OK, I blame this on Green Thumb Sunday. We were planning to NOT have any green plants at home any more, as we have been travelling a lot and hope to continue to do that, maybe even move to another country.

And what happens? We get one plant as a gift, joins Green Thumb Sunday, our interest of plants wake up again and we did buy several plants…

Strange how things can be. We were actually looking for some awesome flower arrangement for my mothers 80th birthday and we went to several flower shops. From each one of them, we came out with only one plant – to ourselves!

We’re WEAK. We have no character. We can’t resist temptations…. and oh, are there temptations out there today! Have you been into flower shops recently? They have so many new plants now, really unusual ones that I’ve never seen like this before!

We’re now proud parents to 4 cute little plants ;-) We’re plants abusers, because how are we going to keep those plants alive? They’ll not like our radiators and drafty windows…

1) A succulent, Crassula, that we got as a gift from my sister. I’m not aware of it’s english name. It’s similar to Crassula Ovata, the Paradise Tree, but has thicker leafs. We might be able to keep it alive, since it’s very easy to care for – or should I say almost impossible to kill? *lol*

2) Pillow fight Dischidia pectenoides (Ballonblad, Armeisenpflanze). Origin Indonesia: Longlasting. No direct sunlight, but bright/halfshade position. Water sparingly, likes a light spray of water. We’ll see how it likes the radiators heat and cold draft from the windows.

Mrs Lifecruisers plant Pillow Fight    Mrs Lifecruisers Pillowfight
[Hover to enlarge pictures]

You see why we couldn’t resist this one? A heart and a pillow fight? How much more fun can it get…? *lol*

3) Mikado Gold. Sun to halfshade, not too much water, water on a saucer. Ideal temperature 20°C. A kind of Japanese grass I think. This one will probably be the first to “give up”, because it’s already a bit brown in the ends.

4) The Secret plant that we’re gonna write about another Sunday! Making you curious? Good!

We will stay at home over the winter this year (I think, you’ll never know for sure with us), but later on? If they shall survive, we have to take them with us.

Does plant suitcases exists…?

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15 Comments on “Changed green plants plans”

    Dave said:

    I am glad to see we are not the only ones who go shopping for someone else and come home with something for ourselves. We have several plants who live outside during the warm weather. This time of year they are quite happy in our sunnny front room. And now our neighbors who have returned to sunny Florida have lest several more in our care. So far they seem to be surviving…so far!

    Lifecruiser: Oooops….. That could be tricky, caring for other peoples plants – pheew! I don’t know it I would have wanted that responsibility. I may end up being accused for being a plant murderer…. *muuuuhaaa*

    Happy and Blue 2 said:

    Hope they survive. Even artificial plants die in my house, ha,ha..

    Lifecruiser: Your’s too? Maybe we could exchange tricks for that… *lol*

    Mick Gordon said:

    It is in human nature to enjoy growing things – it is something possibly to do with natural selection whereby those who dont grow dont eat. We cant help ourselves. :-)

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I do see your point there… *s*

    roy said:

    I love your indoor plants and the heart trellis. I’m half expecting to see a Hoya. It should almost be Sweden’s national floral emblem judging by the amount of websites about the plant over there. Have a nice week.

    Lifecruiser: Well, I do agree about the Hoya, it’s really popular over here, but we’ll see…. If I told you it wouldn’t be a secret hah? *lol*

    deb said:

    The top picture looks very much like a jade plant here. Good luck with your new family members :razz:

    Thanks deb :-) Yes, it does look like a jade plant, that’s the same we call Paradise tree over here, but this one has thicker, rounded leaves that almost looks like you could put something in there.

    Chi said:

    Gorgeous plants! And, I can hardly wait to find out the name of the secret one. I love flowers & plants but unfortunately, I kill them all. LOL

    Lifecruiser: Well, uhum, we’ll see if we succeed to kill these ones too… *lol*

    Debbie said:

    Mrs. L we travel several times through the year and I just waterer good, make sure they can find the sun and let them go! I love the second one. A heart and a pillow. How wonderful!

