Lifecruiser » Railway Ranked Top 100 Travel Blog Lifecruiser. Travel information & photos. Europe, North & South America. Sun, 26 May 2013 10:59:59 +0000 en-US hourly 1 The Ultimate Train Travel Guide from Sweden Sat, 23 Feb 2013 13:40:27 +0000 Lifecruiser To travel by train is possible within Sweden or to Norway or Denmark, but it’s generally not considered to be especially cheap and takes longer time than flying. You can travel from Malmö to Germany with and there is of course possible to connect to other European cities. Try out the pass (or for non-Europeans).

Swedish Railway SJ X2K TrainX2K Train Malmö-Copenhagen. Photo by Hugh Llewelyn

The main train booking site in Sweden is To get the cheapest ticket you can, a great advice is to book in low traffic days like Mondays and too book early, because last minute deals are only for retires and youngster under 26. Last minute can be bought the last 24 hours before departure.

Another alternative is to buy the tickets at where SJ is placing their unsold train tickets on auction with the outgoing price as 1 SEK. Book your train ticket on the internet or in the ticket automat at the station to get the lowest booking fee. Also check the different train types, very often the speed train X200 is more expensive.

Personally (and many others with me) I find SJ’s new system to buy tickets more complicated, I like the way it were before when there were normal ticket prices and last minute prices.

There are also the alternative to book with, for example between Malmö – Stockholm or Malmö – Berlin. Their ticket system is with fixed ticket rates.

Both the Resrobot at (mobile app too) and are very useful travel tools if you decide to take a train trip.

You can find a list with all the tracks in Sweden at, (info in Swedish) and lots of other information. Especially interesting if you’re a train enthusiast, since they also keep a list of Museum railways (even some steam trains).

If going from Stockholm Arlanda Airport in to Stockholm City I recommend taking the express train to/from Arlanda since the traffic is sometimes not so reliable, with the train you’re always in time. They also use to have a journey time guarantee, so if you’re not in time, check if they pay you back the ticket price.

To travel locally within Stockholm County you can go by the subway. Timetables for the Stockholm subway can be found at and it goes rather far out in the suburbs. Make sure you get the right ticket card to lower your subway ticket fee’s, because buying only one ticket at the moment, is going to be expensive for you.

There are available SL cards I recommend that’s valid from 24h up to 7 days (and beyond if you plan to stay for long), but if you’re going to do sightseeing which includes a lot of museums and other attractions, I do recommend to get the Stockholm Card from the tourist office. It’s worth it and makes things a lot easier.

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Where to go by train from Madrid Fri, 16 Nov 2012 16:52:35 +0000 Lifecruiser Although Madrid is full of wonderful adventures, the Spanish rail system offers excellent opportunities for day trips through the beautiful countryside to other fascinating destinations. You can start your day at an affordable hotel like the Petit Palace Tres Cruces (or any other great Madrid hotel listed at, the budget travel specialists), have a marvelous adventure and be back in your cozy hotel room by nightfall!

Spain: Madrid trainPhoto By: khowaga


Climb aboard the Refre railway to experience the laid-back atmosphere of this coastal Spanish town while enjoying beautiful scenery along the way. The journey takes two and a half hours and winds through the some spectacular landscapes. Once in Malaga, you can tour historic sites like the Alcazaba, a Moorish castle built in the 11th century, or learn more about Picasso by touring his birthplace at the Picasso Museum.

Spain: Picasso MuseumPhoto By: Tab59


Catch some rays on the beaches of Sitges, refered to as the Saint-Tropez of Spain, on a three hour ride aboard the FGC (Generalitat de Catalunya) railways. This artsy town has year-round attractions but really gets hopping during Carnival that begins on Fat Tuesday or the Sitges Film Festival in the summer. Known for its tolerant attitude, it is a popular destination for gay and lesbian travelers and has an abundance of fine dining establishments.


Depart from the Madrid Atocha station on Rail Europe for a one hour and 44 minute ride to this charming sun-drenched area that was one of the largest cities of the ancient world. Explore Old Town where you can still see the Roman walls standing and visit the Fernandina churches like Santa Marina which houses work by local artist Antonio del Castillo y Saavedra.

