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Those different experiences from trips that for different reasons stays in our memories until eternity, for totally different reasons.

Not necessary so remarkable, just the ones given us most pleasure right in that moment. Often it is the mood you are in that defines a success, right?

  1. Most spectacular: Wet kiss at Iguazu Falls
  2. Best beach water: Elafonisi, Crete
  3. Biggest beach: Monte Gordo, Algarve, Portugal
  4. Best B&B: Steinway playing, Scotland
  5. Best hotel: Hotel Vanity Golf, Majorca, Spain
  6. Best hostel: Wombats City Hostel, Vienna, Austria
  7. Most unique roadtrip: 4620 km roadtrip to Spain
  8. Dearest memory: French Riviera blog meetup
  9. Biggest blog meetup: Oslo blog gathering, Norway
  10. Best tour experience: Iceland excursions
  11. Love memory 1: Proposal in Paris
  12. Love memory 2: Honeymoon, Crete, Greece
  13. Winner: Our engagement beach, Gotland, Sweden

You might wonder why the engagement beach are a winner?

It’s impossible to beat a fabulous island beach like that, especially deeply in love, in February changing rings in minus degrees, very windy with sand blowing into the Champagne glasses, totally alone under the stars – it felt like we were alone in the universe!

Recently we also made a Lifecruiser Travel brief list where you can have an overview over Lifecruiser trips we’ve done before.

LifecruiserMemorable Trips

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Hostelworld Oscars 2008 Wed, 28 Jan 2009 22:38:54 +0000 Lifecruiser Budget travel industry’s HOSCARS (HOStelworld Customer Annual Ratings like Oscars) for 2008 has been given to the best hostels in the world.

The winners were voted for by over 800,000 customers worldwide, who have stayed there and reviewed the hostels for their character, security, location, staff, fun and cleanliness.

In the leading top are three hostels from Lisbon (Portugal) and the fourth one is from Cardiff (Wales), which also were voted as #1 for best staff.

I’ve just put down Lisbon and Cardiff on my list to go now…

Best Hostel chain were Wombats (Austria,Germany) – no surprise to me as it’s EXCELLENT.

Remember my post about Wombats City Hostel Vienna?

Lifecruiser Hostels

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Wonderful Vienna Trip Tue, 30 Dec 2008 00:12:22 +0000 Lifecruiser IMG_5002

The over all impression of Vienna that we did get by our trip there in September, is that it’s a marvelous travel destination with so much culture, architecture and fun pleasures that you need plenty of time to savor.

I felt right at home the moment I sat my feet on Vienna’s ground, getting of the catamaran that brought us there o the Danube river. That feeling stayed during our whole stay there.

It’s actually so rich of places to explore that you need much more than the 5 days we spent there. I’d want to see much more than we managed to do.

Many very big museums in the Museums Quarter and in other places lots of galleries or shops to explore.


I’d not mind going there some day again and I’m not saying that about all the other places we’ve been to.

Very often I feel like it’s enough, now I wanna go somewhere else next time, curious as I am.


It’s very easy to get around with public transportation’s in Vienna and I always find it’s so interesting to see the locals on their way to or from their work. It tells a lot of both them and the place.

Though we were walking the city for hours and hours and we did have terrific weather, maybe even too hot, it was 30-32 degrees Celsius, so it demanded a lot of drinking…

We walked so much that my feet really was sore. I had one big blister under my foot that took 3 weeks to vanish!

…and this is how one of my toes looked liked after all the walking! *giggles*


It might not show properly in the photo, but it was doubled size and I have no idea from what, because I had my open sandals, so there wasn’t anything to get blisters from!

So to avoid looking like that you might consider taking this:


You’ve already read how pleased we were with our Hostel, Wombats, so you might wonder about the hotel we stayed at one night too?

That was Hotel Graf Stadion (***), which turned out to be a very standard hotel, not very appealing to us actually. The location were good, which was what we we’re looking for, but we would rather have stayed at Wombats if we could!

