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It is often said there are more acres in Yorkshire than letters in the Bible.
(I am better qualified in Yorkshire’s acres than the Bible’s letters.)
The largest English county with a rich diversity of terrain, people and culture.
That Yorkshire attitude… Down to earth, often stubborn… Or argumentative.
Welcoming of strangers.
Tolerant and with fortitude.
Above all… Fiercely independent!

That Yorkshire Attitude!

No matter where in the world you meet; Ask “Where are you from?” and the first answer will be Yorkshire! This is true. People from other counties may say England or even British but not Yorkshire people. It is instinctive; county ranks higher than nation to us. Being British is similar to saying we are European; both are somewhat contrary or additional to who we really are. They represent an alliance or allegiance with people who are somewhat foreign to our way of thinking. To some this may seem bigoted and arrogant, particularly when coupled with our northern habit or being economical in speech:-  But it is not.

Yorkshire Dales©Charimage 2013

The Heartland of The North.

In Celtic times Yorkshire was the established territory of the Brigantes Tribe that controlled Northern England. Aldborough in North Yorkshire being the site of their capital. Nearby Boroughbridge came to prominence in Norman times. Under Roman rule York (Eboracum) was named as joint capital of Roman Britain. The Romans left and the Celtic tribes divided and ruled. The Danish Vikings established a kingdom here.  They called it the Kingdom of Jórvík. The Norman Conquest and the Battle of Hastings heralded Yorkshire darkest times. With the Harrowing of the North by an enraged William the north of England was laid to waste in one of the first recorded acts of pure genocide. Yorkshire suffered the brunt of this fury when thousands were slain. The entire region was burned and the soil poisoned for years to come with salt resulting in the surviving population facing starvation. During the civil war the Yorkists stood their ground as royalists; York was besieged… the Round-headed Parliamentarians finally famously quelled the county at the Battle of Marston Moor.

Industrial West Yorkshire©Charimage 2013

The Wars of The Roses.

Here we have a great confusion that needs explanation. Put aside modern (particularly sporting usage,) the Wars of the Roses had nothing to do with the counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire. The Royal Plantagenet House (or family) had two factions The House of York (White Rose) and The House of Lancaster (Red Rose.) The House of Lancaster was actually based in… (wait for it!)… York! The House of Lancaster controlled and was based in London. The Wars of the Roses is perhaps best considered as a feud between the Northern aristocracy and the South. The defeat  of the Yorkist Richard III at Bosworth Field ended both the feud and the Plantagenet Line; Henry Tudor married Elizabeth of York and the white and red roses combined to form the Tudor Rose.

Yorkshire Coast©Charimage 2013

A County of Contrasts.

Travel across Yorkshire and you’ll find a patchwork of heritage and history. People and communities that are a product of that diversity. There are areas specific to all types of farming and horticulture. National Parks and World Heritage locations. You’ll find areas marked by heavy industry of all types; steel, mining or textiles. Many are now in decline but they created what we see today. From Fishing on the coast to Farming in the uplands. Forestry in the Fells and Finance in Leeds. There is literature and leisure; theater and cricket. Roast beef or Yorkshire Tea with jam on scones. It is a county that doesn’t take itself too seriously but takes life very serious indeed. It works hard and plays with a similar passion. There is plenty for all and all are welcome. God’s Own? I do not know…
But it has acres a plenty.

“Independence For Yorkshire!”

We hear it called for… every now and then. It is a cry that gains little support. Yorkshire doesn’t need independence to be granted. It has always been independent and always will.



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As Seen on TV: Celebrity Chef Restaurants in London Sat, 02 Feb 2013 00:01:56 +0000 Lifecruiser We’ve all done it – switched on TV and, as our tastebuds tingle, watched celebrity chefs such as Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsey dish up some delectable culinary fare fit for a king. With many restaurants owned by chefs who have made names for themselves as experts in their field, and many of these run by those who have furthered their success by becoming stars of the television, you can sample some of their culinary genius during your stay in the capital.

