So, we came here to escape the chilly winter in Sweden and what happens?

Yes, I suspect that my bad weather curse did strike again: we have extremely chilly winds here right now and we´re freezing… It´s about 6 degrees celsius only and that´s not normal for March over here accoarding the people here.

Both yesterday and today have been like that, so we bought some extra clothes yesterday at the local market. A good excuse to shop and when it costs is like 3-5 Euros per item, we can´t complain.

But: the sun is shining from a very blue sky and that´s compensating a lot! And they claim that it should be getting warmer again tomorrow – let´s hope they´re right!

When reading about snow in other part of Europe, I guess we can be happy that we didn´t have snow storm on the way down here from Sweden!!!!

We were away to the new big shopping mall outside the city, Las Dunas, yesterday, to find some things. Not all stores had opened, it´s that new. I did find a pair of new jeans though. At normal price, not exactly cheap since it was designer jeans.

Yesterday was also Miss. Ass. Lifecruisers birthday so we had some very yummy Tapas at home in the late afternoon together with some lovely sparkling drinks.

After that we were getting ready to go out in the city center, it´s an old part of the town, very nice indeed. We ended up in a nice local restaurant with a good dinner.

I did choose Paella, Mr L some rolled ham (very funny looking!) and Miss Ass had Sirlion beef. No images though. Ehrm. I forgot. As usual. Ehrm.

I had a very brief message from my sister yesterday evening that my Mom was a tiny bit better from the stroke, but honestly, I do not know if I should be happy or not…

I fear that she won´t be able to talk at all any more and other bad effects too.

Such a life. *sigh*

Time to locate the other store, Dia to get some missed items. The other day we were at Supersol, another big supermarket. Of course, Miss Ass. has to investigate all her new options.

She got a new cellphone too, a Spanish one with subscription. Next thing is to find out were to get new gas for the heating – and where to put the garbage….

Two verrrrry necessary things!

Captain ♥Spain Lifecruiser

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    Gattina said:

    That really is a shame that it is so cold ! I got a nervous breakdown yesterday when I opened the stores ! It was all WHITE outside !! My eyes popped out ! The bushes and flowers start to bloom and everything is getting green and then it became cold and it snowed isn’t that crazy !! Now it’s green again but cold (2°) and we had 12 to 14° last week. I am waiting for your first pictures of the place ! Is the appartment nice ??


    Sorry you are having cold weather. Good news that your mother is doing a bit better. I hope things turn out well. You just have a great time and enjoy your trip. :)

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    claudie said:

    I noticed the temperatures were colder today but with a beautiful sun and sky; I like the fresh pur air too. I ‘m sure the paella is still better with this cold weather!

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    RennyBA said:

    Well, glad you are there, safe and sound after all! It was fun following you at Twitter!

    I also saw in the weather forecast on TV that you had Scandinavian weather, but as a conformity, as you can see in my last post: we had snow yesterday. It can only be better at your place :lol:

    PS: Don’t mix the gas with garbage!

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    Kango said:

    Glad you’re having fun, captain, and also that your mom feels better. Guess the sun is shining on you in more ways than one. :)

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    TorAa said:

    Private first:
    Bosse – hur i — kunne vi
    : Ja da blir det minst en 4 skol for deg;)))

    here in Oslo today, hurray for Södergren; who won the 50 km cross country in Holmenkollen with a margin of 2m32s. Temp: + 8.. Can’t remember such a sovereign winner: I switch to SV2 – - it was really fantastic.

    Hope both of you have a fantastic time (We know you are able – LOL)

    Best wishes from the Mild North.

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    Mar said:

    When we lived in Hamburg, Germany, we flew to Palma de Mallorca over May 1st looking for sunshine…it rained on us while Hamburg had the best spring weather! I know about this and I hope you soon get to wear your tank tops and flip-flops.
    Happy belated bday to Miss Ass. Lifecruiser!

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    Chase Ravndal said:

    The most important thing is that you are having a blast. No amount of weather can definitely top that!

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    ByrningBunny said:

    So sorry to hear about your mom. Not to worry about the weather. I’m sure you guys will warm it right up with your sparkling personalities!

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    TorAa said:

    It seems it’s about the same temperature all over most of Europe.
    But you have avoided the heavy storms in southern UK and NW of France. Lucky you.
    Mr’s hamroll – not the sort his used to from Farö. LOL. And ms Ass, I think she keeps you at least alive.

    ps. Yesterday it was 20 C in Nice (maybe in April, 4 me. And 22 C in Hong Kong, which I plan to visit in October.

    Anna y el Toro

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    I am a Spain lover my self. It might be because of their Tapas. The only thing i think about when i travel to spain, is the food. Im Norwegian and i can’t stand our food

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