Spain: CordobaPhoto By: Cruccone


Travel through the Catalan countryside from Madrid to the birthplace of Salvador Dali aboard the sleek double-deck French TGV high-speed trail that passes through Madrid. Relax in their state-of-the-art cars that whisk you to sites like the Dali Theatre and Museum where you’ll find the largest collection of his work in the world.


Be in Paris in just two hours aboard the daily high-speed TGV Eurostar that whisks you to the City of Lights in record time. If you’d like an overnight adventure, the Elipsos train hotel departs Barcelona each evening for a 12 -hour trip with a la carte dinners and 4-bed sleeper cars. Embark refreshed and spend the day exploring the Louvre and dining on Paris delicacies before taking the high-speed train back to Madrid.

France, Paris: Le LouvrePhoto By:  ComunicaTI


In just an hour and a half, the high-speed AVE can deliver you to Zaragosa (also known as Saragossa) so you can spend the day exploring this charming city. Try out the tapas bars or their famous regional dish, Bacalao al Ajoarriero (cod-fish with garlic and eggs) in between visits to the romantic castles and monasteries scattered throughout this picturesque city.

You’ll find the rail services also offer package deals that include hotel accommodations, public transportation or rental car deals, dining coupons and comprehensive passes to museums and attractions.

Lifecruiser Love Spain Train Travel

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Travel News: Arctic Circle Pass by SJ Thu, 15 Mar 2012 21:26:16 +0000 Lifecruiser The Swedish Railways ( is launching a new and flexible one day Arctic Circle Hop On Hop Off Pass for the eighteen train stations between the Swedish city Kiruna and the Norwegian city Narvik, crossing the border of the two countries.

I would love to make a stop at the Abisko station way up in the north which is within one of Sweden’s most extra ordinary national parks and other very rural mountain lodges and make some more exploring in the surroundings.

Considering I’m born in one of the Nordic Countries where the Arctic Circle is represented, it’s some kind of a shame that I have not visited it yet…

We have been talking about it, another scenic railway route up in the north, but something else always comes in between every time.

Maybe it will increase the chance now, with this Hop on Hop off pass?

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How to find cheap holiday deals from Sweden Sun, 22 Jan 2012 21:14:02 +0000 Lifecruiser If you are in Sweden or have been able to find a connection flight, train or other transportation to Sweden, you will like this useful summery of how to find cheap holidays if you want to travel within Sweden or continue from Sweden to other travel destinations.

Travel sites and agencies tips

Besides the three largest travel agencies in Sweden,, and, there are many other sites to search for cheap travel trips, like the combined or,,,,,,,,,,,, and

They have last minute (listed under ‘sista minuten’) or other deals to offer at their booking sites. For youths under 26 there is and for general cheap coupon travel deals there is to keep an eye on.

Flight sites and tips

There are better price levels now at the Scandinavian Airlines sometimes, even though not always as low as the lowbudget companies like, but might be a better choice since they departure from Stockholm Arlanda Airport ( and not from Skavsta Nyköping (1,5 hours from Stockholm) as Ryanair does.

Also have a look at the flight comparison sites or and don’t forget that there is a second airport in Stockholm with mostly domestic flights, Bromma (

If you want to go to Croatia and Bosnia, have flights there. Croatia travel have increased a lot since they started this route. No wonder, Croatia has a wonderful climate, fabulous beaches and offer cheap holidays. I wanna go there too…

Train sites and tips

Travel by train is possible within Sweden or to Norway or Denmark and beyond, but is generally not considering to be especially cheap and takes longer time than flying, but is a more environmental friendly way of travel. The main Swedish train ticket sites are (only last minute to retires or youngsters under 26, but also sells at auctions) or

Swedish bus sites and tips

By bus:,, (with free internet) or (northern Sweden). There are also and – mostly to destinations within Europe and perhaps not always so very cheap, but of course they also have special deals occasionally. Sign up for their newsletters to get them.

Cheap cruise sites and tips

Going on a short cruise from Stockholm can be a real cheap bargain, since there are extremely cheap deals sometimes – especially during the low winter season. Check up which cruise to Finland or Estonia and (favorite: artificial sundeck!) which has 22h cruises to Åland, or Another very cheap is with their 2h cruises to Åland with departure from Grisslehamn – right now 80 SEK/pp(!) with bus from Stockholm City.