Here you can see some general city photos:

Lifecruiser Vienna 2008 Photos (for specific Vienna objects, see the posts below!).

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Vienna Prater Fun Fair Scare
Vienna Danube Island Festival
Vienna Spanish Ridingschool Performance Hofburg Palace

Lifecruiser Vienna

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Vienna: Spanish Riding School Performance Hofburg Palace Sun, 28 Dec 2008 19:14:27 +0000 Lifecruiser IMG_5295

The main reason for us to go to Vienna were my birthday gift from hubby, something I’ve always dreamed about since I were a kid: to see the gala performance of the Spanish Ridingschool at Hofburg Palace.

No wonder I was jumping up and down of excitement when we went there and had a glass of Champagne before the performance were started. I was as bubbly as the Champagne – and giggly!

Every year they choose the best stallions for this fabulous performance, which has traditions dated back to as early as in the 16th century.

“The Spanish Riding School in Vienna is the only institution in the world which has practiced for over 430 years and continues to cultivate classical equitation in the Renaissance tradition of the haute école”.

That my dear friends, translated to none-riders means unbelievable jumps and tricks with the horses that only an extremely trained horse with very good hereditary factors can manage. You can compare it to an elite gymnast in it’s best shape!

The performance may look like it’s easy to visitors that’s not into horse dressage, but it takes many, many years to train both the horses and the riders to reach this elite level.

Perhaps I love the Lipizzan horse a bit more than others because I’ve been a part time owner of a Lipizzan gelding for a couple of years, back in the mid 80′s.

He was such a wonderful, really ALIVE horse with a very bubbling positive, fun attitude, but also quite a challenge to ride sometimes!

The horses at Hofburg really got some nice space there and they were so wonderful, just have a look at this youngster I did manage to snap a photo of. Quite unusual stable too.


The Gala performance is in what must be one of the most beautiful riding hall in world, the “Winter Riding School” at Vienna Imperial Palace Hofburg – main entrance Michaelerkuppel.

This part of the building is called The Michael Wing and is from the 18th century. I was so blowned away by this simply fantastic architecture!


Some of the most powerful people in Austrian history has lived in Hofburg Palace, including the Habsburg dynasty, who ruled the Austro-Hungarian empire. Currently it serves as the residence of the President of Austria.

It once was the Habsburg’s winter residence, while Schönbrunn Palace was the summer residence. Not to miss is the fact that the Palace even was the birthplace of Marie Antoinette in 1755.

At the entrance of the building is the most exquisite portal. In the photo you can also get a feeling of how tall the building are.


It was very difficult to take photos there, not only because there were tourist crowds, but also because of all the horse carriages running through there – I almost got myself run over when taking this photo below.


Looking up at the ceiling may not be the wisest to do when you’re in the middle of the traffic…. *giggles*

In front of the Michael Wing is also long lines with horse carriages offering you a nice ride, though as always quite expensive I guess. We didn’t have the time to take a ride.

For me it’s such a wonderful sight that I only saw the horses and actually missed to take photos of some of the other details of the architecture and statues, since I only had eyes for the horses!


So, what did I think about Hofburg Palace and the Gala Performance of the Spanish Ridingschool then?

Was it worth the bother and above all, the money for the ticket? (Cost SEK 1563 ($258 / €170 where €15 was postage fee).

Yes, without doubt was it worth it and especially for me or anyone else that’s interested in horses! I also love how easy it was to book the tickets using online ticketing software as I wrote about in the post To book a cheap trip to Vienna.

The architecture and atmosphere of this building is amazing and the Lipizzan horses are truly outstanding.

I have to add though that I really don’t think that it was as much Gala over the performance – don’t take me wrong here – it was an excellent elite performance, just not as much glitter and festive as I did expect.

I’d suggest that they skip to call it Gala to not wake up false expectations.

The only negative thing made me very sad: unfortunately you’re NOT allowed to take any photos in there during the performance, not even without the flash. That’s why I only have one photo.

