I decided to split this into two posts about the wedding we attended Saturday. Since there were two brides that got married with each other I thought I wanted to clearify certain things first before writing my next post about it.

So was it an ordinary wedding ceremony that was held? Well, I’ll try to answer your question to that even though it’s quite confusing since it’s a kind of wedding ceremony, but it’s not an actual marriage in some meanings… yet.

The Swedish Partnership Law were adopted 1994 by the government and in power 1st of January 2005 and very quickly the Swedish Church adopted a special pleading for the couples that had enter into a registrered partnership. They did however advice against that the pleading would happen in forms that became wedding similar.

So that was actually not an accepting in the way that the afflicted persons wanted it to be. They of course wanted a full acceptance, to be equal as the heterosexual wedding ceremonies.

Blessing for registrered partnership weren’t accepted until the 6th December 2006 of the Swedish Church as a public church ceremony with pleading over their communion. The Swedish Church in itself don’t have the right to solemnize partnership, that is done by a public authority.

The blessing offer a possibility for a pleading act and a prayer to God over the rings in addition to give the parties all grace and power that is needed to fulfill the promises they gives as well as an acknowledgement of their promises.

It’s very similar to the ones for heterosexual marriages with exception of some formulations in the introductory remarks – but this still isn’t quite the same as equal, is it?

As one of the first countries in the world, it has now been suggested a law change the 1st of January 2008 to a sex neutral marriage law instead and that the communions is going to keep the marriage rights.

The Swedish Church said as late as in March 2007 that they’re positive to marrying homosexual couples in the church in equal conditions as heterosexuals.

Though there have been numerous discussions on the way about this where some of the bishops wanted to keep the word marriage for heterosexual couples only, but that would still not be equal would it? That would still be segregation.

They claim that “the expression marriage is of tradition so powerful connected with the relation between man and women”. What they want instead is a coexistence law instead of a marriage law.

We’ll see if they’ll stick with their demand if they don’t get any support for it. The Swedish people are very openminded about this sort of subjects.

Though there is still (and would be) up to the pastor ‘self to decide if he/she wants to perform the wedding or not, which means that there is still special treatment for the homosexuals since many of them simply refuse to do it.

My own opinion is that if there should be any wedding cermony in the church at all for homosexuals, it’s without doubt an equal one that should be performed. I think they shall stand for their opinions. Either they stand up for the homosexuals or they don’t, but show where they stands – no unclear ceremony.

Aren’t we all supposed to be alike in God’s – and therefor the churchs – eyes?

Rumours says that this are going to get us into polygamy as a following, but since it has taken this long to get an acceptance of the homosexual marriages, how long would it take to get us into polygamy…?

I could never go into a homosexual or polygamy relationship myself. I’m too fond of men and not only that – in one man: Mr Lifecruiser :-)

But who am I to judge over others that does? I’m not in their shoes, I don’t feel what they feel for each other. I have no right to tell them what they shall do or not do.

Why should it bother me…?

I do have one question: Why do we humans so easily judge and condemn each other instead of love and support each other?

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17 Comments on “Certified partnership or wedding”

    Ramblin Rose AUSTRALIA said:

    I agree us humans are super quick to judge each other and tear each other apart. We should embrace each other and accept each other for thier choices, After all it’s thier choice to do whatever they like……

    Ramblin Rose …

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    In Belgium mariage between homosexuals is allowed but the church wedding is out of question. The country is catholic and with this old fashioned church where even priests are not allowed to marry you can imagine that would be impossible.
    I also think it’s a question of taste, some like dark haired, some blond so why not women or men.
    Judging somebody for once taste is narrow minded.

    Kasia POLAND said:

    I absolutely love this post. And i am jealous that you live in such an openminded society. The swedish rule! In Poland the situation is terrible, I almost feel like we are all controlled by the catholic Church and our politicians all dance to their music. Bigotry is so popular here. I blame John Paul II for all this – he was a wise man himself but he didn’t do anything in terms of tolerance. Gays and lesbians have no right, mosts of them hide their sexuality, poeple are not taught how to understand other poeple. There is so much to do in my country!!! I hope I will be able to say one day that I am proud of my nation. I am not right now.

