Have you heard of An Army Of Blogger? It’s an newly started blogroll which will unite bloggers in the fight against cancer, mostly by encouraging us to make an annual contribution to fighting cancer.

I was lurking over at Blue Star Chronicles when I stumbled upon this excellent reminder of that we’re not immortals.

So I’ve just made my annual donation to The Swedish Cancer Society for the fight of Cancer.

Sweden is wellknown for excellent research despite our country’s small size. In 2006 the Swedish Cancer Society raised almost 360 million Swedish kronor by private donations, which is about 52,5 million USD.

That is rather good considering that we only am about 9 million inhabitants in Sweden, but it can always be better!

Every one knows some one that have been striked by cancer – and we’ll never know, tomorrow can be our turn, so why not donate to the cancer research as soon as possible?

This is the one disease we really have to fight before it destroys too many of us. We must put an end to all this human suffering that is involved with cancer.

If every one of us just donated a small sum, it would still be tremendous amounts together.

Think about it: instead of buying that extra candy, cigarrettes, new dress that you really don’t need, donate the amount to some cancer research instead and feel good about yourself :-)

It might be your grandchildren you’re saving…

An Army Of Bloggers can make a difference!

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6 Comments on “Cancer Sucks Bucks”

    Kasia said:

    Cancer took my grandma, my mom knows something about i,t too. So i am deeply moved by your post. Medical researches are extremely important and we should all realize that it can be us tomorrow, in a week, someday. So this is really something – i am with you with all of my heart.

    Thomas said:

    I’m poor but I give blood regularly.

    claudie said:

    Yes, it’s impressive to see that 9 million of inhabitants give so much! Nice! I know something about cancer: My grandmother, my mother, my oncle, the father of Pierre!! So it’s a very sensitive problem, we all concerned! That’s why I’m total with you too!

    Lifecruiser said:

    Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your grandma that way because cancer is such a horrible, horrible disease. *shiver*

    I’ve had an x mother-in-law that went that way and it was truly painful, she literally rotten away from the inside and it was not humane to let her suffer like that!

    Lifecruiser said:

    Well, every one does as much as they can :-) Giving blood is a very good thing too. I’ve tried a couple of times, but they don’t recommend it for me, I’m not well afterwards :-(

    Lifecruiser said:

    Wow, that was really something yes. We simply must find the cure!!!

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