They watched me like hawks as soon as I just moved my camera a bit, I had harsh hawk eyes on me. I saw others that did shoot lots of photos, but never got corrected by the guards. My bad luck…

I can understand that the flashes can bother the horses if you’re in the very front row, but in my case I don’t think that they would even have noticed.

So I’ll have the performance only in my memory. For the rest of my life for sure, who can forget those wonderful moments?

See also the overview of Lifecruiser photoset of Hofburg Palace & Spanish Ridingschool (42 photos).

Lifecruiser Spanish Ridingschool

Other sources of information:

The Spanish Ridingschool
Piber Federal Stud
Hofburg Palace Wikipedia
Vienna Ticket Online


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Vienna Danube Island Festival Fri, 19 Dec 2008 01:27:57 +0000 Lifecruiser IMG_5301

September the 5th until the 7th there was Europe’s largest free open air party at the Danube Island in Vienna. About 2,000 artists and up to three million visitors were expected to be there – including us!

It’s the biggest music event I’ve ever attended. There were stages everywhere with different bands playing and artists singing. They were great even though totally unknown to us, but not to all the others judging by the screaming.

The Danube Island (Donauinsel in German) where it was held, is a 21.1 km long and narrow island along the Danube river.

With it’s 70-210 meters width, I’ll say that it’s perfect for these kind of venues. Keeping all the festivities away from the city homes, not disturbing them too much, because the music – and the crowd – was loud!

“To most visitors, the island is known as a recreational area with bars, restaurants and nightclubs, a wealth of sports opportunities from rollerblading, cycling and swimming to canoeing and one beach that in its beginning felt so exotic that it was soon nicknamed the “Copa Cagrana” (a humoristic allusion to Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana: Kagran is the part of the 22nd District of Vienna next to that one beach). In the southern and northern parts of the island there are extensive (and free) nude beaches”.

Source: Wikipedia

There were lots and lots of food and drinks stalls, which made me wish that we hadn’t eaten already before going there. There were food from other countries too.


Most of the others seemed to have gone from eating to more drinking and it was really one big party going on all over the island. Totally incredible how big the festival area is and how much we walked and walked.

We were only there in the evening and it was dark, so we couldn’t see much of the surroundings plus it was so crowded that you had to walk in line at some parts.


It don’t show in the photos how crowded it was, because I had to put the camera in it’s bag to protect it from being damaged when walking along the most crowded parts.

That’s also the reason why I haven’t got more or better photos to show you…. or was it the drinks perhaps….?

Not ALL of that big glasses though! *giggles*


It’s quite obvious that this a very popular music festival and we really could understand why. Though I don’t recommend staying there too late in the night even if there were lots of police’s.

The most surprising this night besides how big this festival area is, was the indians we saw playing, singing and dancing there. We didn’t expect that.


Both Mr Lifecruiser and me found them fascinating even though it’s not Austria’s natives.

I have no idea what kind of indians they are, so if you know, please leave a comment to tell us.

If you want to see them dancing too, see my video Danube Island Festival Indians Part 2.

We were leaving some time after midnight and we had to walk across the bridge plus some more to get to the public transportation. Luckily, without knowing it in advance, we did catch the last train home.

My back and my feet were aching, but the lights of the city were totally worth seeing from the island. I don’t know about you, but for me it’s a treat.


Even if you’re not going there in the festival time, I highly recommend a visit to the island. It’s such a wonderful recreation area.

I wouldn’t mind exploring the beaches and some more of the bars and restaurants myself – even during daytime.

Have a look at the Donauinselfest Portal, where you also can find a video from 2006 to get a grip of what it’s all about.

See all Lifecruiser Danube Island Festival Photos (17).

The Donauinselfest 2009 is the 26th – 28th June if you’re tempted to make it a visit.

Lifecruiser Vienna

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Vienna Prater Fun Fair Scare Sat, 13 Dec 2008 15:53:52 +0000 Lifecruiser IMG_5197

Vienna Prater amusement park has been a public leisure place since as early as in 1766 when the Austrian Emperor Josef II donated the area to the Viennese.

