Well, when I said that we were going out exploring Bratislava old town center, what did you expect this hungry monster to do as the first thing? Yes, of course you’re right: have something to eat and drink!

I was practically starving (lol), despite the fact that we ate before our flight from Sweden and I had a couple of…uhum… candy bags during the flight. My body lives an own life, I have nothing to say, which means that it very often is urgent when I need to eat. Some mess with the blood sugar levels – I just go out of petrol and is dragging myself forward.

We thought that we would ask the Hostel staff of directions to be on the safe side. They had only two they recommended, but one of them, Verne, were down by the Danube river, which we felt were too far for my urgent monster hunger, so we did go with the first option, restaurant Prašná Bašta, in the beginning of the old town.

One thing we didn’t think of when asking them for help, was that they might have different preferences than we have. Since we were staying at a Hostel they recommended rather cheap restaurants. Our intention was not to look at the price, we just wanted somewhere with a special atmosphere appealing to us.

We should have gone with our intuition as usual, because we saw many very charming restaurants around there that probably would have been a better choice. However, since this was intended to be a budget trip it actually fitted anyway.


They had a very nice backyard which suited us sweaty ones very well. It was quiet and refreshing to sit there. There wasn’t many guests, since we were a bit early and it was a Monday. Not many tourists there, we only heard local voices around us and that’s always interesting, to see the locals.


We were still sweaty because of the heat, so we didn’t really felt like eating some big dinner, we just wanted to get it done so we could have a beer. or two. *giggles*

One thing that can be very difficult, challenging, exciting or surprising when you’re abroad is when you shall order dinner at a restaurant. If you’re lucky, they have a menu in English, but if not you’re on an real adventure. Yeah, we like that!

Even though they have an English menu, it can be difficult to imagine the dish anyway. Even if you know the ingredients, they still can make it very, very different from what you’re used to. Sometimes you wins, sometimes you lose. That’s one of the big charms with traveling, right?

I had a look at the local specialities in the menu and since all the other dishes were a little too much for me, mostly meat dishes, I opted in for pasta. This was what they brought in for me.


Gnocchi with Slovak sheep cheese and bacon for €3.82. It was OK, nothing more. I didn’t feel so much taste of that sheep cheese to be honest. Actually I thought it were very similar to what we call stewed (with milk) macaroni’s here in Sweden. Some more bacon on the top had been swell as well.


Hubby did choose Pork medallions with honey and mustard sauce for €8.46, simply for the sauce actually. And he did right, it was delicious.

Of course I tasted it. We always try to order different dishes and then tastes each others. We want to get out the most of it, right?

Some other restaurants we walked by and found inviting:



Bratislava sure is a nice town to be in, if you want to dine and drink for very good prices. The drinks were as cheap as the beer which did cost around €1-2.50. We had Mojito’s and Margerita’s. Cheers!

IMG_4889  IMG_4887  IMG_4861

Our favorite beer was without doubt the local Golden Pheasant, Zlatý Bažant. The brewery was establish in 1967 and already 1977 had exported beer to 12 other countries, one as close to us as Denmark. The Heineken Group entered the maltering and brewing in 1995.

Since then it has gone right to the top, currently said to be the largest and most up to date malting in Central and Eastern Europe. Their capacity exceeds over 140.000 tonnes of malted barley a year and I’m not at all surprised by that since it’s such an excellent beer.

Oh, the only word we’ve learned in Slovak, is the most important: Pivo = Beer.

As an example I can mention that the most expensive drink was Campari at €4.32 or Cognac Remy Martin V.S.O.P for €5.81. Tequila for €1.99! In Sweden you have to pay the double or tripled price of that, depending on what you drink or where you are. Just to give you some hints about the prices.

Since we were going to move location the day after that, we didn’t drink so much and were up within reasonable time in the morning trying to find some good breakfast. We did found a Mexican restaurant which I’ve forget the name of, where we did stop.

It was not the best choice since it were on one of the main streets and more expensive than it should be because of that. It’s always best to go to the minor streets to find the best restaurants with most value for your money, but we didn’t have the energy to search for one.


As usual, I didn’t remember to take a photo before starting to eat, so you’ll have to do be satisfied with this half-eaten plate…. *giggles*

Another thing, which can be a problem when out traveling, is the access of acceptable toilets. After all the drinking you need to leave some space for more drinking, right? *giggles*

That was not any problem here. The standard of the facilities were nice enough. I did found some fun toilets signs too, reminding me more of the ones I’ve seen in Scotland and England actually!

IMG_4863  IMG_4862

We could easily have stayed there for 2-3 days just to enjoy the restaurants and bar life, but that’s not the only reason to go there. Bratislava old town has a very nice atmosphere and is rich of history.

A very interesting place to explore, which we did…

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    RennyBA said:

    I did not expect an experienced couple like you not to follow your guts feeling, but it sound like it turned our well anyway. I think I rather would have Mr. L’s dinner though.

    I had the same experience with reading the Italian menu in Milan, and of course, even if you know the ingredient, they do it their way. But: Its eatable anyway.

    The sausages looks good and the signs to the toilet was easy to understand :-)

    RennyBAs last blog post..IFIP World Computer Congress 2008 in Milan

    claudie said:

    Sounds you had good time in restaurants and bars! The prices are very interesting! I want a tequila!!! Ohhhhhhhh! I take the direction of the ladies Pipiroom!

    claudies last blog post..Montesquieu… always right!

    Lilly said:

    That was a really interesting post and I think I would have preferred your husband’s dinner too! Isnt travelling the best?

    Lillys last blog post..(Not so) Silent Sundays

    Ling said:

    How interesting it must be to discover all these places and restaurants, no? Most of the year, I usually end up eating and drinking the same stuff, at the same places.

    Lings last blog post..USGS Sez No Beach Left Behind, All Crapped Out

    Gattina said:

    Concerning prices you are not a good example with your high swedish prices, lol ! I was surprised that it is so expensive in Bratislava ! I think a belgian would have complained. The beer and drink prices are the same as here and I would have expected that they would be cheaper !
    I know from the Swedish people living here in Waterloo that they are delighted that everything is sooo cheap, and we complain that everything is soooo expensive !

    Gattinas last blog post..

    TorAa said:

    We too had a positive experience in Bratislava Old Town. We stayed for a couple of days and thus we had more time for finding different restautants and cafes. We even had the time to visit the Old Castle above river Danube. That was very worth the visit.

    PS. Do Gents really need a Tie to visit the rest room? – LOL.

    TorAas last blog post..SUNday – SUNday – only 5 days left to Anna’s 3×20 BD


    The best beer so far from my experience is the beer from Czech Republic. Let me know what you think

    Lifecruiser said:

    Well, I’ll have to agree with you there, Czech Republic beer is simply divine :-)

    akaracquel said:

    hahaha ~ one of the best ladies & gents signs i’ve seen to date! I love it!

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