IMG_4893One of the major attractions in Bratislava City, is of course Bratislava Castle. You simply can’t leave Bratislava without having climbed the hill up there (150 meter) – if not only to see the view from up there.

We did challenge the heatwave and got our aching old bodies uphills, step by step, puffing like old steam trains…

Not that it was THAT steap, but we’ve not been in shape lately for several (boring) reasons. We’re brave travelers.

There is a tourist train that departures from the main square I think, but that’s no sport, right? Despite that, it’s very, very good for your beer appetite… *giggles*


Bratislava Castle has written proof of having exist from so early as the year of 907. The oldest part of the castle that stands today is the Crown Tower, which was built in the 13th century. It’s located in the southwest part of the castle. (Not the tower on the photo below).

IMG_4817  IMG_4826

It’s very strategical placed as it is in the very center of Europe with it’s passage between the Alps and the Carpathians. This was a very important ford to cross the Danube river for central European ancient traders – especially the Amber route – from the Balkans or the Adriatic Sea to the Rhine river or the Baltic Sea.


The castle has lots and lots of interesting historical facts, from Celts and Romans to the fact that has hosted Hungary’s Holy Crown – to being attacked by Napoleons forces. I can’t even mention it all shortly, talk about a rich history…

As so many other old castles, this one has burned down too, in 1811 but what’s more unusual is that the start to reconstruct it didn’t start until as late as in 1953. I must have been a sad sight for the inhabitants to see the ruins all the time since it’s so visible from long distance.

They could still enjoy what was left of it and the green park with the view of course. It was a lovely stroll there seeing the magnificent view over the city after the climbing up there. The big reward that made it worth it!



Beside the view point from where the above photos were taken, there is also a statue of St. Elizabeth of Hungary who spent her childhood at the castle. Click on the photo to enlarge and read more.

IMG_4831  IMG_4828

We have no photos from other angles, like from the inside or of the courtyard, since there were a lot of restoration work going on there and big parts of the castle were covered with either cloth or scaffolds.

Besides that we were now (despite drinking water all the time!) thirsting to death after a beer. Or two. *giggles*

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10 Comments on “Bratislava Castle Hill Thrill”

    claudie said:

    Sounds a beautiful castel with a rich past! And of course Napoléon tried to get it! And you won a marvelous point of view on the town and the Danube!

    claudies last blog post..Montesquieu… always right!

    TorAa said:

    We are so happy you had the opportunity to at least see this magnificant Casttle from the close outside and visit the hilltop where it’s situated.
    Excellent captures.

    btw. Do not forget to tell Anna you were there.


    This inspire me to visit Slovakia one day. Although I traveled to 22 European countries when I was a student, I didn’t manage to visit Slovakia as well as Slovenia

    Borneo Falcons last blog post..Central

    akaracquel said:

    Fascinating when it’s the natural geography that makes humans travel in certain ways for something like trade, so it’s been wonderful to learn about another place like this in world. The next time i’m at my father’s place, i’m gonna look it up in his mega atlas.

    The story of Elizabeth ~ amazing what sorts of things get inspired in the human soul that makes people change their way of life so much.

    I laughed when you sensed me calling you.

    Ling said:

    Great pics, captain. Especially the dinky little tourist bus/train. I’d love to catch a ride on something like that.

    Mar said:

    Lovely castle and great views, Captain. Thanks for taking us along, what a treat, loved the history lesson and what beautiful weather!

    Mars last blog post..wordless wednesday [103]: full moon


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    i love castles…hope to stay at least a night in one :P

    banquet manager said:

    Nice photos. I’m stuck here unfortunately and can’t go there.
    So You Want To Be a Banquet Manager

    banquet managers last blog post..The Rudest Wedding Guest Remarks Ever


    beautiful castle! i wish to get here again, i love it!

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