Another trip is booked, a cruise! We found a great cruise deal, so in May we’re going on a 4-nights cruise from Stockholm (Sweden) – Tallinn (Estonia) – St Petersburg (Russia) – Helsinki (Finland) – Stockholm, with the St Peters Line Cruise Ship M/S Princess Anastasia.

This cruise route is actually following the Vikings footsteps in the Baltic Sea – it is one of the famous Vikings most frequently used trade routes. The Vikings are an important part of Scandinavia’s history, so no wonder we want to follow along, even though we have no plundering in mind… lol.

St Petersburg – formerly perhaps most known as Leningrad and being a World Heritage Site – Russias second largest City with it’s simply gorgeous architecture (not many skyscrapers!), is perhaps the one thing we look forward to the most on this cruise.

The cruise is Visa-free for us, making it very easy for us to visit without any fuss, though there are some limitations with it too and I’m sure we will probably not think a cruise there will give us enough time to explore, just give us a glimpse.

We ordered an A-cabin with windows, I always want windows on cruises, not other cabins are any alternative for me. We will mingle with the other 2 thousand passengers the Anastasia Cruise ship can take. Expecting to have at least one very special birthday dinner in the ships restaurants.

We will also use the available aqua-zones, oh my – better get a sun-tan before going – and not to forget to pack the bathing trunks/bikini! *keeping a pack-list*

I’m not sure that we will buy so many things in the ships shops though (because we’re trying to save up some money for our Europe tour later this year), even if we of course are going to check out the tax free opportunities.

The performance aboard are the exclusive show programs by St. Petersburg Music Hall ballet theater, so that we will enjoy very much, I’m sure.

Neither one of us have been in Saint Petersburg before and I have not been in Tallinn either, so we found this to be an ideal cruise to do and to a very reasonable or even bargain price of 1244 SEK (186 USD or 140 EURO), aqua-zone and shuttle bus tickets included.

Of course, there will be other costs, such as food and drinks and sightseeing costs that is not included in that price.

I have been cruising to Helsinki numerous times as a child and once earlier as a grownup, but remember my *cough* seasickness experience? OK, that time we had a snow storm, not expecting one in May! (keep your fingers crossed!)

See you in the Champagne Bar aboard, right…?

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    Ginnie said:

    Good for you! I have been on the route as part of a longer cruise, so I can picture exactly where you will be going. HAVE FUN!

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