Captain Lifecruisers Sangria in Barcelona
Captain Lifecruisers Sangria in Barcelona

¡Hola amigos!

Sangría and Gambas al Ajillo (Shrimps fried in oil with Garlic and Pepper) is what Capitán Lifecruiser is drooling most over at this destination. And the sun. And the Mar – the Sea. ¡Qué bonito!

Hopefully the weather is with us so I can have a moment on the beach, poking with my toes in sand instead of snow… I’m sure I can find a sheltered sand dune somewhere to lay down and hide from all of you relax after all this partying ;-)

I do hope you’ll find the most fashionable and sexy dresses when we go shopping, that makes all Spanish men whistles after you! (And our male cruisers will have enough too look at!)

What do you think of Lifecruisers new top picture today? Nice and warm huh? (If you don’t see any change: push F5 button to refresh your browser)

Una vaso de Sangría por favor. La comida estaba excelente!

¡Hasta luego!

Capitán Lifecruiser

Update: Ready to go out for the dinner out and later on nightlife in Barcelona with my new sexy red dress. Bring me some Dom Cava!

Captain Lifecruisers Red Dress in Barcelona

Lifecruiser lifering

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31 Comments on “Captain is slurping loudly”

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Though the capitán is now sleeping very deep :-)

    mar SPAIN said:

    Captain, oh captain! buenos días. Yes, we are ready to go now, get ready :)

    Lifecruiser: I must have had too much Dom cause I feel drunk still after the sleep. Nah, that’s not possible, too much dom, what am I talking about! Hmrppffff. I’m gonna dip my face in a barrel and woke up and then I’m oooon my wayyyy!

    that frolicsome kid BRUNEI DARUSSALAM said:

    ¡Hola amiga! The DJ is raring to go! I’ve ensured the crew members are entertained with some Spanish music!

    Hey, no need to distract us male cruisers by wearing beautiful clothes! =P We want to see beautiful Barcelona (and beautiful Spanish ladies too! =P)!

    Prawn for breakfast! Cool! :grin:

    Lifecruiser: ¡Buenas tardes! wonderful Frolicsome Kid, I’m shaking my body over there!

    martin UNITED KINGDOM said:

    Yummy! Look at that booze and food.

    Sorry I have been absent without leave for a while, I have been so busy!

    Is there room in your cabin for a small one?

    Happy cruising!

    Lifecruiser: Martin Fartin! You made it! Welcome, here have a couple of bottles with Dom! after that you can sleep under the bed without problem ;-)

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    Oh my ! do you slurp all this that early in the morning ? I just come back from my very interesting and beautiful sightseeing in Barcelona with Mar and I also met Melli with her wonderful green hat ! I am still crying because I laughed so much ! I am sorry that I didn’t take you to the restaurants, but have some on my blog today, because the word for Manic Monday was “chips” and of course chips are served in our Restaurants !
    The cruise is really a wonderful idea of yours and finally a very instructive game because you learn and see so much what you could never find in a tourist guide. I really enjoy it !

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Gattina. Yes, the cruise is a huge success, we al love each other and each other countries.

    Now we can make peace and party in the whole world and we’ll live happily ever after – cruising!!! *LMAO*

    *Off to Mar again*

    I just LOVE this cruise life!!!!!!!!!!!!

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    What a wonderful guided tour in Barcelona – a perfect place to worm up a Viking – did you see me swimming at Mar’s beach?

    I had a power nap on Mar’s shoulder in the limo on our way back to the ship so now I’m ready to enjoy all you lovely ladies in your fashionable outfits. I know dancing with you, takes partying into another dimension. Anyone care for a passionate tango with me?
    aka R’acquel: Could you please poor me another glass of that lovely cava and maybe you will like to join me in the next dance?

    Lifecruiser: Ah, so that was you wayyyy out there in that swimsuit with stripes on? *lol*

    the Limo, yes, that’s giving Mar some extra stars in Captains logg, defenitely!!!

    Hootin' Anni UNITED STATES said:

    Oiga Cruceros de Sra. ¡El viaje especial de L a Barcelona España!
    ¡Finalmente regresé de mi otro viaje … ahora esto está en España hermosa con todos ustedes la gente fina!

    El lunes feliz.
    Vaya con queridos amigos de Dios.
    ¡Cuándo nos ponemos al puerto – haremos compras hasta que nos caigamos!

    Ahoy Cruisers of Mrs. L’s special trip to Barcelona Spain!
    I finally got back from my other trip…now it’s on to beautiful Spain with all of you fine people!

    Happy Monday.
    Go with God dear friends.
    When we get to port — we’ll shop until we drop!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I’m off shopping right now!!!!!


    Headin’ over to Spain but stopped in here to see you first. Captain’s Orders (I heard!) Your blog header harbour picture does make Barcelona look oh so inviting!

    OK gotta go see those sites and I’ll be back to tango.

    Verte más adelante, bebé
    Hasta la vista!

