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So what tackle/s did I choose from your votings last week?

The one getting most votes, were vacuuming (I’m sure it was because of the nude factor ;-) or hang the pictures – but just because of that I choosed to clean my own closet.

I’m always doing things against the stream. It’s more fun that way ;-)

Now, before you’re climbing this dirt mountain, you have to be aware of that we’re living compact living here. Bear that in mind.

So, my closet. I noticed though that to be able to take out stuff from the closet to clean it, we would have to clean up in front of the closet

In front of Mrs Lifecruisers closet beforeIn front of Mrs Lifecruisers closet after

Yes, that is an old scale in the picture, the most accurate scale you can have and it’s not supposed to be used as a clothes hanger… The same type that the old kind of school nurses had in the stone age – when I was going in school.

And there were much dust on the floors, so better to vacuuming before starting…. But its’ a heavy task just to bring forward the vacuumcleaner, so why not vacuum the whole bedroom while it was out there?

And wait, why stop there, this apartment is only 50 square meters small, so why not take it all? No wiping floors though, we must leave something for the christmas cleaning ;-)

Sorry no pics of the dust rats, because we have a very practical carpet – the dust don’t show until they start to run away in front of you or form guinea pigs of your feeth….

And if vacuumcleaning, it’s a “must to dust” before that…

In front of Mrs Lifecruisers dirty chest beforeIn front of Mrs Lifecruisers clean chest after

To be able to vacuum the bathroom though we had to do something about the laundry pile first…. there were so much laundry building mountains…

Mrs Lifecruisers laundry pile before 1Mrs Lifecruisers laundry pile before 2
Mrs Lifecruisers laundry pile after 1Mrs Lifecruisers laundry pile after 2

Meanwhile Mr L played windowcleaner, thankfully not hanging out too much from the windows… And our windows is very difficult to clean, it’s some bad glass or something on the glass. I hate them. No tricks helps. It’s no fun at all.

Mrs Lifecruisers window before
Mrs Lifecruisers window after

It was difficult to take the pictures of the windows with bad light and all, but I think you can see how bad they were after 3 years…

So, finally now I could start to clean the closet…!

Mrs Lifecruisers closet beforeMrs Lifecruisers closet after
Mrs Lifecruisers upper closet beforeMrs Lifecruisers upper closet after
Mrs Lifecruisers lower closet beforeMrs Lifecruisers lower closet after

When doing that I realize that I needed to go through all my clothes at the same time, so I knew what to save or throw, which means that I throw away or moved away all my clothes from our common closet to my own. And went through the buffet were we actually have clothes and throw away lots from there too!

This is what we’re throwing away:

Mrs Lifecruisers throw away bags

This stuff goes to the basement:

Mrs Lifecruisers things to take to the beasement

Mr L also wiped the hood over the stove free from all that cooking fat and behind the stove. God knows what he found behind there…. *screaming*

On top of that Mr L has fixed our candle holder in the bathroom, new holes for the new bigger candles – so we can have romantic light in there…

So now we need to clean that common closet too, so we can hang our 18th century and medevial clothes in there!

And my back is now totally broke.

Broke back on the dirt mountain…

This surely must be valid tackles for the whole month? No?

See this week’s Tackle It Tuesday participants.

14 Comments on “Broke back on the dirt mountain”

    mrhaney said:

    looks like to much work for you or any one else to do. good job though.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I totally agree, but you see, when we start doing things, we have problem to stop doing it. We’re stubborn. Why not do it all until we drop dead…? *lmao*

    R'acquel said:

    Bravo! Roa! Now why did you have to clean that dusty table?! *lol* My husband refers to this kind of domestic tackling as “white tornado-ing”. Kudos for Mr L pitching in too – roa. So, are you going to take a month off now, or will i see you here again next week? (Take a month off! Take a month off!) [teeheehee]

    (whistles for the Cabana boy to bring you a cocktail)

    Lifecruiser: Humble thanks, *surpling the well earned cocktails* We’ll see about that month off, maybe this has become a dirty habit of mine now….? *lol*

    Tammy said:

    Thats how I am when I start a big project! I will go till I am about to pass out! But what a great tackle and it looks like you all did a great job!!