Budget cottage rentals, hostels and camping

If you are more than 2 persons it might become cheaper to rent a cottage somewhere rather than staying in a hotel. There are lots of sites advertising, like – direct from the owners without middlehand fees,,,,,,, southern Sweden mostly: (german translation), (Swedish only).

The Swedish hostels are called Vandrarhem in Swedish, which means literally wandererhomes and most of them are managed by the Swedish Tourist Organisation. They have a great website which also have some inspiration of what to do:

There are Swedish Farmstay’s and Bed & Breakfast too, not as much as in certain other countries, but I have no favorite site. I would first search right out on the internet with the words Bed & Breakfast and the place where you want to go and do my own selection from there. Or contact the local tourist office.

You can also check the ad-sites or – or you could go camping, but make sure it’s the right season (July-August) because we do have a rather cold and damp climate over here. Great Swedish camping sites are: or – a more personal created one with real reviews from other camping guests.

The nature in Sweden is excellent for walkers and other outdoorsy people and there is countless of small lakes everywhere with small local beaches to explore. All for free and really recreational.

Conclusion how to find cheap holiday deals

Now you’ve got lots of useful travel sites tips to go through, some of the tips here you would not have found if you can’t understand Swedish, so it’s authentic Swedish insider tips.

Too many sites? Well, if you want to have the cheapest holidays deals, it’s unfortunately necessary to make an effort and search widely. There are different deals at different sites at different times, making it rather impossible to recommend just one or two sites.

Nothing comes for free. It takes time, so if your time is money – go ahead and pay much more for your holidays. Your choice. I look at the trip planning as a part of the pleasure, so for me it can take many hours of searching before I finally book something.

I might even just save the research trip info for later without booking any trip at all. It’s still worth it, as I learn things during the process which may come in handy at another trip planning occasion.

Do you have any other cheap holidays suggestions? Throw it in – even if it’s not about travel in Sweden, everything is useful.

©Lifecruiser Love Cheap Holidays

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Planning a holiday – search and compare prices
How to find the cheapest flights – the ultimate flights guide
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Why getting organised for your holiday will save you money
How to travel a lot without being a millionaire
Bargain Cruise Ships Tips

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Travelling in Canada Tue, 26 Jul 2011 19:00:10 +0000 Lifecruiser 35 years ago, I were almost on my way to Canada, but things changed and I never went there – and still haven’t been there. We have been talking about going there some day so I decided to gather information until then, useful when going there.

As Canada is so large (second largest country in the world!) it would mean we would need to stay for quite a while, if wanting to be able to see more than just a tiny part of the country.

Obviously we can’t stay for too long though. While I love the thought of staying in Canada, I do not want to take up residency there. Plus, since I am already no good with tax administration, learning to use their TurboTax Online software, which is easy in principle, will prove to be a daunting task for me. However, I think an extended visit there is definitely in order.

I always love to go by car – or maybe greyhound bus in this case – but since it’s so large, we might be forced to go by air instead….

Or a dream would be to go by train Vancouver-Toronto, just read this description of Rail Canada:

“The majestic Rocky Mountains slowly emerging from a veil of clouds….. Take in boreal forests reflecting on the surface of the Great Lakes. Prairie sunsets painting vast skies in shades of fire. Mountain peaks towering above as the train winds through the Rockies.”

Now I’m even more curious since our blogger friend Tor has been there recently and I must take time to read all about it.

There are a few places and attractions I know already I would want to prioritize – from what I know right now: you might be able to give me tips of more things, I’m sure!

1. Cape Breton, Novia Scotia

Cape Breton is an island at the tip of Nova Scotia in Eastern Canada, which has an interesting Celtic heritage, but Cape Breton also has what they claim to be the world’s most beautiful drives: the Cabot Trail.

ca-cabot-trailPhoto by Dani

2. British Columbia

British Columbia is Canada’s most western province and a top tourist destination for adventure trips with the islands, long beautiful coastline and mountains to explore. We’re always drawn to mountains, heights and the Sea for some reasons.