    Lifecruiser: I’m just smiling so big that I look fooolish. More than usual!!! I love this!

    Hootin' Anni UNITED STATES said:

    Since we’re traveling and seeing such beautiful places, I added a whole lotta stuff on my hometown today —drop by if and when you can!

    Lifecruiser: Just wonderful Hootin’ Anni, I’ve wanted to go to Texas for a long time no! *off looking*

    Maribeth UNITED STATES said:

    You simply cannot hide from me! I’ll be right there to slurp along with you!
    Wasn’t Mar’s tour of Barcelona wonderful? I had so much fun, and I have eaten so many of those wonderful Spanish goodies! I shall never be the same! LOL.

    Lifecruiser: Simply MARvellous. i’m almost speachless. And out o fbreath after all that walking in the city and on the beaches!!!

    Sanni GERMANY said:

    Aaaaah – the Mar-guided Barcelona sightseeing tour was fantastic… I´m stuffed with a ton of Tapas, bought new shoes and had a rest enjoying Café con leche.

    Now it´s time for Sangría… at the beach. THE BEACH… *aaaaah* still snowing in Germany!

    Lifecruiser: Didn’t I tell you NOT to send the snow to Sweden? *mumbling something grumpy*

    Good thing i’m in the sunny Barcelona instead :-) ))))

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    Ola LC! That Sangria is looking mighty good right now! I’ve been wandering the streets of Barcelona enjoying the sites and of course doing a bit of shopping! Have not yet found the hat of my dreams — but since I have brought my own sombrero (or the Spanish variety) I am not in a big hurry! I think I’m going to grab a wee bite and head down to the beach with Becci! No! I am NOT doing the nude thing! That would scare off ALL the tourists! Probably get me banned from the country permanently! Mar set up a GRAND itinerary for us… I do fear my little town is going to be quite a disappointment after all these fabulous touristy places we’ve been! Alas! But perhaps everyone will be ready for a little r+r by the time we hit Chesapeake Beach! This is a sleeeeeeeepy little town!
    Ahhh! My seafood paella! Mmmm… looks good! A little more sangria, please?

    Lifeceruiser: ¡Hola Melli! Yes, this specially Sangria is a secret family recipe (not mine) and is DANGEROUS tasty!

    Have no fear, all of us will LOVE to have some small town time shen we arrives to your port AND you’re such a Mellillous (I just invented that word) so how on this earth could we be disappointed at any point? No chance I’ll say!

    Becci UNITED STATES said:

    Melli! Did you see that guy, the one behind the big rock? He has a lovely smile! ( look up…more up….more) LOL..I’ve bought a lovely new beach towel from the souvenir stand on the beach! It’s beautiful…I think I bought it from the missing chef though…does he have a part-time job off the ship?? Has anyone seen chef yet?…Excuse me, I’m elbowing my way back to the shrimp…what a wonderful snakc!…May I have more Sangria too?

    Lifecruiser: Smile? that must be Mr Lifecruiser ;-) *giggles*

    Caledonia UNITED KINGDOM said:

    Okay, I seem to have completely missed out on Belgium… Where did Sunday go?

    Lifecruiser: i didn’t know that you drunk THAT much that you were passed out for the whole Sunday! Oh my!

    Hootin' Anni UNITED STATES said:

    Okay!!! I’d love to be hostess on the cruise’s ports o- call!!!! Can I be the hostess with the mostest on March 30th then?

    Destination — well, it’s gonna be a surprise.
    But let’s just say it’s in North America somewhere. {I’ve got three destinations in mind…will choose one, then we can all Cruise with Tom. Oh daggnabit!! I just now got a fax and Tom Cruise is unavailable for March 30th. Okay, so now it’s down to TWO destinations.

    It’s still gonna be a surprise tho!!
    Mark me down for hostess for March 30th.

    [just read all the rules. Sorry, I'm so late gettin' around to this. But I'm back. And my plumbers helper is at the ready for those all important calls.] *wink*

    Lifecruiser: Smashing dandy Hootin’ Anni! Noted in the schedule is the 30th! Oh, looking forward to it!

    mar SPAIN said:

    Capitán!!! te ves muy sexy!!!
    wow! I think we will be needing some bodyguards for the sexy captain to make sure we get her back on board tonight!
    But first some cava for the captain (and for me too, pleeeeaase!! let the evening begin!

    Lifecruiser: Wow! you look stunning too Mar- maybe it’s YOU that need that bodyguard! Yes, of course – some more CAVA, not Dom, how stupid of me! Hm… Bodyguards sounds safe enough…..


    Sanni GERMANY said:

    :shock: Sending snow to Sweden? Wasn´t me! =)
    TG we´re in Barcelona… imagine wearing this sexy red dress in Stockholm or Düsseldorf now. We both would have to put snow shoes on… :wink:

    Lifecruiser: don’t even TALK about it! I don’t want to be in these snowy countries right now! I want summer in barcelona!