Whether you prefer to save the city jaunt until a suitable celebration, or you feel like treating yourself and your loved ones to a post-Christmas dinner, you can. Staying in London doesn’t have to add that much to the bill either, with cheap London hotels being centrally located and within close proximity to many of the restaurants on offer.

With eclectic menus and first class fare, here’s some of the best celebrity chef led restaurants for you to choose from in the city:

With its owner being one of the most popular and familiar chefs on TV today, it’d be rude not to include the flagship Fifteen in a list of top celebrity chef restaurants. Famous since its inclusion in his show in 2002, this restaurant is one of the pinnacle dining experiences from the very capable hands of Jamie Oliver. With a trendy and chic atmosphere, not only does this place provide sumptuous Mediterranean delights but 15% of your bill goes towards training fifteen apprentice chefs in the kitchens, helping to ensure world class cuisine continues to flourish.

Located on Royal Hospital Road and boasting three Michelin stars for its high standard of French cuisine, you can’t get much more prolific than Gordon Ramsey’s Chelsea restaurant. Having received the highest of accolades within the field, you’d expect the best quality service, food and professionalism here and you won’t be disappointed. As one of the ultimate treats for anyone visiting the city and with an eye for fine dining, Chelsea is an absolute must. Be sure to book in advance as it’s incredibly popular, but it’ll be well worth the wait.

Situated in Tower 42 in the heart of London, Gary Rhodes’ Rhodes Twenty Four not only provides you with Michelin starred food but also gives you stunning panoramas across London. Offering traditional British fare, but with a classic Rhodes twist, you can enjoy an array of sumptuous delights including the Rhodes signature pudding plate – perfect to satiate the sweet tooth.

With one of the most experimental of cuisine techniques, and a continued ambition to make jaw-dropping creations, no list is complete without the scientific genius of Heston Blumenthal. Although his primary restaurant isn’t in London, his new addition aptly named, Dinner is. Found in the heart of Knightsbridge, near Hyde Park, there’s no better location for this ultimate dining experience.

With many of the restaurants mentioned, their weekend service is often booked well in advance. To guarantee your table, book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment and look forward to a truly memorable experience.

Lifecruiser Love London


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The Bucket List – Top UK Destinations Wed, 30 Jan 2013 19:00:30 +0000 Lifecruiser You might think you’ve seen everything there is to see in the UK. Think again. Join us on our journey in this blog post as we explore the UK’s must-see places to visit, from the awe-inspiring Stonehenge to Portmeirion.

UK: StonehengePhoto by Del Barfoot


Situated in Wiltshire, Stonehenge is a testament to the UK’s intriguing history. It is over 4,000 years old, and although no-one knows for certain the purpose of this mystical stone circle, it may have been used as a centre for Pagan worship and healing.

The West End

The world famous West End offers some of the best entertainment and culture you can find, with a huge range of plays, comedies and top shows like Spamalot and Les Miserables. With major auditoriums like the Strand, the Lyceum and the Royal Opera House, a trip to London’s Theatreland is one of the best excursions to be had in the UK.

Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall was built along the Scottish border by the Romans in the 3rd century AD, and large sections of the wall are still intact even to this day. The Hadrian’s Wall Path National Trail offers amazing views along pristine moorland and rolling hills.

Chatsworth House

There are many beautiful country estates situated in the UK, and Chatsworth House in Derbyshire is one of the most magnificent. It has been home to the Dukes and Duchesses of Devonshire for over 500 years, and offers over 100 acres of enchanting gardens and something for all the family to see and do.

Cheddar Gorge

Somerset’s Cheddar Gorge is the biggest gorge in Britain, with cliffs rising over 450 ft. You can explore the caves and walk along the cliff-tops to enjoy the beauty of this National Nature Reserve, and also take part in rock climbing and adventure caving. And, of course, sample the delicious cheese that originated here.

The Eden Project

This is definitely one of the best modern attractions to visit in the UK. It is formed of two massive biomes that each holds its own climate, with the largest captive rainforest in the world. Many different events are held throughout the year and Eden is located in the popular tourist county of Cornwall.

