xmas tree don’t get mad if you crush one of the balls.
- You can throw out a xmas tree when it begin to look bad.
- You don’t have to be stucked with a xmas tree year round.

So what do you guys have to come up with to balance this?

4 Comments on “Christmas Da Capo”

    claudie said:

    And a xmas tree is silencious, not always speaking!!!!!!!!!

    Poor guys! always victims of wooman!
    I think it would be nice to live a christmas in Sweden! If I was younger I would come as an au pair in a family!

    Lifecruiser: So true Claudie :-) Yes, the au pair idea is not a bad idea at all! It’s a nice way to get to know a new country from the inside.

    zingtrial said:

    Have a nice one or two He!He!He! and I wish you a Happy New Year my friend :)

    Lifecruiser: I will zingtrial and I wish you a equally happy new year :-)

    Friday's Child said:

    A xmas tree doesn’t have to be dressed up everytime. It only gets dressed up once a year.
    A xmas tree is never sad looking, it’s always happy and bright.
    That was a nice thing you wrote about the xmas tree. So true.
    Mine’s up now. Come have a peek. Happy New Year!

    Lifecruiser: That was some good ones Friday’s child! I’ll pop over at once :-)

    Melli said:

    Oh my! I don’t know that I can think of ANY more reasons why Christmas trees would be better than men… oh… maybe “no one MINDS if a Christmas tree wears stars on their heads?” I dunno… too dumb? LOL!

    Lifecruiser: Ah, Melli, you’re so darn wonderful, you always crack me up!!!! That’s not dumb, that’s fricking BRILLIANT :-) You made me laugh out my morning coffee… *lol*

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