    And a mystery plant too! Hmmm what ever did you find I wonder?

    We have our annual trip to upper New York after Christmas to visit hubby’s Ma. I love going as it is the only time I get real snow to walk in!

    Hope you and Mr. L are having a nice warm and pleasant Sunday!

    Lifecruiser: That’s just it, the watering, we sometimes stay away for very long. My brother has to come here and awatering them.

    Making you curious with the secret plant hah? *lol* I love that!

    Well, I can understand why you love to visit the snow. I probably would too, if I didn’t have to live in it…

    We’re having a sunday full of housework, but kinda enjoying it anyway :-) I’ll pop over to your place after the laundry and the dinner…. *lol*

    guppyman said:

    Good luck keeping them all alive…. One of these days I am going to post a few pics of my plant graveyard…. It might show the side I try to hide from everybody….

    Lifecruiser: Oh, so you may be a serie killer of plants you mean? *lol*

    Mandy said:

    I love the pillow fight! what an unusual name for a plant. It’s a lovely shape too. I have a few indoor plants, but they are very hard to keep alive.. (maybe that’s my fault lol)

    Now please tell me what you use to post your photo’s cause that hover thing is really cool.. I could do with something like that.

    Hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday :=)
    Mandy x

    Lifecruiser: I think that you have to have really ideal places indoors if they’re going to enjoy it there. No draft, no to hot sunlight, not too much shadow, no heat from radiators, air humidity they like and so on – and how many homes are like that? *lol* As for the pic script: I’ll email you some instructions for it!

    Relaxing sunday? Pfffft, HOUSEWORK JAIL…. that tells it all :-)

    Josh said:

    I’m not much of a plant person. Not because I dislike them, but because I’m incapable of keeping them alive. :( I’ve tried a variety of houseplants over the years, and all of them have died by my hand.

    Lifecruiser: Are you sure it was you and not other things? OK, if you dont water them, they’re not going to survive except from the succulents, they can live very long without because they have storage water in the leaves.

    Norma said:

    I would have to post the same photo every Sunday! I have one green (living) plant. The others are part of the landscaping, or they are artificial plants that I put in pots to fool drive-bys. One year I got an award!

    My MM is up.

    Lifecruiser: It sounds like a lot of people nowadays don’t have plants indoors at all. But it’s a pity because the do produce oxygen and clean air for us :-)

    Janet said:

    I love the jade plant! I wish I had more windows, I would fill them all with plants…

    Lifecruiser: Yes, or bigger windows at least, ours are so small and few that there isn’t much space for more lants. We have photos and other things there too…

    Josh said:

    LC: Yep, I’m positive, lol. I either overwatered them, or underwatered them.

    The only plants I can’t kill are plastic ones.

    Lifecruiser: Oooops… That sounds like a difficult case :-) You’re ment to have only temporary ones then. *lol*

    Tricia said:

    LOL I can just see you packing up the plants in travel case for your vacation on another continent. LOL Silly woman you! Well I’m glad the GTS inspired you towards purchasing some greenery for your home. I hope the plants do well. It sounds like you choose well since they all seem to be medium to low light plants.

    That’s usually my mistake with indoor plants – I have trouble finding any I like other than ones that need a lot of light, and my house is pretty dark. Somehow I manage to make most of them survive but they’re usually very happy once spring and summer roll around and they start getting more light.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, but I’m not sure how they will like this air in this apartment – it’s not good for plants… Our apartment is pretty dark too, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m kind of prepared for the worst, but at least I got to have them for a while then… *lol*

    John - Melbourne said:

    Nice posting, we are all weak that way I’m sure. The last looks like a little native ornate daisy we have over here, although I can’t remeber it’s name.

    Lifecruiser: Thanks John. I guess you have some plants that are similar because of the weather conditions.

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