Tower Bridge

Built in 1894, Tower Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in the world, and if you are visiting London, make sure you see inside it. You can walk along high walkways and gain excellent views of the city, see the Victorian Engine Rooms, and there are also art exhibitions to explore.

The Giant’s Causeway

This is a World Heritage Site situated on the northeast coast of Northern Ireland. The site’s 40,000 basalt columns were formed after a major volcanic eruption and are a source of Irish folklore. It is an excellent attraction and also has an educational visitor’s centre.


If you want to experience some of the best urban culture and nightlife in the UK, Brighton is the place to go. The town is lively, colourful and dynamic, and situated by the shore with excellent beaches. Don’t miss visiting the Royal Pavilion – a real quirk of architecture. Notable events include the Brighton Festival and the Gay Pride carnival.


If you want a UK location to truly surprise you, visit this wonderful tourist hotspot. Situated on the coast of North Wales, this fairytale village was built between 1925 and 1975 in the Italian Style – it looks like nothing else in the UK.

These unmissable suggestions were brought to you by Show & Stay, the London theatre break specialists.

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5 Things To Do in Windermere – Lake District Fri, 21 Dec 2012 09:43:37 +0000 Lifecruiser Hailed as one of the most beautiful places in England, the Lake District in itself is a must see for all, at least once in this lifetime. Whether it’s spending time with friends or surrounding yourself with a beautiful setting and a loved one, the Lake District can offer it all.

Choosing accommodation is ultimately the most important part to any holiday. The question is, would you prefer to be in the middle of town amongst the hustle and bustle? A short walk away? Or somewhere so cosy & hidden away amongst the woodlands? Once you’ve decided on your preference, it’s then a question of which area to habituate.

Those who are interested in history, calming lakes and stunning backdrops will have no doubt heard of Windermere, the largest town within the Lake District. With its haunting halls, 12th century boar stories or of course the famous Lake Windermere itself, Windermere is nothing short of history and beauty. Choosing Windermere hotels is key when thinking about how you’d like to spend your break away.

Here are our top 5 tips for things to do in Windermere:

1. It may seem obvious but those looking for pure relaxation away from the world would love taking walks in the woodlands and taking in the beautiful surroundings. Short walks, long routes or explorations by the Lake – it’s your choice on the day.

2. Visiting the famous Lake Windermere is a must! Being the largest lake in England the site is just breathtaking. Take a cruise on the river or a family picnic, just relax and enjoy the views.

3. There are so many historic and magical museums to see. Whether it’s taking the kids to the world of Beatrix Potter, enjoying the Steamboat Museum or reliving history through the Arts & Crafts House it’s sure to bring history and adventure to life.

4. Rowing, sailing & swimming are available in abundance for water lovers. There are so many routes, hop off and hop back or just sit back, relax and enjoy the endless view of the mountains and greenery before you.

5. Treks and tours are plentiful, whether it’s tours of the lakes or the mountains, treks in the woodlands or activity days for the whole family, what better than a day out with nature.

Explore the sites and surroundings whilst being at one with nature in Windermere, take a stroll with the other half or a picnic with the family, you’re sure to make it a holiday to remember.

Lifecruiser Love Lake District

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Book the perfect travel accommodation Fri, 02 Nov 2012 17:12:10 +0000 Lifecruiser When you are booking a holiday it is always essential that the accommodation you book is perfect for you and your family. Before you book accommodation, make sure that you do thorough research into the area and the accommodation itself. This research could include looking at review sites where you can read what other holiday makers have made of it. Travel Maestro has kindly compiled the following list that gives you a list of holiday accommodation options:

  • Yurts – In this modern day and age, camping has begun to become more glamorous as opposed to sleeping rough for a few days. Yurts are the way forward when it comes to camping as it provides some of the comforts that are found in your own home including, separate bedrooms, hobs and even plumbing! Yurts are perfect for the whole family and the experience is bound to be one that you will never forget.
  • Holiday Cottages – This type of accommodation is perfect for both couples and families, more so for families as these cottages usually have plenty of bedrooms. Luxury cottages can be usually found in the beautiful countryside away from the hustle and bustle that the city usually brings.
  • Holiday Villa – Villas are great for families as you can let your kids run wild by the pool whilst also having a relaxing time out to relax and rejuvenate. If you are wise about it, you can usually find plenty of deals on villas online on several sites. As well as families, villas are also ideal for friends as they are usually away from nearby housing, so you can make as much noise as you want.
  • Hotels – Hotels are usually cheap and easy to book at short notice. Make sure you are careful though as not all hotels are the same. Once again, make use of any review sites that you can look at that will indicate whether the hotel is up to your standards. Another thing to bear in mind is the location of the hotel. Make sure that it is nearby to local transport links and close to entertainment.

Guest post by James Taylor from Travel Maestro

Author bio: James Taylor is a fellow travel blogger who just like us love to travel and discover new places as well as sharing his experiences with us. At Travel Maestro you will find travel guides for travelling around the world, encouraging readers to share their travel stories with us and give us more travel tips.

Lifecruiser Love Travel Tips

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Stay in an ‘unhotel’ in London Wed, 26 Sep 2012 13:19:53 +0000 Lifecruiser London has many amazing sights to behold, and tourist attractions aplenty, but sometimes it is nice to take a little diversion off the beaten track in order to discover the real city underneath. London based rentals company onefinestay, the ‘unhotel’, enables you to do just this by allowing you step into the shoes of a local and rent out their home for your vacation.

There are over 500 homes to choose from, and each home comes with its own iPhone loaded with information gathered from the host about the best things to do in the local area. Each home unique, but here are a few that have that extra little something:

The Boat House

Boat House picture 1
Boat House picture 2
Boat House 3

Life doesn’t get much more luxurious than this. This stunning home with its lavish decoration is certainly a sight to behold and sleeps up to 12 people. Original Georgian features are complimented by elegant and sophisticated décor making this the perfect riverside house to drift away and dream the days away. Beyond the garden, which boasts a hot tub, barbeque and adventure playground, is the River Thames, perfect for an afternoon stroll to explore some of London’s finest waterside cafes.

Albert Terrace

Albert Terrace

This home is steeped in history having been built for a doctor of Queen Victoria. A wonderful mix of original period features in the sitting room, carefully blended with modern style in the kitchen, this house is as grandiose as it is comfortable. Stay here for your own slice of history in Primrose Hill.

Russell Garden Mews

Russell Gardens Mews picture 1
Russell Gardens Mews picture 2

For the more modern minded, this four bedroom family home is the residence of a DJ turned architect, and it shows. Clean lines and sleek style characterise this house, and if you head downstairs to the basement you even have your own dance floor! Located in west London it is perfect for visiting the famous Portobello Road market.

Lifecruiser Love Unusual Stays

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Top 3 UK Summer City Destination Fri, 13 Jul 2012 08:00:15 +0000 Lifecruiser Now that the summer months are finally upon us and the bashful British sun has finally crawled out of hiding, it’s time to start planning our time away with family and friends.

With the changeability of British weather, one of the best ways to enjoy our occasional fleeting moments of heat and sunshine is to take a last-minute trip to one of this nation’s beautiful cities. On a Saturday morning, if the birds are chirping and the sky is blue, why not take a chance and book a weekend away?

Here are my 3 favourite summer city breaks in the UK:

This quaint yet vibrant city really has it all. Stroll down the magical city streets amid the hustle and bustle of seasoned shoppers enjoying the unequalled variety of boutiques and stores, before settling down in one of the many oddball coffee houses. The city offers an impressive array of museums, galleries and theatres as well as one of the country’s most abundant nightlife and music scenes.

Nestled in between the lulling blue waters of the English Channel and the rolling green hills of the South Downs, Brighton is in the perfect position for summer exploration. Try kite flying on the breezy, Sussex hills or take a walk along the wide promenade, ice cream in hand as excitable roller bladers whizz past yelling.