I also want to take a ride at the False Creek on an Aquabus ferry for the whole circuit, which takes about half an hour, so I can see Vancouver – the heart of BC – from the water side.

ca-vancouver-ferryPhoto by Squeky Marmot

3. Toronto

I know at least two attractions I want to see in Toronto and number one is the Casa Loma, which seem to be such a fantastic building with a fascination and inspiring history.

The other attraction is the well known CN Tower. Yes, it’s the view from up there I want to see, even though both of us are afraid of heights, these kind of tourist attractions are a must for us anyway.

I also have two cousins in Toronto and it would be nice to meet them once more, the last time was about 35 years ago!!!

The only thing I remember about my aunt from Toronto, was that she loved pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast – plus she always did drink coffee together with the meal, not afterward as we do.
Oh, and yes, even if she was way over 60, she loved to listen to Bruce Springsteen – very loud!

We would want to visit Niagara Falls one more time, this time doing a proper sightseeing for several days around the area and seeing the falls from the Canadian side.

Of course there are a lot of other places too, but if I listed them all this post would be a mile long… We also have one of our best friends in Michigan, US, which we could plan to visit in the same trip if we’re going there.

There are several online friends to contact for a meetup if going to those places, that would be such an awesome experience!

If you have any tips: please feel free to leave us them in the comments.

So, the only thing missing now is some more money in the wallet (will take us some time!) and then to find cheap flights!!!

Lifecruiser To Travel To Canada

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SkyView World Premiere: Globe glass gondola ride Fri, 05 Feb 2010 20:12:29 +0000 Lifecruiser Stockholm got a new awesome world attraction: SkyView. Glass gondolas goes up on rails outside the Globe which gives the visitors a fabulous opportunity to see Sweden’s capital 130 m above sea level.

SkyView attraction premiere, Stockholm Globe Arena, Sweden. Copyright Globe Arenas.

SkyView attraction premiere, Stockholm Globe Arena, Sweden. Photo Copyright Globe Arenas.

Construction start: Jan 2009. Premiere: 5 Feb 2010.

This is actually a top attraction of a top attraction since it’s situated on the Stockholm Globe Arena which in itself is quite remarkable – the worlds largest hemispherical building, used for sports events and music concerts.

It was built in less than 2 1/2 years, constructed on top of 48 curved main columns a Mero space frame carries the dome shaped structure. The new SkyView where built on top of that with help from ski lift builders.

The two SkyView glass gondolas has room for 16 persons in each and the ride to the top takes 3 minutes. The gondola stays at the top of Globe approximately 10 minutes before going back on the same rails.

Premiere SkyView glass gondola attraction, Stockholm, Sweden, Copyright Globe Arenas

Skiss of SkyView glass gondola attraction, Stockholm, Sweden, Image Copyright Globe Arenas

  • Size of each gondola: 4.5 meters in diameter
  • Weight of each gondola: 7,000 kg
  • Maximum speed: 1 meter per second

Impressed? No? Maybe these facts will impress you:

42,000 kg of steel have been added to the original structure to strengthen the exterior and 70,000 kg of rail have been assembled on the outside of the Globe with the help of mountain climbers and a helicopter!

Have we been up there ourselves? No, we’re waiting for the spring with better weather – or to get a special invitation with a free ride…. *giggles*

Seriously: it’s fully booked all weekend and they have even squeezed in extra rides, that gives a hint of how popular this is gonna be.

There is no doubt at all that SkyView really will become one of the most important symbols for Sweden internationally, visited by every tourist that comes here.

They claim that you should prepare yourself for shivering kneecaps and sweaty palms – would you like to take a ride in it…?

Read more about SkyView here.


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Stephansplatz in Vienna Fri, 28 Nov 2008 20:43:26 +0000 Lifecruiser IMG_4946

When we arrived in Vienna at Schwedenplatz (2 Sept 2008), we didn’t have to walk far to get to the wonderful Stephansplatz with the magnificent Stephansdom or St. Stephen’s Cathedral as it’s called in English.

The cathedral stands on the ruins of two former churches and the current one in Gothic and Romanesque style was initiated by Rudolf IV, completed in the year of 1160.

