Almost functional, but with big memory leaks, severly overloaded with crap, corresponding half a normal brain and compatible with Mr Lifecruiser’s half a brain.

At the time of the loss it was grey, shrunken (and maybe drunken) and might suffer from severe Altzheimers or Dementia. Either way, it’s confused and seems to be lost and unable to find it’s path home.

Possible places of interest: Any place connected with food. The fugitive is not dangerous as long as it’s not hungry. Eat’s anything (alive!) and listen to the name Mrs Lifecruiser. Accepts no leash.

The police suspects no crime. Please report to any police department in the Stockholm area if seen anywhere.

A reward has been offered by the owner to anyone who can capture the lost brain or leave a clue that leads to a capture.

Disclaimer: That is, if the owner can remember the finding – and in case of any brain damage the reward will be withdrawn.

7 Comments on “Brain Wanted”

    Happy and Blue 2 said:

    LOL. . I shall be on the lookout for it..

    Lifecruiser: Be careful/aware of the food and hungry fact ;-)

    Kasia said:

    So, there was a party? :) Be honest – how much did you drink?:lol: And what was it? Do think this brain might have gotten to Poland?
    If I find it here – I will let you know.

    Lifecruiser: I really don’t remember ;-) It can be anywhere, even in Poland, so be prepared and fill up the fridge, so you might have something to bribe with if it shows up, so it keeps calm while you’re contacting the police… *lol*

    Fruitful Spririt UNITED STATES said:

    You are too funny! Wild party last night? Or are you having a senior moment (I have them all the time!) Hope your day is going good and that you have lots of fun planned for your weekend!

    Me I am working on getting rid of this stupid cold. I know it has only been a few days but it seems like forever! I am so tired of it! :cry:

    Lifecruiser: Glad you enjoyed it :-)
    Oh, more like a cold never wanting to go away, a lot of things happening lately and several senior moments… Which makes it best to relax today, so this poor brain can (maybe) recover some.
    The weekend is not planned yet, since it depends on others, but I’m sure it going to be niiiice.
    Hope you’re getting rid of your cold, I know how it is. *sigh*
    Take care.

    Dave UNITED STATES said:

    Mine went missing several months ago. Funny thing, I really didn’t miss it. It turned up at the door several days ago begging for a treat. I gave it a glass of vodka and all is well again. They seem to return of their own accord happier than when they disappeared.

    Lifecruiser: Welcome back Dave!!!! We’ve missed you :-) Ahhh, so you’re just calming me down now and I can just sit and relax waiting for it to return home then…. Pheeew.

    twisted UNITED STATES said:

    I needed a laugh today. Thanks. But then I’m not sure why I find this so funny since I lost my brain so many years ago.

    Lifecruiser: Welcome in the club :-) I’m sure that we can get quite many members…. *lol*


    Last I checked, your brain and my brain were doin’ shots at Woody’s Bar.

    Lifecruiser: Wooohooo, it sounds like my brain is having a really good time without me!

    Nicola UNITED KINGDOM said:

    I think it has run off with my marbles …….

    Lifecruiser: I hope they have fun :-)

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