    Now my question is.. are you like me?? I always have stuff that needs to go to the basement and now you can barely walk through the basement anymore.. that is the biggest tackle I will ever have to take on

    Lifecruiser: Thanks. I see you’re already seeing the BIG tackle that is ahead of us… Pheeew. We’ll have to take that one in the winter, on a very boring day when the weather is AWFUL outside….*lol*

    Chi said:

    Wow! You definitely did some major cleaning…I am very impressed! After doing all that work, I’d be useless for about a week. lol

    Lifecruiser: I am, but I’m also very stubborn, so If I have decided to do something, I’ll die on the mission…. *lol*

    Chaotic Mom said:

    Okay, NOW I’m feeling a little better today. AND I’m more motivated to keep moving along, tackling our dirt pile.

    I posted a tackle today, as well. Small beans, but still working on the big ones. ;)

    Lifecruiser: Wo you’re just warming up with other words ;-) I’m waiting for your “tackle outburst” to come…. *lol*

    Jenn said:

    Great Tackle’ing!!! Your house looks great but I am like Tammy up there – pile up things to “put away” somewhere else and alas they just sit most of the time – UGH that’s a tackle in and of itself!

    Lifecruiser: It can be like that here sometimes too, but we such a small apartment so I guess we get a little help from that fact – we have to be able to move around, not climb around ;-)

    Jenny-up the hill said:

    You all are awesome!! I am completely impressed…and your photos are a hoot!! And I love the title of your post…you are so funny!!! lol!!

    Lifecruiser: Thank you, thank you. Yes, we feel pleased with ourselves right now :-) Sometimes my funny side pop up like that too…

    Happy and Blue 2 said:

    Good grief.. Could you come visit my house next, ha,ha..

    Lifecruiser: If I do, it’s to RELAXING on your couch ;-)

    Lore said:

    WOW! I am impressed on how much you tackled! I loved the dust letters! lol Keep it up!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks. I had some fun too :-) We’ll see how it continues….

    Erna said:

    Wow! You were VERY busy! Well, I guess it’s good you chose to tackle your closet because so much got done. :0)

    Lifecruiser: Yes, isn’t it TERRIFYING how much you must do to actually do the first thing you wanted to do? *lol*

    Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said:

    VERY impressive work girl!!:grin: That is a great tackle!

    Lifecruiser: Almost too great, considering the broke back *lol*

    Dave said:

    I am now sure I don’t want to get involved in this Tackle It Tuesday thing. It’s way to much work. I’m much more inclined to the TIT idea.

    Lifecruiser: So what you really are saying here is that you prefer our housekeeping method #2, vacuuming nude to make it more fun…. *lmao*

    Mandy said:

    Hehe, what a lot of stuff you’re throwing out.. reminds me of what I threw out a few weeks back. Although it hurt me to do it, I knew I’d never wear that stuff again, so to the tip it went! Those old scales look extrememly dated.. but yes the old one’s are far better than todays modern versions.. My scales keep telling me I’ve out on a few kilos.. Time for a new one don’t you think? I mean, they can’t be right.. Can they!!! lol

    Mandy x

    Lifecruiser: Hm…. Come to think about it, it’s not a good thing to have an accurate scale…. Maybe I should have let that one go to? *lol*

    Debbie said:

    Mrs. L if I could I would help rub your poor broken back and apply a heating pad. After this wonderful tackle you both need it! What work you did! Wonderful job!

    Sorry I did not make it around yesterday. I am trying to catch up today. I had a icky stomach and stayed in bed most of the day! But I am up and in motion today! I am anxious to hear all about the big birthday bash! Take some good pictures for us!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks, that’s just so sweet thought of you Debbie! It sure was a big tackle – and we do have more of them… *horror thought*

    I figured out that you might were busy with something or not feeling too well yesterday and I’m so glad to hear that it’s better today :-)

    We’ll see about the pictures from the birthday, how they turned out, it was a bit difficult to take them, it was so crowded in her little space…

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