Before it became an amusement park it was hunting ground for the imperials and only allowed for the aristocracy, so we actually entered some historic grounds when we entered there in our vienna trip in September.

It wasn’t an actual amusement park until 1895 and that was when the giant ferris wheel called Riesenrad was built, one of the landmarks of Vienna.

It’s quite expensive to go up there and I’ve read that many are disappointed afterwards. I guess it is what one is expecting, maybe they had too high expectations, thinking that it would be like the London Eye…?

My tip: There is also another ferris wheel, which is a bit cheaper than the Riesenrad and the view will be almost the same.


So did we go up in any of them? Oh, no. We did discuss it, yes, and I really wanted to, but I just couldn’t do it. I’m too afraid of heights and ferris wheels really scare the h*ll out of me…

Hubby is afraid of heights too, not as much as I am, but he has another problem with severe dizziness when it comes to spinning attractions, because of a problem with his inner ear.

I just get sick and besides that, I’m not allowed to do rides because of my back problems. I really hate that fact, ‘cauz I used to love to ride all of the spinning ones – and not only one time!

Another frightening sight for us where the StarFlyer, open seats about 60 m over ground, which may also give you quite good scenery – if you dare to have your eyes opened while flying around there!


So are you wondering what the h*ck were we doing at a fun fair like that when we’re not riding anything…?

Well, some (normal?) people loves to hang and spin upside-down screaming, when we crazy ones just loves to watch their revealing face expressions… *giggles*

We were curious, wanted to just grasp the atmosphere and were hoping to see some older style attractions too.

There are other things we chickens can do at fun fairs….


You’ll see some of the other things to do there in the slideshow at the end and both myself and Mr Lifecruiser will peek through somewhere in there.

So was it worth the trip there? Definitely, if you don’t put up too high expectations, the place has it’s own kind of old fashioned charm.

It’s like when visiting different countries, we don’t expect every country to be the same or have the same standards and values – that’s what makes it so interesting, right?

Remember that this was a budget trip? Well, for us it was a cheap amusement. No entrance fee, just for the rides.

If you’re going there: be sure you get the Prater Card before your whole travel budget spinning up in the air – they have about 250 attractions… (€10-€500 / card).

Watch the slideshow for some more views – and the exhausted end…

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

… or you can get a quick overview over all photos in the Lifecruiser Vienna Prater photo set.

You can read more about all the attractions at the official Vienna Prater Webpage.

Lifecruiser Vienna

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Vienna: Schonbrunn Palace – World Cultural Heritage Site Wed, 10 Dec 2008 02:34:57 +0000 Lifecruiser P9046993

Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna is on the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites and is one of the most important cultural monuments in Austria.

Since the sixties it has also been one of the major tourist attractions in Vienna and no wonder, it’s such a marvelous place. Of course we just had to go there when we were in Vienna.

The history of Schönbrunn and the previous buildings that stood there goes back as far as to the Middle Ages and the park was opened to the public already around 1779. Since then it has been a popular recreational area for both locals and tourists.

When we were going there, I had no idea how huge the Schönbrunn garden really was: about 1200 m from east to west and 1000 m from north to south. With the wonderful Baroque layout of the gardens it’s truly worth seeing and one can not be anything than impressed.

In the photo below you can see the Gloriette up on the hill with the famous Neptune fountain in the foreground.


The hill doesn’t look that high, but you can feel it in your legs walking up, I promise – especially when it’s 32 degrees Celsius like it was when we were there and you comes from the cold Sweden.

Before we went up there, we had a closer look at the Neptune fountain, which really is much taller than you think when seeing it on a distance.


Neptune is in a chariot of shells, surrounded by a nymph, the seagoddess Thetis and Tritons (half man, half fish creatures) on seahorses.

It’s possible to walk behind the fountain where there’s a small grotto to peek through and that’s when you realize how huge it and the sculptures really are. Truly impressive.


