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With the changeability of British weather, one of the best ways to enjoy our occasional fleeting moments of heat and sunshine is to take a last-minute trip to one of this nation’s beautiful cities. On a Saturday morning, if the birds are chirping and the sky is blue, why not take a chance and book a weekend away?

Here are my 3 favourite summer city breaks in the UK:

This quaint yet vibrant city really has it all. Stroll down the magical city streets amid the hustle and bustle of seasoned shoppers enjoying the unequalled variety of boutiques and stores, before settling down in one of the many oddball coffee houses. The city offers an impressive array of museums, galleries and theatres as well as one of the country’s most abundant nightlife and music scenes.

Nestled in between the lulling blue waters of the English Channel and the rolling green hills of the South Downs, Brighton is in the perfect position for summer exploration. Try kite flying on the breezy, Sussex hills or take a walk along the wide promenade, ice cream in hand as excitable roller bladers whizz past yelling.

Brighton seaside is packed to the hilt with accommodation, as well as plenty of ambient cafes and bars; it has to be my favourite place in the country for weekend hotel breaks.

The beautiful seafront architecture, highlighted in the summer sun, will send a shiver down your spine, and along with the salty sea breeze, will guarantee your stay in Brighton to be a summer break to remember.

For something a little different, why not visit one of England’s most ancient and iconic cities? Amble down the same cobbled streets as the Romans did two thousand years before you. The striking, colourful architecture, constructed almost solely from beautiful Bath Stone, oozes antiquity and atmosphere.

Taking a relaxing dip in the Roman baths is essential when visiting the city to which they gave their name. The steamy waters come straight from the nearby natural hot springs, bubbling and brewing at an impressive 117 degrees F.

There is plenty more in the way of history here. The beautiful city was inscribed as a World heritage Site in 1987 and has many other sights and stories to offer. The striking Abbey was first founded in the 7th Century, and has undergone much renewal and refurbishment over the following centuries, retaining a little of every epoch it has endured. Pulteney Bridge has been designated a Grade I site of historical importance and is one of the very few bridges in the world lined with interesting and traditional boutiques, cafes and stalls. Bath really is a city like no other!

The capital of our northern neighbour is surely one of the world’s prettiest cities. As an ancient centre for trade and commerce, the archaic settlement is steeped in history and stories. Taking a stroll through the enchanting streets and back alleys while viewing the magnificent architecture is simply breath taking, the view from the top of Calton Hill on the East side of the city at sunset is a truly unforgettable experience.

In terms of things to do, Scotland’s capital will have you spoilt for choice. There is a wide spectrum of shops and stores with enough variation in style and price tag to suit everyone.

The National Museum of Scotland has been recently refurbished and now holds a remarkable collection of exhibits, spanning millions of years and representing a diverse collection of cultures and continents from whale skeletons to Egyptian coffins, from medieval jewellery to a Concorde.

During the summer, the world-famous Edinburgh festival takes place showcasing all sorts of up-and-coming talent in all areas of the performing arts. Laughing at the hilarious routines of an international comedy troupe while in the shadow of the impressive Edinburgh Castle is an amazing feeling – life doesn’t get much better!

So this summer, instead of going abroad, stay in Britain and take advantage of the wealth of culture and fun that this historic country has to offer. A trip to any one of these great locations promises to be a memorable experience, but why not try and visit all three for a truly spectacular summer!

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2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival Budget Breaks Wed, 11 Jul 2012 20:15:51 +0000 Lifecruiser Everyone loves to laugh and be entertained, which is why Edinburgh Fringe is the only festival which appeals to the whole of the UK. Because of its popularly, Edinburgh hotels fill up quickly during the period, so look online and book Edinburgh hotels as soon as possible if you plan to attend the event.

The Fringe takes place from 3 to 27 August when comedians, sketches and plays will fill the streets, halls, theatres and public places within the capital of Scotland.

The Ginge, The Geordie and The Geek

The Ginge, the Geordie and the Geek are back with a brand new show for 2012. The Fringe favourites return to perform their hilarious sketch twice daily at 1645 and 1945 hours.

The show is classed as family friendly, with the occasional use of bad language. Watch them with the teens at Just the Tonic at The Caves.

Susan Calman: This Lady’s Not For Turning Either

The Comedy Queen of ‘saying it like it is’ returns for another year at the Fringe. One of the most original female comics of today performs her brand new show, more shocking and political than ever.

See her at 1800 hours between 1 and 27 August at Underbelly Bristo Square. Be prepared to leave your inhibitions surrounding female comics at the door.

Alan Davies – Life Is Pain

A famous face from the world of television, you may recognise this comedy genius from his starring role in Jonathan Creek and his long standing stint on quiz show, QI.

Life Is Pain marks Davies’ return to stand up after a ten year breather from the scene. See him daily from 1940 hours from 9 to 14 August at the Venue 150 @ EICC.

Book Edinburgh hotels online to get the best deals for stays in the city during the Fringe Festival. Programmes for the 2012 season can now be ordered.

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The top ten attractions in Edinburgh Fri, 25 Nov 2011 22:46:02 +0000 Lifecruiser Edinburgh is hot on London’s heels for the crown of the most popular UK city amongst tourists. In many ways, it offers a greater, more traditional experience than the English capital, which makes it no wonder that more than 13 million tourists visit the Scottish capital every year.

Hotels like the George hotel Edinburgh has to offer are plentiful, so you will always have somewhere to relax at night after a long day’s sightseeing. Here are some of the best bits of Edinburgh to keep you busy:

Old Town

The historic Old Town district of Edinburgh is famous not only for its architecture, but also for the quality and variety of its restaurants, cafes and whisky shops. Walk down the Royal Mile on your visit to the Old Town and you won’t be disappointed.

Edinburgh Castle

This is easily the most recognisable thing about Edinburgh. The city’s castle sits atop Castle Rock, which forms part of an extinct volcano, looming over the city from above. It really gives you a sense of heritage when you visit this beautiful building.

Holyrood Park

For a bit of a break from all the hustle and bustle of the city, you can visit Holyrood Park on the eastern city borders. The park has a range of climbing areas, a few challenging peaks with some great views from the top.

Royal Observatory

If you fancy gazing up at the stars for a few hours or even simply listening to a few talks on astronomy, pay the Royal Observatory a visit. There are also exhibitions held regularly at the Royal Observatory for you and all the family to enjoy.

Arthur’s Seat

Referring back to the volcanic presence in Edinburgh, Arthur’s Seat is another must-visit attraction in the area. This place is what makes Edinburgh really unique – it is an extinct volcano found in Holyrood Park to the east of the city, which makes Edinburgh the only city in the world to have a volcano within its boundaries.

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