Brighton seaside is packed to the hilt with accommodation, as well as plenty of ambient cafes and bars; it has to be my favourite place in the country for weekend hotel breaks.

The beautiful seafront architecture, highlighted in the summer sun, will send a shiver down your spine, and along with the salty sea breeze, will guarantee your stay in Brighton to be a summer break to remember.

For something a little different, why not visit one of England’s most ancient and iconic cities? Amble down the same cobbled streets as the Romans did two thousand years before you. The striking, colourful architecture, constructed almost solely from beautiful Bath Stone, oozes antiquity and atmosphere.

Taking a relaxing dip in the Roman baths is essential when visiting the city to which they gave their name. The steamy waters come straight from the nearby natural hot springs, bubbling and brewing at an impressive 117 degrees F.

There is plenty more in the way of history here. The beautiful city was inscribed as a World heritage Site in 1987 and has many other sights and stories to offer. The striking Abbey was first founded in the 7th Century, and has undergone much renewal and refurbishment over the following centuries, retaining a little of every epoch it has endured. Pulteney Bridge has been designated a Grade I site of historical importance and is one of the very few bridges in the world lined with interesting and traditional boutiques, cafes and stalls. Bath really is a city like no other!

The capital of our northern neighbour is surely one of the world’s prettiest cities. As an ancient centre for trade and commerce, the archaic settlement is steeped in history and stories. Taking a stroll through the enchanting streets and back alleys while viewing the magnificent architecture is simply breath taking, the view from the top of Calton Hill on the East side of the city at sunset is a truly unforgettable experience.

In terms of things to do, Scotland’s capital will have you spoilt for choice. There is a wide spectrum of shops and stores with enough variation in style and price tag to suit everyone.

The National Museum of Scotland has been recently refurbished and now holds a remarkable collection of exhibits, spanning millions of years and representing a diverse collection of cultures and continents from whale skeletons to Egyptian coffins, from medieval jewellery to a Concorde.

During the summer, the world-famous Edinburgh festival takes place showcasing all sorts of up-and-coming talent in all areas of the performing arts. Laughing at the hilarious routines of an international comedy troupe while in the shadow of the impressive Edinburgh Castle is an amazing feeling – life doesn’t get much better!

So this summer, instead of going abroad, stay in Britain and take advantage of the wealth of culture and fun that this historic country has to offer. A trip to any one of these great locations promises to be a memorable experience, but why not try and visit all three for a truly spectacular summer!

Lifecruiser Love UK Destinations

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2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival Budget Breaks Wed, 11 Jul 2012 20:15:51 +0000 Lifecruiser Everyone loves to laugh and be entertained, which is why Edinburgh Fringe is the only festival which appeals to the whole of the UK. Because of its popularly, Edinburgh hotels fill up quickly during the period, so look online and book Edinburgh hotels as soon as possible if you plan to attend the event.

The Fringe takes place from 3 to 27 August when comedians, sketches and plays will fill the streets, halls, theatres and public places within the capital of Scotland.

The Ginge, The Geordie and The Geek

The Ginge, the Geordie and the Geek are back with a brand new show for 2012. The Fringe favourites return to perform their hilarious sketch twice daily at 1645 and 1945 hours.

The show is classed as family friendly, with the occasional use of bad language. Watch them with the teens at Just the Tonic at The Caves.

Susan Calman: This Lady’s Not For Turning Either

The Comedy Queen of ‘saying it like it is’ returns for another year at the Fringe. One of the most original female comics of today performs her brand new show, more shocking and political than ever.

See her at 1800 hours between 1 and 27 August at Underbelly Bristo Square. Be prepared to leave your inhibitions surrounding female comics at the door.

Alan Davies – Life Is Pain

A famous face from the world of television, you may recognise this comedy genius from his starring role in Jonathan Creek and his long standing stint on quiz show, QI.

Life Is Pain marks Davies’ return to stand up after a ten year breather from the scene. See him daily from 1940 hours from 9 to 14 August at the Venue 150 @ EICC.