Yes, it’s hubby standing there taking a photo of the palace through the hole. I amused myself by taking a photo of him while waiting for him to move so I could take my photo. The photographers dilemma – always people in the way.

The Gloriette really showed the glory of Schönbrunn, there is a magnificent view from up there that almost felt unreal to me, so it was well worth it.

The inscription of the middle part of the building says: “JOSEPHO II. AUGUSTO ET MARIA THERESIA IMPERANTIB. MDCCLXXV” (Erected 1775 under the reign of Emperor Joseph and Empress Maria Theresia).


The 20-meter-high observation terrace on the top is accessible only via a spiral staircase and you can see people up there to the left. That also gives you a perspective of how tall the Gloriette is.

When we had gone uphills, we found out there were a little tourist train which we could have taken there, but that’s no sport, right? *giggles*


In the train route map above you can also get a feeling for how big the whole area is and understand why one should have plenty of time to explore it.

Inside the Gloriette is the Cafe Gloriette situated, the most beautiful and perfect situated cafe I must say. I didn’t mind staying there for a while…


Of course a hot day like this, nobody sat inside, all of us did choose to sit outdoors on the back trying to get some shadow under the parasols. At this time, my mouth were dry as a desert and my tongue hanging to my knees, despite the water bottles we had emptied on the way.

Because of the heat, we only had salads as lunch for €6,70 pp. Afterwards hubby had an ice cream and fruit drink, I had a San Marco: Campari, orange juice and sorbet for €5,30.


Never, ever have a drink tasted that well!

There is also a wonderful columbary in the gardens, which is from 1750-55. Situated in the centre of the columbary bosket is the voliere for pigeons, though there were no pigeons there when we were there. I’d have loved to see them.

Columbary Schonbrunn, IMG_5127

The pigeons that’s use to be there comes from the Schönbrunn Zoo , which is the oldest of it’s kind in the world. Unfortunately we couldn’t make it to the zoo that day, my back and feet were killing me.

Yes, it takes a lot of time to walk around there, so I recommend at least 1 whole day to do a proper sightseeing of this place and preferably even more, because it can be quite exhausting to see it all one one day.

If you’re not at a budget trip like we were and you don’t mind to spend some money: go for a ride in one of their horse carriages, the true way of being transported around in this ancient environment!


There is more to see there than we cover in this post, so check Schönbrunn Palace Info webpage for more – which I must say is a very beautiful website.

Don’t miss the 360° Views over Schönbrunn Palace rooms – such an elegance!

There is other things I regret that we missed and that is the Carriage Museum (I really love old carriages) and the Schönbrunn Palace Palmhouse.

I can just imagine how beautiful Schönbrunn Palace must be now in the winter. It would be an excellent reason to go there now in December for the Schönbrunn Christmas Fair.

Maybe another year, because I wouldn’t mind going to Vienna once more, there is so much more to explore. If you have the opportunity: just go there!

If you do: to get there take the U4 in Vienna in the direction of Hütteldorf to the Schönbrunn station. Just follow the signs – or the stream line of people going there…

See all Lifecruiser Schönbrunn Palace photos slideshow.

There are some really awesome photos if I may say so myself, especially the one where I’ve closed my eyes, totally exhausted after the climb uphills…

Lifecruiser Vienna

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Vienna Delicious Budget Food Sun, 07 Dec 2008 03:33:10 +0000 Lifecruiser IMG_4979

In our budget trip to Vienna in September, we did try to find some budget meals too. Believe it or not, but the above photo are budget food!

If you love seafood – or want to learn to eat seafood I highly recommend the Nordsee Restaurants, this one was at Kärtnerstrasse nearby Stephansplatz in Vienna City center.

Nordsee are restaurants and snack stores where we found simply delicious, very fresh seafood buffets. An average meal may cost around €7, depending on how hungry you are of course. They really had very reasonable prices.

Lots of different choices, wraps, baguettes etc – in fact there where so many choices that it can take a while to choose….