    Casablanca Travel PHILIPPINES said:

    maybe it’s because we know our own faults and we know for a fact that we are worse than anybody else. That’s why we pinpoint the faults of others so as to divert their prejudices to the acts of other people which are deemed unacceptable in our society. Just my opinion.

    aka R'acquel AUSTRALIA said:

    May love live long & prosper! My blessings to the two brides!!!!!! ;D

    chase said:

    This post is amazing and actually Sweden has a similar situation as Norway has. Actually as a gay person I dont really mind if I got to be wed on a church or in a court. FOr me is to get the full rights like adopting children or something like that. Here in Norway we also have partnerships and we have equal rights as hetero couples have except for getting an adoption. There are only 3 countries so far who have this full marriage law Canada, Netherlands and Spain. I was even surprised that Spain has it since they are uber Catholic

    TorAa NORWAY said:

    I think it’s about ten years ago we attended a partnership celebration. I gave a speach, as it should have been an ordinary wedding. What I do rember best, was those ladies (Guests) who whispered to me and Anna: We are not such … understand what I mean. Why the heck…??

    I do agree, accept people for what they are, not what you mean they should be.

    Thanks to Chase for his informations as well.

    claudie FRANCE said:

    Well, you understand in France we have a long way to do still! When will our parlement vote a such law?? Not tomorrow! One mayor in France married two mens but it was not validated!
    For me all is ok but When I ask me: ” and if it was my daughter?” I would accept if it would her happiness. But in this case it would take me a time to accept really the situation, i think!
    And I ‘m sure that all these politics men who don’t accept these weddings are not so white as they want to do believe us….

    Genesis said:

    I see nothing wrong with marriage between same-sex couples, many of them last longer than “traditional” couples.

    It seems rather ridiculous that we are so paranoid about things like this. Imagine if all the energy that is put into protesting same-sex marriages was channeled into something useful like finding a cure for cancer? A much better use of fanatics, I think.

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Thanks for the information Chase :-) Actually here in Sweden, registred partners got the right to get custody of and adopt kids the 1 februari 2003 and since the 1 juli 2005 women that lives in partnerships kan get access to assisted fertilization. So we’re already a step on the way :-)

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    I’m so glad you brought this up as it is an important issue about accepting and treat everybody as equal and the right to live their life as they wish – as long as they don’t harm any. How can the fact that two of the same sex love each other, harm any other?!?
    Some of my best friends (including Chase who commented on the situation in Norway in the very best way) are guy and they are the most open, loving and caring people I know.
    I think the most important part is that they obtain the same fully rights in the society as heterosexual couples, including adoption.
    If people would show more respect for others, rather than criticize and judge, the wold would be a much better place to live in.
    I think the predigest is based on perceptions and that they are afraid of facing that others might have a different way in living there life!
    Looking forward to the next post:-)

    wildheart UNITED STATES said:

    Ya know to each their own it is not my place to say one way to love is any more wrong than the other. I can say that I lived about half a block from a gay bar and I was on a gay dart team. I have nothing against the gay lesbian community. I don’t see why they can’t have the same rights as everyone else does in the marriage area. I shouldn’t be illegal to love someone or complicated with beaucracy. I personally am straight and love the male form.

    Ash said:

    At least the Swedish Church recognizes not all are heterosexual! You are all more far along than America! Hubby and I couldn’t even find a minister to marry us because we didn’t belong to a church. We did find one, but it was near impossible!
    I agree with what you wrote.
    Here from Michele’s!

    chase said:

    Yeah so I heard coz some Norwegian lesbians move to Sweden for that reason

    mar SPAIN said:

    Ever since it is legal in Spain (but not the church wedding) the country hasn’t experience an increase in poligamy…more than it used to be!!!
    It reminds me of those people against abortion saying once it is legalized all women will be having one every other month…Yes, we are that dumb!

    maiylah PHILIPPINES said:

    interesting post!
    like you, i would never go into a homosexual or polygamous relationship myself; but that doesn’t mean i would want that for others. to each his own, i guess. as long as there is love and happiness around! :)

    that frolicsome kid BRUNEI DARUSSALAM said:

    Love is really wonderful and it knows no boundaries. And really, I don’t see what is wrong with having homosexual marriages. I guess people have this prejudice against people with a different sexual orientation but it’s not really their fault, is it?

    It’s wonderful to know that Sweden is making steps in allowing homosexual marriages. Although you suggested that it’s still segregation, in my opinion, they’re taking steps to shatter the prejudices surrounding homosexual marriages and striving to give it equal status as heterosexual marriages.

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