As you can see, we’ve changed the header pictures on our blog today. It’s 8 different pictures from our earlier trips to FÃ¥rö, the fantastic island outside Swedens eastcoast, just above Gotland.

If you click on the header it will pick a picture randomly – or it will change automatically every time you come here. The same picture can come up sometimes after each others, so you have to click more than 8 times to see them all :-)

NOTE: If you still see the old pictures, you have to press F5 to refresh the cache.

Today we’ve visited my niece Jessica, to celebrate her 22d birthday. She is going away for half a year to study in Barcelona with some friends. I’m sure she’ll have a fabulous time over there!

We’re occupied with preparations before the trip, even though most of our things are already packed. Phew.

3 Comments on “Changed header pictures”

    Mandy NETHERLANDS said:

    Lovely pictures Mrs Lifecruiser. I especially like the one with the house with a thatched roof.

    I hope you have a lovely trip! stay safe :)


    Lifecruiser: Yes, thanks Mandy, they sure are lovely, but not as much as in real life!!! I had a hard time to pick out pictures, but luckily I can have many and not be forced to just choose ONE. Phew.

    martin UNITED KINGDOM said:

    Wow it looks lovely there, love the pictures!

    I hope you have a soooooooooooper. doooooooooooper, fantasticokywokydoky, stupendousely, nice time!

    Drink lots, eat lots and do a lot of the other!!!!

    Bye my friends!

    MaRtIn StIcKlAnD

    Lifecruiser: Thanks, Martin, we certainly will :-)

    walker CANADA said:

    Those are great picture.
    The one with the big rocks along the shore looks like NewFoundland.
    I am sure your neice will love the Barcelona.
    You must be excited about your trip.

    Lifecruiser: Thanks, Walker. Yes, I guess it looks like NF a bit, funny. Of course I’m jealous of my niece – I want to go to Barcelona too ;-) And now today, the day we go there, I’m beginning to feel very excited over our trip, longing for the nature experiences over there. It’s so very special.

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