It seemed to be very popular for takeaways, lots of people buying lunch food, but the staff worked off the lines very fast. No wonder people shop there since it were so fresh and mouthwatering looking.


I’m really impressed, because that’s the most classy fast food I’ve seen so far and I really, really wish that we had something like that here in Stockholm.

Of course there were even other kinds of fast food and what would be more appropriate to choose than the so common hotdog stands?


Once again I’m impressed, this time by the variety of different sausages they did serve. We’ve nothing like it in Stockholm, just a few to choose between and some of them I don’t even call sausages, it’s not enough meat in them.


Since I’ve heard a lot about the famous Currywurst from several persons earlier, I just had to taste it.

It’s pork sausage with curry powder and the sauce were seasoned with curry and perhaps other spices too? It really tasted good! Yum.


The currywurst has long traditions in German, it’s invented (and patented) in Berlin and has now gained cult status. They plan to open a Curry wurst museum in 2009. I like the idea, I’d love to go to a sausage museum!

I can’t say that it were exactly cheap to eat dinner out in Vienna, but it was like always when you’re in tourists places – if you avoid the main streets, you’ll find reasonable priced restaurants and even satisfying food and service.

So, now we comes to the question: did we eat any Wienerschnitzel (breaded Veal cutlets) while we were in Wien?

Well, not me, but hubby said it was an absolutely must for him. I didn’t think it looked that tasty, but he assured me that it was.


I ordered something else, since we always do that, to get to see or taste as many different new dishes as possible. It were cooked meat with different sauces, where one of them where horse radish sauce which I love.


That was excellent meat, not at all difficult to cut or eat, it just melted in my mouth and it was perfect spiced. I couldn’t be happier.

We had other meals in Vienna too, but as usual I didn’t remember taking photos of them because I was too hungry and just throw myself over the food before thinking.

One day when we were out sightseeing and had been going for too long, we stopped at an Australian pub along the way, because they had wooden bar tables outside.

OK, we needed a beer, I confess…. *giggles*

The price for the beer were €4, not as wonderfully cheap as in Bratislava. To go with the beer we ordered potato wedges which arrived in an very interesting basket: it was edible.


Potato wedges actually are quite good survival food, cheap and it goes very well with the beer. Much better than french fries.

When it comes to desserts Vienna has lots of desserts to offer, but since were not any big fans of desserts, we didn’t eat that many.

One of them were pancakes with icecream, cream and chocolate sauce. I don’t remember the price, just that it weren’t that expensive.


A really true budget alternative is of course to simply buy icecream out on the street, like the one below.


There is always a lot of cheap alternatives, so even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, you can still get good stuff to eat.

Or just let your mouth watering from delicious things in the windows… *giggles*


See more photos in Lifecruiser Vienna Delicious Budget Food Slideshow.

Lifecruiser Vienna

Vienna restaurants guide links:

Wien official tourist site restaurant guide
Talking cities Vienna restaurants guide


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Vienna Shop Windows Odd Mix Thu, 04 Dec 2008 00:05:15 +0000 Lifecruiser P9057018

I think we never have come home with a more odd mix of photos of shop windows content than we did from our Vienna trip in September.

The photo above were just colorful enough to catch our interest. When hubby did take the photo we didn’t even notice what was in the store… (yeah, sure!)

This photo below were taken because I saw that the background were reflected in the window, but it wasn’t until we came home I saw that it almost looks like it is hovering in the air.


Hubby did take a photo of this window higher up in a building, because the figurines at the side of the windows are casting interesting eyes at the half nekkid shop window mannequin. *giggles*


I really don’t have any idea why hubby took this photo of an almost empty shop window – and the dress doesn’t even fit her that well. Maybe he thought it would fit me better…?


Something that did surprise me: what on earth were Pinocchio doing in Vienna? And nowadays? I thought he were long forgotten by now?


Though we did manage to get a couple of more normal photos of souvenir windows too. As you can see there is some beer cans – which we didn’t buy even though we do love beer.