It’s said to be one of the tallest churches in the world: 107 meters (350 ft) long, 40 meters (131 ft) wide, and 136 meters (445 ft) tall at the highest point.


It’s a giant building masterpiece and I for sure noticed that when trying to take a photo of it. Just look at that wonderful roof – and how small all the people is!

I felt like a small ant looking up at an elephant and no matter how far I walked away from it, I still had problems to get all of the cathedral within my photo.

It’s built of limestone and has over the centuries blackened from soot and air pollutions, but I’m glad that restoration projects have begin to get it back to its original white color. It would be such a shame to not show it off.

The Stephansdom has 23 bells and it was because of them the composer Ludwig van Beethoven discovered the totality of his deafness. He did see the birds flying out of the bell tower when the bells were ringing, but he didn’t hear the bells at all.

If you’re a fan of Sara Brightman, you might recognize it since she made a concert there in 2008 to promote her album Symphony with both a TV broadcast and a DVD release. (source: Wikipedia)

There are lots of interesting architecture in Vienna, so if you’re interested you’ll have a marvelous time for sure!


Around the Stephansplatz lays several big shopping streets with lots of cafes and restaurants making it to a very pleasant area to just hang around.


However, we were on our way with our weekend trolleys to our booked Hostel, so we took the subway from Stephensplatz to Westbahnhof.


We did get the Vienna Card (around 18 Euro) which gave us three days of unlimited travel on public transports (and discounted entrance to some Museums).

For us it did benefit us even more, because we were supposed to get a stamp on our tickets in the machines when entering, but we totally missed that part, so our tickets were good all the time we were there…

Lifecruiser Vienna

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To book a cheap trip to Vienna Tue, 27 May 2008 23:07:36 +0000 Lifecruiser
Lifecruisers tickets for the Spanish Ridingschools performance in Vienna

YES! One of my oldest travel dreams is to become fulfilled! I’m going to a gala performance of the world famous Spanish Riding school in Vienna with their wonderful Lipizzan stallions!

Not until September though. It’s so popular that you have to order tickets months ahead. Actually this whole trip is an advance birthday present to me from my beloved hubby, even though my birthday isn’t until October. I wanted to go to one of their evening gala performances and that didn’t left us with so many choices.

We booked our tickets through ViennaTicketOnline and must say that we’re delighted over how easy it was to use and pleased over their fast delivery. We got the tickets just 2-3 days after booking them!

Cost SEK 1563 ($258 / €170 where €15 was postage fee).

Read more to see how we booked a 5 nights trip with stop on the way, a river trip and the gala performance included even cheaper than a 3 nights trip!

To plan a trip to Vienna

Everything were hooked up on when we could get tickets for the performance, so to book the rest of the trip had to rely on that date totally. The search of flight tickets and accomodation took us both about 2-3 days to stitch together.

Why so long time? Well, all the travel package deals from Stockholm to Vienna always are so unnecessary expensive. I’ve kept an eye for travel deals to Vienna for years now and not found anyone that I’ve felt being quite worth it or at the right time…

Somehow when we’ve wanted to go before, the price for just the flight tickets for us two always seem to land at least at SEK 8000 ($1325 / €845) for only 2-3 days. On top of that you have to have somewhere to stay. I’ve always thought that for that price we can do another trip for two whole weeks instead.

When it comes to travel, I can sometimes get very greedy – I wanna pay as little as possible, to be able to go on as many trips as possible.

Suddenly we made it to a challenge to try to make this trip as cheap as we could….

Because we also had the Spanish Riding School performance to consider, we couldn’t book any last minute offers, which had been the cheapest – especially since we typically enough found an offer from just hours after we already had booked…

That is a last minute offer from SEK 6412 for 3 nights, which is another fact that have made it difficult for us to find any offer. Very often they’re weekend offers with only 2 or 3 nights stay and quite frankly: how much do you get to see during that short time?

The first day you have the transportation to get there and even if you get an early flight, you get a bit tired since you’ve been up early to catch the plane… If you get a later flight, you miss that day in Vienna.

You can count away the last day in the same way, even if you get a late flight home, you’re on the leap and can’t do something time consuming.