Book Edinburgh hotels online to get the best deals for stays in the city during the Fringe Festival. Programmes for the 2012 season can now be ordered.

Lifecruiser Love Edinburgh

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Enjoy a Memorable Holiday in the Sun Thu, 24 May 2012 09:00:08 +0000 Lifecruiser There’s nothing like escaping the daily grind and taking a sunny getaway to somewhere with beautiful beaches and fantastic weather. Many people find renting villas the best way to enjoy a holiday at their own pace – spacious and private, it’s the perfect place to spend quality time with family or close friends.

A wonderful sunny place to visit is Portugal, with heaps of culture and things to do. Some of the best Portugal villas are situated on or near the Algarve. Steeped in history, you can choose to sunbathe on its many beautiful beaches, enjoy a family day out at a waterpark or hire a car and explore the stunning landscape along the beautiful coastline.

Vilamoura is a popular area with many sports and leisure activities on offer for the whole family, such as the Vilamouraténis Center which offers lawn bowling, swimming, golf, riding, squash and shooting. Indulge in a spot of retail therapy at the Marina Shopping Centre and try your hand at the area’s very own casino for a fun, glamorous night out.

Albufeira is another great location whether for a fun-filled stag weekend or a quiet family holiday – the area can accommodate both. There’s the Old Town with pretty white-washed houses, and narrow cobbled streets, with restaurants and coffee houses offering a picturesque view of the sea.

Then there’s the famous ‘Strip’, brimming with bars and clubs where you can party into the small hours. Other popular areas include the Duoro Valley – classified as a World Heritage Site where visitors can enjoy the area’s famous Port Wine, or cruise up the famous Duoro River by taking one of the many boat trips available throughout the day.

Or if you fancy roving further afield why not make Florida your holiday destination this year? Florida villas are some of the most beautiful in the States. The perfect place if you’re planning a family trip to Disney World Resort, you can opt for a villa just a short 30 minute drive from the park itself, where the kids can explore the Magic Kingdom as well as the Animal Kingdom Park, to name just two of the six on offer. Enjoy a number of attractions, restaurants, sights and sounds.

Orlando itself is bursting with things to see and do, with copious shopping malls and golf courses galore! Or why not admire some wildlife at Gatorland or SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove? In the evening you can be dazzled by the world-famous Cirque de Soleil or the quirky Blue Man Group, otherwise you can check out one of Orlando’s special dinner theatres for a fun-filled night of food and entertainment.

Another area worth exploring is the gorgeous Gulf Coast with numerous lakes and rivers for plenty of fishing opportunities, or you can opt for a cruise and take in the picturesque sights. There are also many fantastic fish restaurants to choose from. You can also go croc-spotting and admire many other types of wildlife at Everglades National Park. And if you want some brief down time, you can relax in a luxury villa, catch some rays by the pool and enjoy a cosy family night in, away from the demands of everyday life.

Lifecruiser Love Holiday Villas

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I Want Naked Airplanes! Mon, 30 Apr 2012 18:05:12 +0000 Lifecruiser Ever thought of naked airplanes? I have. I’ve wished for naked airplanes for many years now. What I mean by naked is: stripped without color and just plain metal. Now British Airways have a new paint called Triple O, which as least is stripping the costs and impact on the environment.

British Airways has tested this new environment-friendly paint for a year now on an airplane with a flight route between London and New York. The new paint is not only better looking, but also improving the aerodynamic of the airplane, making it less fuel consuming and saving millions for BA.

I have no idea why the airplanes can’t be bare naked, why must there be paint at all?

There are many other ways to strip an airplane obviously, British Airways let all their employees come with suggestions and they came up with enough alternatives that made BA save enough fuel to power 550 flights from Heathrow to New York last year… and they continues with other projects in 2012.

I was just thinking: think if every airline (and other transportation related companies) would adopt this, making all kind of savings – what an impact it would have on the environment!

©Lifecruiser Love Airplanes


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