We’ll rather spend our money on more trips instead of souvenirs, so we try to resist the temptation, though we do fail sometimes even if it’s seldom.

Of course Mozart were involved here too, after all, we were in Vienna!


I should have bought that fan above because it were so hot when we were there, it would have been heavenly.

This is perhaps the most known Mozart image since it’s also on the delicious Mozart kugelen (balls) chocolate.


You can see the reflection of me in Mozart if you look in his face. Or is it the opposite? I’ve always wished that there were a bit of Mozart talent in me… *giggles*

Lifecruiser Vienna

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Wombats City Hostel Vienna Sun, 30 Nov 2008 15:33:57 +0000 Lifecruiser IMG_4948In our trip to Vienna in September we challenged ourselves to make it to a budget trip.

Meaning as cheap as possible accomodation or transport and only allowed to spend more on pleasures.

That’s why we stayed at the Wombat’s City Hostel (The Lounge) at Mariahilfer Strasse 137, nearby the Westbahnhof station in Vienna. (Such a great location!)

It was very easy to find the way over there, we just took the U3 subway from the Stephansplatz to Westbahnhof (a short ride) and from there it’s not far to walk, just about 5 minutes max.

The reception (open 24/7) is right in front of the entrance to the hostel and the staff where very professionally helpful and competent, despite the fact that they were very busy sometimes.


We had booked a double room for our stay – yes, some hostels have double rooms too. We don’t like to share room with total strangers if we can avoid it.


It also had a private bathroom, which was impeccable clean. And I really mean impeccable clean. Not a spot or dust anywhere to find.

I was really impressed, because it where cleaner than some of the 3 and 4 stars hotels we’ve stayed at and there is a HUGE gap when it comes to the price!

IMG_4951  IMG_4952

The view from the big windows in our room was not bad either. We’ve definitely seen much worse in some hotels we’ve stayed.


Only disadvantage with big windows with the fire escape stairs right outside was the warning they had put up to not leave the windows open at night, because of burglars.

That’s why we had a huge fan standing on the floor in front of the bed – yes, it was quite hot in the nights, since we had about 32 degrees Celsius while we were there.

The Wombats is one of the coolest hostels with lots of services for the guests, like a great leisure space with a pool table and TV, a shared kitchen, dining room, a proper laundry room, and not to mention the very cool basement with the womBar!


We also did get a free welcome drink in the bar, how friendly isn’t that!

No one seemed to mind that we two oldies (lol) were there in the bar and it got more and more crowded. A great place to meet people to chat to if one doesn’t want to go out.


We got down there early and stayed until a small live band played, they were not that good, but I still think it’s great of them to try to arrange something down there in the evenings.

It’s smart of them to have the womBar, because it means that the party people hang down there (it’s soundproof) instead of partying at the rooms and perhaps disturb the other guests.

There’s lots of events going on in the city every evening and the staff put up lists on the wall for you to pick among, which really makes it difficult to choose…


The computer area was totally OK, with a very low fee. If you bring your own laptop you have free access to their wlan.


There were also different kind of machines to help you out and I love their humor showing with one of them…


However that one wasn’t the one we used, we used the candy and soda machine, perfect with snacks for this hungry monster, but there were also several food stores very close in the neighborhood.

At the hostel there were an all you can eat continental buffet breakfast served and costs €3.50, a modest standard breakfast that you can expect for that price.

Sorry, no photos, I guess I was too tired in the mornings.(read: we barely made it to the breakfast in time every morning *giggles*).

We stayed for 3 nights and paid €150 for both of us, no additional payment for linen and towels – well worth the price I must say – don’t you agree?

Oh, and there are free lockers in every room too. They’ve covered it all.

If you want to go there, don’t forget to book well in advance – it’s very popular. We saw some very tired youngsters that arrived in the middle of the night and didn’t get any rooms and had to wander to other places.

My honest opinion is that in the hostelworld, this is a five star hostel and I can recommend it with a warm heart.

I just wish that ALL hostels in the world had the same high standards and great atmosphere….

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