I often want to book at least 4 nights at our city weekends. It depend on how much you would like to see of the city of course. I reason like this: when you have taken your time to actually take a flight there, why not stay for a bit longer to really get to see it?

To book the cheapest flight to Vienna

We started to look for the cheapest flight we could find and where else to look if not at Ryan Air? We’ve been flying with them at several occasions before and always been satisfied with them.

Sure, some people whine over their services, which I think is unfair. After all, you can’t expect a first class experience when you don’t pay for it! You get what you pay for and considering their low prices I’m more than pleased with them.

Very often their airports are smaller ones a bit from the city where you wanna stay and so is even the case this time. I often prefer to go to this smaller ones, because you don’t have to walk so far to and from the gates and not search for the baggage claim either.

We found that they have a flight from Skavsta Airport, Nyköping (100 km from Stockholm) to Bratislava in Slovakia right at the border to Austria and only about 60 km from Vienna.

If you have the opportunity to be really flexible with the dates to go, you always can find some cheap flights with them, but this time we was really lucky. We just had to change the return date once to get the cheapest prices possible: Zero fare cost for the flights – can it get any better???!!!

We did NOT choose any of their extra costs:

- SEK 94 per passenger to be one of the first passengers to board to the aircraft

- SEK 128 travel insurance (got that covered in our home insurance)

- SEK 282 per passenger with 1 checked in baggage each

- SEK 94 per passenger for check in at airport instead of online check in

This means that we only had the taxes and handling fees to pay, so the flight costs a total of SEK 476 ($79 / €50) for us both, instead of the SEK 1009 ($167 / €106). The price were cut in half without the extras.

This also means that we have to pack very, very cautiously since we only have our handbaggage! We should be able to manage since we’re planning to have a very casual week over there, except from the gala performance evening at Hofburg.

Compare the flight tickets cost SEK 8000 ($1325 / €845) and SEK 476 ($79 / €50) and you’ll understand what I mean with my statement that I rather want to do more trips for the money.

What do you choose: to be able to say that you’ve flown with an airline with more status or to swallow your pride and have enough money left to make more trips…?

To find cheap accomodation in Bratislava

Wise of earlier experiences (lol), we decided to not go to Vienna at once, but to stay the first night in Bratislava. You’ll never know if there will be any flight schedule changes – or delays – and we don’t want to be exposed to any stress. Besides that, we don’t have anything against seeing some of Bratislava too.

Since we had decided to make this a cheap trip, we decided to book a hostel by to the booking system of’s, which also is used by several other big international travel booking sites.

We booked a night at the Downtown Backpackers Hostel, which is located in the Old Town of Bratislava, next to the Presidential Palace on Paneska Street. Cost for a double bed, private facilities: SEK 604 ($101 / €65).

A funny coincidence was that the same evening we had booked this hostel, there were a film on TV from Bratislava, called “Hostel” which hubby watched. That movie almost got us to cancel the booking! It was a horror movie where the guest at the hostel were slaughtered, chopped off body parts!

So are we scared to go there? Nah, I’ve checked up the reviews of this Hostel and dare to say that we’re safe there. *giggles*

Transportation between Bratislava – Vienna

The Hostel has a very convenient location, not too far away from either the train or the shuttle boat. We’re thinking of taking the Twin City Liner shuttle boat to Vienna on the River Danube.

It’s only about 10 minutes walk from the Hostel to the place where the shuttle boat departure and it takes approx. 1,5 hours at a cost of SEK 245 ($40 / €26) per person.

We’re not sure yet, how to get back to Bratislava to catch the return flight of ours, if we’ll take the shuttle boat or the train which we could check the timetable of at the ÖBB Train ticket site.

I’ve read somewhere that if you go by train, the ticket is valuable even to Bratislavas transport system when you arrive there, which could be a benefit when we moves around there the last day.

To find cheap accomodation in Vienna

Even here we decided to look for a Hostel and found one at that we thought stood out more than the others, with good reviews the Wombats City Hostel Vienna – The Lounge.

Our only problem were that they only had a double room free for 3 nights, so we booked 3 nights there at the cost of SEK 1379 ($228 / €150).