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    Smashing new dress, it really brings out your feminine side! No Bodyguard needed Mar, I wont let her out of site all evening!
    Cheers folks – dom or cava, who cares – the party must go on and I want to dance, dance, dance!

    Lifecruiser: My, that is some very stylish outfir you’ve got there Renny and what’s that niiiice smell? Making yourself handsome for the girls huh? *S*

    carmen said:

    I’ll have a sip (or 2, or 3) of that sangria. And the dress is HOTT!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Carmen, you’re looking very hott yourself – here have some more Sangía! ¡Salud!

    TorAa NORWAY said:

    At last I’ve woke up after a stormy cruise weekend. My legs crossed and I crawled to bed in the lux cabin with Anna and our shipcats. Two litres of water and an Orangina blew away the hangover. And then I was fit for my Waterloo.

    Lifecruiser: Oh, yes, I must admit too that im no teenager any more and need SOME hours of sleep… *lol*

    TorAa NORWAY said:

    PS. You and Anna in the same red dress? Hope there will be no scandals if I mix you up:))

    Lifecruiser: I’m not worried at all – I’m so sure that Anna look much more beautiful in her dress, so you’ll only have eyes for her and not even noticed that she has a bad replica too ;-)

    Ocean Lady UNITED STATES said:

    Aww, maybe I could be a member of the swab team! It would be nice to sneak away from the boys here and there. :wink:

    Lifecruiser: Of course Ocean Lady, you’re sooo wecome :-) Just link to us in your sidebar and tell us you’ve done it and your on!

    Caledonia UNITED KINGDOM said:

    Oooohhh, you scarlet woman!:grin:

    Lifecruiser: I hope I wont get scarlet fever though ;-)

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    Whoooooa! I am bettin’ Mr. LC is looooovin’ that! Where the heck are we dining at tonight? I hOpe I have something appropriate! But nothing slit down to …. …. …. here. Maybe only just UP to … here.

    Lifecruiser: YEPP! He sure does :-) Ah, I’m sure you will find something stunning!!!!

    balou UNITED STATES said:

    That dress is over the top LC! Stunning! I brought back a bottle of Cava – actually a gift from Prince Felipe. But I’ll have some of the Sangria instead!

    I was feeling a bit spicy tonight so I chose this dress for tonight:
    Yar mateys! It be time to start shufflin’ yar boots and shine the deck! Cue the Freddie Mercury music!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks :-) You look absolutely sexy! Slurping loudly again AND ROCKING THE BOAT.

    (You ended up in my spambox for some odd reason, that’s why your comments didn’t went through for you)

    Claudie FRANCE said:

    Just to say all this visits give me a powerful energy! Since the beginning I can’t sleep! just 4 hours per night and I get up every morning at 6! Now the only thing I want is a cruise night party in Barcelona!

    Lifecruiser: It’s the same for this Captain :-) Oh, how fun this is!!!!

    Hootin' Anni UNITED STATES said:

    Ohhhhhhhhh, oh Captain, me El Capitan!!! Ummmm, seems like you’ve had way too many of SangRias!! You’re callin’ ‘em sangias now—while you were with Carmen earlier!

    What a hootin’ smootin’ time of it all…….

    ['kay mi amigo --March 30th it is then. Be there or be square....golly, that expression dates me back to the barbarian era]


    Lifecruiser: Yesch, thisch isch going verrrry well. A Schuccessch I might schay. *hicc*

    Don’t stop playing that music!!!! I wanna dance until sunrise!!!!

    Sanni GERMANY said:

    Aaaaaah… it´s so hot in Barcelona :mrgreen:
    Look what I´ve found: Another Magnum bottle of ice cold DOM =)

    Lifecruiser: So that’s my typ of gal :-) ))) Pour me one more thank you. Did I tell you I love you? *smooch*


    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    Oh… I do have the perfect outfit … for me! Yes, I do! And Anni’s going to teach me to Flamenco tonight! Whooo hooo!

    Lifecruiser: I’m just silent in pure admiration. How elegant you two look! *whistles* And Flamenco!! I wanna come too!!!


    Oh that dress is so striking Capitán Lifecruiser!! You and Mellicious look so wonderful that I had to join you with my party dress too!

    Going to visit some more cabins this evening and then I best hit the hay as I’m hosting tomorrow at my port! Party on!

    My but the stars are very sparkly tonight!! :)

    Lifecruiser: Thanks – you too ICL, stunning. I almost thought it were the star in the sky ;-)

    Debbie said:

    I came home early today just to crawl out of the bilge and catch up on all I have been missing! I love the changes you keep making to the banner! So cool!

    And your dress! Wow! You are much braver than I am. I would wear the color but not sure on my body the style would work! Off to see Mar but I will be back in a few!

    Cap’n Jacquotte The Horny: Blimey how we missed ye Debbie, but we be awful glad that ye be wi’ us now at least!

    well, th’ dress be nay much protection from th’ gentleman o’ fortunes swords, but maybe ’tis a useful distraction too?

    *laughin’ loud like a scurvy dog*

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