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WHY, why, am I so damn curious????!!!

I was looking at old photos and uploaded some of our photos of butterflies the other day. They are some tropical butterflies from a known indoors butterfly garden called Hagaparken here in Sweden. Not Swedish butterflies with other words.

And of course, I can’t just leave it like this… I just HAVE to know what species we’ve captured with our cameras… and that is a time consuming work if I shall look it up on the internet, as it looks right now. And that was not what I planned to do right now, but I’m stubborn as a red pig, so….

Any one that can tip us of a really good site with butterfly species? Some kind of database with photos of different butterfly species would be the best of course.

The website of the butterfly garden don’t show the species, so I guess, in “worst case”, we have to go back there to buy some broschure of them….

Lifecruisers butterfly photos

Update note: I read some where now that worldwide, there are approximately 28,000 species! It may take me a while to find these ones then ;-) There are about 725 species in the USA and Canada. About 2,000 species have been found in Mexico. About 80% of all species are in the tropics.

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    Napfisk BELGIUM said:

    Phew, reading this I would definitely just pop over there with my picture in hand and accost the first zoologist or keeper I ran into.

    28,000! You could discuss a butterfly a day but then you’d become the butterfly cruiser and your blog would become very monotonous. (If you started today, you’d be finished on 9 December 2082 as a matter of fact.)

    martin UNITED KINGDOM said:

    Hey I like the photo of the BINGO butterfly (the one with the number 88 on it’s wings) In England there is a game called bingo and if the number 88 is drawn the we say “Two fat ladies, 88!” Do you have bingo there?

    Hope you are both well and looking forward to Summer!


    Leslie UNITED STATES said:

    The butterfly pictures are beautiful! I don’t know much about species, though, but I’m the type that tends to want to know, too!

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