Since our last night is the one when the gala performance will take place, we decided to book a Hotel nearby Hofburg Palace (where the gala performance will be held) instead. However, that was easier said then done!

We were surprised that Vienna seems to be very popular even at that time of the year – September – we thought that the high season would be over at that time, but we actually had some problems since it were already booked at many of the Hotels we wanted to stay.

We could literally see them get full booked while we’re searching. After hours of searching for the right one for us, a budget hotel nearby Hofburg, we found Graf Stadion Hotel (***) at the site

We’re satisfied with the rate: SEK 1011 ($167 / €110) for both of us in a double room. I hope we’ll be equally satisfied after being there too!

Summarize of the trip to Vienna

Instead of choosing a package deal for SEK 8000 ($1325 / €845) for only flight and maybe, if we got lucky, hotel for 3 nights – which would only give us a brief view of Vienna and nothing else, we choose the budget alternative way of travel.

This way we get to see 3 cities: Nyköping in Sweden, Bratislava in Slovakia and Vienna in Austria, plus have a nice river trip and tickets to the gala performance – for less money!

Cost transport and stay 5 nights/6 days for two:

Airport long term parking:
SEK 460 ($76 / €48)

SEK 476 ($79 / €50)

Shuttle boat 2 ways:
SEK 980 ($96 / €104)

Hostel Bratislava:
SEK 604 ($101 / €65)

Hostel Vienna:
SEK 1379 ($228 / €150)

Hotel Vienna:
SEK 1011 ($167 / €110)

Gala performance:
SEK 1563 ($258 / €170

Total cost: SEK 6473 ($1005 / €697)

Note: If we had been able to book 4 nights at the Vienna Hostel instead of 3, the total cost would have been SEK 476 / $79 / €50 less than the above.

We also get the chance to try out some backpacking, which we haven’t really done before and need to try before going on other trips.

Which other trips…? Well, you just have to wait for me to write about that, won’t you? *teasing you*

Lifecruiser Travel


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PhotoHunt Heavy Bridge Sat, 09 Feb 2008 00:10:42 +0000 Lifecruiser
Lifecruisers contribution to theme Heavy

Theme: Heavy | Next week: Free

Let me present for you: Öresundsbron, the cable-stayed bridge between Sweden and Denmark, constructed between 1995-1999. We took this photo 2004.

It’s weight is incredible heavy 82,000 metric tons, but not only that, it’s also the longest border crossing bridge in the world with a total length of 7,845 metres (25,738 ft).

To be able to show you the bridge properly, I had to borrow another photo. Just have a look at this aerial photo of the bridge, doesn’t it look a bit strange?

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Author: H.C. Steensen
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license

Yes, the bridge is ending out on that small islet! It goes only about halfway to Denmark, the rest of the way is through tunnels for 4,050 metres (13,287 ft) long. One 3,510 metre long buried undersea tunnel plus two 270-metre gate-tunnels.

The international European route E20 runs across the bridge, to the artificial island Peberholm (Pepper Islet) and through the tunnels, with the rail tracks beneath the E20′s four lanes.

So if and when we wanna go south to Europe, this is the road we’ll take!

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Those of you that know me, probably guessed what I would choose for this “I love” theme. Travel or real love – of course. Though it is a lot of other things I love too, the sea, nature, animals, architecture, cabriolets, music, champagne, FOOD – pretty much everything!

But the thing is: I can experience a lot of diversity with ALL those things when out traveling!!!

If I don’t count our summer island where we go every summer, the last time we traveled where to Ireland in June 2006. That truly feels like an eternity for me.

My hope has been lighted that we soon will be able to travel again!

Wether or not it’s by boat… or train….
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Or by air…
Lifecruisers contribution to theme I love travel 3

Or by car…
Lifecruisers contribution to theme I love travel 4

Or by foot on a wonderful beach…
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The experience for me is always the same: absolutely thrilling excitement which refreshes me as much as this does:

Lifecruisers contribution to theme I love travel 6

I couldn’t make you’ll disappointed – of course, most of all I love Mr Lifecruiser – and to kiss him on all our trip’s we do together :cool:

Remember, there is so much in life that is here to ENJOY!

See also Lifecruiser travel photos at Flickr.

Captain ♥ Lifecruiser

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